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January 2009



Scary Prediction: Harley Davidson Gets Bought

January 22, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: HOG

Where exactly is Harley Davidson headed?  CNBC thinks they know...but whatever...

Budweiser got bought out last year so what exactly is protecting HOG from getting bought out this year? 

(HOG) sits at a 12 handle stock....putting it dreadfully close to a new 52-week low.

Back in the 4th Quarter Earnings Release which was dismal....and analysts expect tomorrows earnings release to be just as dismal if not even worse...with as much as a 30 cents per share cut in its 2009 earnings expectations.... an Analyst came out and said that Harley Davidson might be forced to sell off their HDFS branch of their business.

Who would buy that branch?  Seriously?  Who would want to take on that credit mess on Harkley's hands?  Not even the head of the department stuck around, bailing out after 2 years.

The only thing worth buying.... Is Harley Davidson's "real" business.... Their HOGs.

You can always go ahead and claim "Say it ain't so!  Harley's a great American Brand."

But so was Budweiser.  [more]



Oil and Nat Gas Equities....Now's the time to invest!

January 21, 2009 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: CHK , EGY , APC

With Oil hovering around $41 rather than plummeting....inspite of all of the bad economic situations global wide....That means the price of oil doesn't matter anymore.

Now is the time to *strike* if you haven't already done so for some shares of Oil and Nat Gas equities.

I may be a bit naieve...But I am not a fan of oil companys that merely manufacture and sell Oil Rigs.  I am not a fan of a purist OIL or a purist Nat Gas stock either.

I'd grab some shares of a healthy mixture of OIL and Nat Gas companys like (CHK) or (EGY) or Anadarko or (LINE) or whatever....scoop em up now.  Share prices have bottomed to a level that supports OIL at $40. 

In an ecomomic recovery the first thing to recover is OIL and NAT GAS and then METALS (although Gold sure has run up quite a bit already).

The catalyst though is that alternative energy won't replace OIL and NAT GAS during anyone's lifetimes.  And with the remote possibility that NAT GAS gets used as a bridge fuel....Then what do you have to lose?

Yesterday's market disaster provides an opening for cheaper prices into these commodity stocks.
(CHK) at $13.XX when last week it was around $15.50 is indeed a bargain...   No company loses $2 in stock price value based on fundamentals in a single week unless you are a BANK or an INSURANCE company or a CREDIT CARD company.

The choice between FINANCIALS / HOUSING / STEEL / OIL & NAT GAS / CONSUMER non-cyclicals / CONSUMER Cyclicals / FOOD & BEVERAGES

Which sector do you think outperforms the others in the next 2 years?

Is a PEPSI more important to you than heating your home and fueling your car?  [more]



(BAC) Bank of American Catastrophe (PNC) Dynamite!

January 20, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: BAC , PNC

1)  (BAC) Bank of American Catastrophe is proud to present to you today our Stock Price Liquidation Sale!   Was $40 a just...1 easy payment of $5 nets you a share of Bank of American Catastrophe stock.  Everything must GO GO GO... We are slashing prices, slashing our dividend, slashing any value left in our company while grabbing hand over fist as much TARP cash as the Federal Printing Press allows!   As fast and furious as Iron Man on an Epinephrine Addicition, we'll drop our prices before you can issue your trade request! Get your BANKING stock shares while their still HOT HOT HOT!!!

2) (PNC)  "P....N....C"   We're Dynamite!   "P.....N....C"  We'll win the fight!  "P...N...C"  We're a Power Load!!  "P....N....C"  Watch us implode!!!   

We're dirty, mean and mighty Bank Stock
In an unwanted Sector
Public enemy number one
So lock up your financial future
Lock up your savings
Buy up all of our shares
And run for your life!!!
PNC Financial is back in town
So don't you mess us 'round

(PNC)  "P....N....C"   We're Dynamite!   "P.....N....C"  We'll win the fight!  "P...N...C"  We're a Power Load!!  "P....N....C"  Watch us implode!!!      [more]



Which BANK by Percentage will drop the most today?

January 16, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: BAC , JPM , WFC

Down 15%

Not too far behind is

PNC    down 12.5%

yeeeehaw... America Goes to HELL in a HANDBASKET because we voted in a bunch of a LIBERALS who decided to unconstitutionally push a TARP onto Americans and make us all have our destinys tied to failing banks that will collapse regardless of how much cash you throw at them.....  Yaaaaa.... Wonderful idea there TOM and DAVID Gardner for supporting this TARP.  [more]



Have these 5 FALLEN ANGELS Bottomed?

January 15, 2009 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: IGT , MMC , BA


52-week Lows for battered corporations: 
NOTE:  I do not own any shares of these companys.... These are merely speculative companys with share prices in the absolute toilet compared to their 52-week highs.

             Bottom:    Current:
1) CAG)  $13.52      16.63          (Food Processing)     19 cents qtly dividend

2) BA)  $36.17         40.96          (Defense)          42 cents qtly dividend

3) IGT)  $7.03          12.45          (Game Technology)   14.5 cents qtly dividend

4) MMC)  $20.96     $21.31          (Insurance)    20 cents qtly dividend      

5) X)  $20.71           $32.29          (Steel)          30 cents qtly dividend

The THEME with these 5 stocks is that they all pay a nice dividend quarterly.
If you were psychic and you knew that all 5 companys have hit their bottom and the worst case scenario is their share prices trade sideways....  Then this is a no brainer Diversified Portfolio.

I could probably assemble several 5 stock dividend portfolios that seem to have life when a short while ago they didn't.  This is a great research opportunity for newbies to take a good look at the November DOW bottom at 7500 to seek out companys that seem to be recovering from their bottom.

Of these 5 companys which one do you think has the best chance to achieve a brand new low price?  [more]



The Stock Market "SHAMWOW" will make ya say...

January 12, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: C , SAYCY.DL

You heard of the SHAMWOW!?  Well, I've been advertising the SHAMWOW! for decades and now I got a great new product.  It's the "SHAMWOW!" for the Stock Market.

What's that?  You got some yucky stains in your portfolio from holding shares of CITIGROUP at $8.50 a share? Satyam Computers bought at $60? Whole Foods bought at $36? Well, the Stock Market SHAMWOW! will make you say WOW!  Here's how it works...

First you apply the SHAMWOW! against your monitor screen and aggressively apply pressure, pounding your fist against the Stock Market SHAMWOW!, and presto!  Your monitor screen shatters and you'll never have to look at your share prices dropping again.  Wow!

Peel off the Stock Market SHAMWOW! and look underneath.... Nothing there but the broken shards of your Computer Monitor.  Leaves no messy odors or stains left by a miserably performing stock portfolio ever again!

But, that's not all the Stock Market SHAMWOW! is good for.  Return your broken monitor to Best Buy and get yourself a new one and you'll more than Triple what it cost you to buy 1 share of Citigroup.  I mean.. WOW!

Plus, when you apply the Stock Market SHAMWOW! against your screen your portfolio will leave an imprint on the Stock Market SHAMWOW!  This allows you to mail in some HATE MAIL + the Stock Market SHAMWOW! to your Brokeridge Firm.... That'll Teach em! 

But, that's not all... Order your Stock Market SHAMWOW today and we'll throw in a "Do-it Yourself" Madoff Ponzi Scheme Start-up Kit....for FREE!  You heard me.... Free!  That's a $50 Billion Dollar Start-Up kit + we'll give you 3 Stock Market SHAMWOWs! for just $19.99.

So... Your portfolio sucks?  Everything in it is making you lose money?
Not no more!  You'll never have to look at your stock portfolio ever again once you try the Stock Market SHAMWOW!... And in the meantime our Do-It Yourself  Madoff Ponzi Scheme Start-Up Kit will gain you back everything you lost plus enough money to buy 3 Yahcts, 12 Mansions, and a large garage full of your favorite Sports Cars in Triplicate.

Customer 1:  "When I lost 40% of my money in my Retirement 401K account, I couldn't take it any more.  I bought the SHAMWOW! and WOW! I never have to worry again about my savings."

Customer 2:  "I tried the Do-it Yourself MADOFF Ponzi Scheme Start-up kit on my next door neighbor and took everything he was worth in the first few minutes.  This Kit really, really, works!  [more]



Is BBDA.PK worth it? (Bebida Beverage)

January 08, 2009 – Comments (10)

Boredom seduced me to buy BBDA.PK shares....

But, the fact that they are sponsoring an MMA competitor and I like to support anyone that supports I'm out $80 to be a BEBIDA Beverage shareholder. 

Also, I never heard of a stock trading for less than .0001 a am a moron about this but it's probably safe to think that at this level things are stable? more stable? 

Also...  buying some shares now means buying in ahead of the company's Energy Drink.  They plan to release that drink for production/distribution in Q1 2009.... So any day really...any week....

It's fun to speculate but a business like BEBIDA..bleeding expenses out the nose with no clue as to how its getting funded....I donno....Scottrade doesn't list any profit or earnings or fundamentals or all... So when speculating....spend LITTLE!  [more]



MSC's Earnings Report is Bad for traders...Good for Investors

January 08, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MSM

As predicted...MSC Industrials Direct's guidance was below estimates by a little...ok...HUGE!

But so what?  Let the "Traders" who thought they'd get something out of the earnings report whine and complain.  Us investors bought this thing between $28-31 and really can't care less...

The only thing to zero in on is that the company is maximizing their operating cash flow by converting their net.  This in turn gives us the coveted:  "Dividend Protection" that investors of MSM can enjoy while waiting for an economic recovery (no matter how long that takes).

This is why MSM remains 2008 Stock Pick of the Year for you Stock Advisor subscribers.
For those who don't subscribe to Stock Advisor.. MSM is a great reason why you should start now.

At 20 cents a share quarterly dividend.... I want to buy more MSM...and I want to buy it at the $28-31 range if at all possible.  So I fully welcome a stock price meltdown on this thing.  Cause I ain't paying $38.89 for MSM during a recession!  (which is where it peaked before dropping recently).

So... Deadline is Jan. 20th for MSM investors (including myself 60 shares worth) to buy some more for the Feb. Dividend payments. 

Happy buying!  [more]



Typical Television Economic Analyst

January 06, 2009 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: GM , C , AIG

My impression of a typical television economic analyst on the future of America's economy:

"I think 2009 is going to be one of those years where our economy deteriorates.  I think we are looking at 9 to 19% unemployment.  Along with that will come starvation which will lead to a shift to cannabalism in America.  In fact, I think a few states in the 2010 election will have proposals to legalize cannabalism just to ensure Americans have something....or eat when they go hungry.

Furthermore, in 2010 I fully expect that the actions of this coming President Barack Obama will be futile to fix this economy.  It is obvious that America's businesses will collapse, the Federal Government will lose its AAA moody's credit rating and have to foreclose the entire treasury department.

If I was an investor I would definitely short the entire Stock Market along with the entire Bond Market and Treasury Bill market.  Heck, I'd bet the only way to get rich is to rob banks and that will only last for a few short weeks as each bank will have all of their money dry up due to uncontrollable debt as the housing market never bottoms until prices hit ZERO....and even then.... the homes will all be in a such a bad shape no one will buy them for ZERO.

So...Maybe the bulldozing companys that demolish all of the homes no one could sell for FREE is what I would invest money in the markets today.  Probably also Handgun makers like Smith and Wessen are a Buy cause people will need guns to defend themselves when our culture deteriorates into Nomadic, Tribalism.  Every man, woman, and child for their selves.  It's going to look a lot like BETHESDA SOFTWORKS's Video Game Fallout 3 in a quick fashion by the end of 2010.

The only survivor will be a guy named 3 DOG running a radio station, holed up somewhere where the Super Mutants can't get him."  [more]



How to buy MSM Industrials Direct...

January 05, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MSM

This is for those lucky investors that bought whatever amount of shares of MSM industrials direct for a significantly cheaper price...28 - 34$ a share awhile back.

I've been doing some thinking and my thinking is that I don't care about the share price cause I like the dividend.  However, I do care about getting a good deal for my money.

When I look at my portfolio and see a stock has run up huge so quickly...basically pricing in it's PEAK for 2009 already...  Then I have to build in a simple Wide-Scale rule.

I do this for every stock in my portfolio.  Depending on the company's share price and the company's prospects, I set my wide scale...

I fully expect a big drop in MSM's stock price during this gut wrenching earnings report week which I don't think will look good for the company.

So when the stock dips from profit takers and panic sellers.....when should you buy more MSM if you want more MSM?  Investors have until January 20th to pull the trigger for more shares of MSM if they want the purchase to produce immediate Dividend payments in February.

Personally... MSM's prospects are huge...but the share price has jumped too high, too fast... Investors have bandwagoned the stock and a massive pullback should be in store this week or next.

I'd wait for a 5 point decline on this one.

Where-ever the highest closing price is this week for the stock... You buy 5 points below that price.

So... a closing price of $42.50 means you'll wait this one down to $37.50 before buying more shares.

Timing is everything and I think you'll need to make your move a few trading days before Jan. 20th.
I'd look at January 16th as a good buying day if you don't get the sell-off you want before then.

Anyhow.. If you haven't already done so....for investors who invested in 2008...Set up your Wide-Scale Buying and of course if you are Trading anything...Set up your Trading Percentages on your stock portfolios NOW... before the real bad economic news strikes or the hysteria over an Obama Economic Package passes the House/Senate.

I expect 2009 to have the same type of hysteric pops and drops in the DOW which will do some startling things to some of your stocks.


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