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So I'm down 10% in commodities... Now I'm doomed.

February 05, 2010 – Comments (10) | RELATED TICKERS: UNG , SLW , RJA

Okay I embellished. I'm not doomed. I've taken some lumps but it could have been much, much, worse.   [more]



Whats with TigerPack?

January 06, 2010 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: RRY.DL.DL2 , STEC.DL , SNDK.DL

TigerPack has gone on a spree today red-thumbing leveraged ETFs along with some select tech stocks.  What gives?



Question about end-of-year profit taking

December 11, 2009 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: GOOGL , AAPL

How significant are these factors? 

- Investors that made a good profit this year may want to cut away some dead weight which will help mitigate their tax liability. 
- Investors that are up on paper may want to take profits this year for fear of being more heavily taxed next year. 

What other factors am I missing?


I appreciate the comments.

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