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October 2012



Are We Industrialists Harvesting Our Kids To Fight?

October 12, 2012 – Comments (2)

My greatest concern and why I created Udder World is because it was clear that bankrupt industrial nations can't keep borrowing from their children's future and counterfeiting money to maintain control forever.  
A chart would reveal how much debt we have put upon our kids in just one generation....most of it was incurred the past ten years. In case you are counting, it is OVER 16X more than ALL previous generations....COMBINED. As anyone who comes from a bankrupt nation or a poor neighborhood knows.... when debt can't be paid back, the only choice for people is to fight to get the resources they need in an industrial system. 
Smedley Butler, a TWO-TIME Congressional Medal Of Honor Recipient and the most highly decorated officer in U.S. military history up until WW2 gave an amazing speech on why industrial nations go to war..... the following is the transcript: 
It's beyond belief the above is not required reading by every American student and voter....and why both political parties are subject to this failed thinking. 
To most industrialists, people are simply cattle to harvest profits....and if profits can't be harvested, then war is necessary to retain control over the herd.  
The following is a video on control: 
Only knowledge and acceptance of a better system will prevent war...or we should all be preparing ourselves and our kids to fight as the transitory mechanism for new system. Every major advancement in human history has been driven by conflict: monarchy to democracy.....slavery to freedom....etc..... Although we are creatures of habit, with the benefit of hindsight, we don't need to have history repeat itself again to advance our kids.  
IT IS WHY UDDER WORLD PROMOTES THE KNOWLEDGE AGE...a system were CURRENT technology can produce sustainably so we don't need to control each other for the production we need and desire. Anyone who has ever been married understands if we don't need to control each other, we don't need to fight. Life among people is no different. 
As you can see, industrial systems are now breaking down globally and tension is rising. Michelle always tells me I fail to provide an action that people can it is: WE MUST FORGIVE DEBT SINCE DEBT IS NOW IMPOSSIBLE TO PAY BACK ABSENT FRAUD/BANKRUPTING OUR KIDS EVEN MORE. In most legal systems around the world, fraudulent/impossible contracts are not enforceable.  
Once we forgive debt, we relinquish control over each and we can productively address the salient issues. If not, we should be preparing our kids to fight in the bankrupt industrial world we are raising them we all try to control each other. 
All the best,  
Alstry Nomics 
PS: If you look at the teachings of Jesus Christ from a SECULAR perspective....he is without a doubt the greatest Economist to ever set foot upon this earth simply promoting the Golden Rule....but it appears a lot who call themselves Christian seem to have forgot this lesson.Read more at   [more]



The Capitol In The Hunger Games

October 10, 2012 – Comments (1)

The key difference between Washington DC and Detroit is one lives off the Capitol's deficit a lot more than the other.  [more]



An Era Of State Sponsored Wealth

October 08, 2012 – Comments (1)

About 90% of Scots now live off government....Buffett says that everyone in America would have gone bankrupt but for the government bailing out the rich....  [more]

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