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August 2015



Important Sources for Working Capital Loans for Small Businesses

August 20, 2015 – Comments (0)

Regardless of the size of your business, it is important to maintain a sufficient amount of working capital. Working capital refers to the amount of cash that a business can deploy in a rapid manner, as needed. It should be noted that even a profitable business can experience problems with working capital, an issue that often occurs due to outstanding payments from clients. When this happens, a business may need working capital loans for small business, in order to keep the business afloat until payments are received.   [more]



What do you need to qualify for a small business loan?

August 03, 2015 – Comments (0)

If you are starting a small business and need start-up capital or have a small business that needs funds for expansion, you can consider taking a small business loan. Apart from private lenders, you can approach several local and State economic development agencies as well as many nonprofit associations, all of which provide low-interest loans to people having a small business, who don’t qualify for traditional commercial loans. However, you will need to know about the small business loans requirements and guidelines to check if you qualify for it or not. This is especially so when you are looking to get government-backed loans as you will have to see if you meet the guidelines set by the SBA (Small Business Association).    [more]

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