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June 2013



Who Should Have WEALTH?

June 27, 2013 – Comments (1)

Wealth is the capacity to control the production of society. This is why stealing is considered wrong – wealth allows people access to goods and services necessary for survival and wellness.

For the past few hundred years, a system of finance defined wealth, just as a system of slavery did before it. This financial system is built around the concept of debt; a system we can all agree was a much more civil way of dealing with each other than slavery. Over the past generation, bankers and politicians (and by extension, ourselves) have bankrupted the financial system by making more promises (debts) than can be fulfilled. Now, the system is increasingly acknowledged as a Ponzi Scheme, as the people are learning fraud is the glue holding it together.

This cancerous fraud is being uncovered around the world, as daily revelations confirm bankers and politicians are simply lying to retain control. Today financial control is defined as one generation stealing from the next and/or lying to each other. And over the past ten years via derivatives and other transactions, we have pledged and re-pledged debt to so many different purposes so many times that trying to figure out who legally owns money and other financial instruments is virtually impossible. This means that any claim to wealth, and therefore good and services, is inherently fictitious. Nobody can accurately trace what belongs to whom.

Soon everyone will be asking: “Who should have ‘Wealth’ when we are all living under a system built upon generational thievery?”

There is a solution to this theft, but it requires society to stop ignoring the lies supporting the current system of fraudulent wealth.  [more]



Are The Gardner Bros. And Alstry Simply Thieves?

June 26, 2013 – Comments (0)


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