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February 2009



The United States Recession is Finally OVER!!

February 28, 2009 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: KRFT.DL , JNJ

That's right.. You hear it from me... One who has ranted and raved angrilly since November 20th, election night.  One who has nothing but heart ache for this Great Nation everytime President Obama opens his mouth.

I'm here to say that with absolute confidence....The United States Recession is Finally Over!

Mark my words.  March 2nd, 2009 is the first trading day on Wallstreet.  I don't care what direction the DOW goes or any of the indexes.  The fact of the matter is the ACTUAL economy... Not the Emotionally driven battle being waged on the floors of Wallstreet, is finally in a BOOM economy.

People are not just going to Shopping Malls this year... People are genuinely happy... They are thrilled to be Americans... I went to my Shopping Mall and I didn't just see an unusual amount of people shopping.  I saw an unusual amount of people "BUYING."  I saw people carrying several bags at once full of stuff.. I saw people buying clothes, toys, video games, jewlery, you name it.

People want to buy.

People want to have fun.

People want to succeed.

People want to stop being miserable, angry, and upset.  People want the President of the United States to shut up because none of what he says can effect them anymore.

Those who weren't buying things were buying food... Coffee..Candy....Lunch/Dinner....Ice-Cream..
Whatever they felt they wanted to meet their needs and desires.

People are buying Homes in Michigan Hand over Fist since December.
The Housing Market has already turned in Michigan since last September!

Foreclosed homes are getting sold.... New Homes are getting sold.  People want more in life and they have worked hard enough to deserve it.

So... Without any further ado.  I am going to "BUY" American.  I am going to send thousands of my money straight into the Market knowing full well we could see DOW 5000...nevermind 6000....

Because frankly.. I've had enough of all the whining and complaining that I've done lately.

America will continue to prove itself resilient and great even under the heavy downward pressures of this current Washington Regime.

Face the facts....  Nothing short of GOD can stop an American's pursuit of Happiness and GOD wants people to be happy.

So Warren Buffet's calls of "Economic Shambles" needs to stop.  He never should have sold Johnson and Johnson and he and his company will indeed live to regret it.

Kraft is getting sold off at new 52-week lows.... Personally... I say that has to stop.  What the hell is wrong with Kraft?  Do you realize Kraft sells more than just Cheese?  They have their hands in all sorts of popular American Name Brands such as Planters Peanuts.

Go out and look at a shelf full of Planters Almonds, Mixed Nuts, Peanuts and tell me you mouth isn't watering... Cause mine is... Excuse me while I go Grocery Shopping for Kraft Products.  [more]



The Great American Legislator Walkout

February 27, 2009 – Comments (0)

President Herbert Hoover's Government Action and Volunteerism efforts failed miserably in 1930s to reverse the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression.  It made matters worse.

Now our president is "Herbert Hoover Jr."  And like his father, President Herbert Hoover Jr. thinks government action and volunteerism is going to get us out of the "Great Recession" and the Market Crash of Nov. 20th 2008.  Instead, it is sending our Stock Market and Economy in a downward tailspin.

President Herbert Hoover Jr. doesn't have anyone around him to stop his policies and actions.  The ideology of "Common Sense" doesn't have enough votes to let common sense prevail over the on going onslaught of Government Takeover and Panic driven Budgeting.  The gigantic increase in President Herbert Hoover Jr.'s budget is the makings of an emotional, "Kid in a Video Game Store," panic. 

"Oh my God...Oh my God...Orgasm...I'm President....I'm President!! Yippe!!!  Universal Health Care, Cap and Trade, Carbon Emission Reductions, Doubling the Education Funding, Food Stamps, Welfare, here I come!!!"

So.. If we can't stop em what do we do?  The "common sense' ideology needs to exercise some balls here to perform a series of what I call the "Great American Legislator Walkout."

Yes... It is reminiscent of Pre-Nazi Germany in which the Nazi Sympathizing Party walked out of Parliament repeatedly.  And yes... We don't have enough numbers to prevent Congressional Democrats from voting and passing all of their stuff with or with out us present.

But...I think it is time nonetheless to show some spine here.. I think it is time to rescue America's Economy and Stock Market from the clutches of "Stupidity" and "Socialism" and "Dictatorship" that exists in Washington.

It's time for the "GREAT AMERICAN LEGISLATOR WALKOUT."     Just sit in your benches waiting for the roll call and then whe the roll call is over.... Stand up... And get marching out of the door.

We need a massive PROTEST like America has never seen before.



Socialism Is What I'm Worried About

February 26, 2009 – Comments (16) | RELATED TICKERS: BAC , GM , F

I read Matt Koppenheffer's article and this is my response.  Unlike Matt, I am worried about Socialism and strongly believe whether you are liberal or conservative you should be too.

I am not advocating 100% Capitalism free of regulations.  I am not even that concerned about regulations.  The concern here is about my portfolio of various companys whose share prices have gotten obliterated last year and this year.  That is the concern and perspective here that all investors need in order to understand IF and HOW and WHEN Socialism will impact negatively any of your investments.

Right now President Jimmy Carter II has just announced a more than half a trillion dollar increase in the Federal Budget.  This elevates the national debt even further than the Porkulus bill.  It basically takes the supposed, inherited, Deficit and doubles it (not counting interest on all of the borrowing).

This in turn could jeopardize borrowing and lending from the federal government in the future.  It can jeopardize Pell Grants and Federal College Work programs.  It can impact every kind of federal lending imaginable to include the FHA.  Because, the Federal Government is left with a situation where it needs to lose that debt at some point.

And when the debt is so ginormously high, the Federal Government is left with no choice but to Hike Taxes, issue Fees, close Tax Loopholes, and basically punish every Man, Woman, and Child that works for a living.  The punishment will send Small Businesses, Mid-Caps, and Large Caps into either bankruptcy or into the decision to ship out to another country.

Our nation already has the highest or at least 2nd highest corporate tax rate.  President Jimmy Carter will eventually remove President Bush's tax cuts in 2010 to pay down this debt.  But given how many "RICH" people will do whatever it takes to avoid these taxes, I do not see why President Carter would stop at that.  Cause, I don't think removing President Bush's tax cuts is going to miraculously nullfiy an almost 2 Trillion Dollar Deficit.

But, that's no big deal.  CAP and TRADE is coming.... EPA Regulations on Carbon is coming.
All sorts of things that make businesses struggle further to make a profit is coming because of all of the Socialist Style Spending Spree.

These environmental regulations will be used to fix the deficit and will make the things you buy much more expensive.  The price of Corn went up because in part due to Ethynol.  The price of a CAR in California costs much more than anywhere else due to a special tailpipe and other required, parts for reducing pollution.

Are we all prepared to see President Clinton bring back the Off-Shore Drilling Ban?  How many Jobs will that create?

Matt can tell you how much he doesn't care because perhaps he buys "SKF" or shorts "XLF," or buys GOLD "GLD."  Matt hedges his investments enough to be nonchallant about Socialism.

So, this is your opportunity to Hedge your own portfolio against Socialism while you still have money left to do so.

Because in this market.... You can't sleep well at night like MATT under a Socialist Regime unless you have a really good hedge against a further deteriorating economy.

In the long term Socialism leads to Double Digit Unemployment, just like France.
Matt should be so lucky that he still has a job.  [more]



Barack Obama has already created JIMMY CARTER 2 ERA

February 23, 2009 – Comments (32)

President Barack Obama has already created the JIMMY CARTER II  Era.

Everyone scratching their heads wondering how on Earth can Obama be so stupid as to threaten businesses and people across the board with sky high tax hikes has to realize that Obama is intentionally destroying America as much as he can.  [more]



Stock Market and Market Index Nicknames. . .

February 23, 2009 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: BAC , C , JPM

Stock Market Nickames:



4)  The Inverse "Laffer Curve"

5)  Cedar Point:  America's Roller Coast

Dow Jones Industrial Nicknames:
1) Dow "18 Again" Fund

2) Dow Jones Insufferable

S&P 500 Nicknames:
1)  S & Flee 500 miles

2)   Stanford is Poor 500  [more]



Apple's Cell Phone impact is overhyped. Buy RIMM

February 23, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: BB

Unfortunately, I can't put together any money for RIMM for quite awhile.  But, I am definitely loving where it is trading at right the 30s.

I think RIMM's plunge is entirely based on the FEAR that APPLE brings to any competitor.  That provides a great opportunity for investors to buy Apple's competitor at a cheap, reasonable price.

Why buy Apple's competitor instead of Apple? 

1)  APPLE P/E 16.5  versus RIMM 12.7

2)  APPLE's I-Phone while hugely popular always remains mired in AT&T only.  Last time I checked AT&T doesn't own 100% of the marketshare of cell phone networks.

3) RIMMs products are sold by virtually every single cellphone network including AT&T.

But, I like Research in Motion especially for its latest acquisitions and partnerships.

Particularly, I am eyeballing the following press releases;

"Vodaphone Greece Launches Blackberry Storm"

"M-TEL brings Blackberry Storm to Bulgaria"

"RIMM sends Blackberry Curve to O2 stores in Ireland."

All of which happening THIS MONTH.  So whatever estimates for earnings that disappointed investors that came out may be subject to change on the upside...There's too much expansion here to be a SELLER of RIMM.  [more]



X Marks the Disaster

February 20, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: X

X used to mark the Spot making it simple to know where to put your investment money in.  You could always count on X marking the spot for good returns on investment to go along with hefty dividend payments.

X was like it's own Stock Market ETF.. It's own Index.  X marked the spot that foretold of good things in the Economy.  Because, without X there can be no housing sector.  Without X no financial sector.  Without X no commercial construction, no machinery tools, no LOWE's and no Home Depot.

So if you wanted to know how America's economy was doing, you just glanced at (X) to see how (X) was doing.

X marked the spot of the Great Depression.
X marked the spot for our success in World War II, defeating Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan.
X marked the strength of our Military and pulled us out of the Great Depression (cause you can't build a Tank or an Airplane without American Steel).
X marked every recession and subsequent recovery in our Nations History.

X simply marked the greatness of American ingenuity, creativity, and perseverance through hard times and good.  X marked our progress from a small colonial country to a Mega Super Power with an Economy and Military unrivaled by all.

Now X having been resurrected out of the duldrums of a $20 share price to almost $40 as if signalling a market recovery....signalling all the "HOPE" American voters had for switching to a Democrat for President... Is now getting obliterated back down to $20 after our elected professional in Chief told us he didn't have any answers to fix our economy.

Face it... .Our President can't do anything.. Federal Government can't do anything to fix America's economy.

Why?  Why is it that we have to comes face to face with the fact that so many investors pinned their hopes on America's Government rather than realizing that those hopes were completely misplaced.

By, bidding up X to $40 based on your belief things will turn-a-round "because of" the President and Congress uniting to provide us with Stimulus bailouts, Housing Bailouts, and Financial Handouts to Banks, all you did was make matters worse.  You made (X) into something that didn't mark anything anymore....You made (X) into a stock that marked a False December 2008 Rally built on pure "HOPE" and "EMOTION."

Now as we watch (X) all to $20 and less per share..... Here's to hoping that on the next recovery (X) will mark the spot of that recovery and it will be based on what AMERICAN WORKERS do.... What AMERICAN BUSINESSES do....

(X) needs to mark the spot of American ingenuity once again and for that to happen....
President Obama must not adhere to the cries of United States Steel for more Steel Tarriffs.

We need less federal meddling in the Free Market society.
We need less federal spending.
We need less talk of trillions more and more talk of conserving more of what we got.

United States Steel cry for more Tariffs is a cry for to be put out to pasture for good and once and for all.  It is a crying wolf when the wolf is us, Americans.

You see... Increasing Tariffs makes businesses that buy Steel to suffer from higher priced steel. Either having to buy more expensive U.S. Steel or even more expensive Foreign Imported Steel.
The worst Disaster President Obama could create is to treat the American People as if we are to Blame for the Economy.

Americans are not the reason we are where we are. 
And if (X) is to mark the spot of a recovery, (X) needs to treat the American Workers with the same respect they have treated (X) throughout (X)s entire history.  Cause, there would be no (X) to mark the spot of America's Greatness, if there were no Americans.  [more]



Why HURCO Company is doing really well....

February 19, 2009 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: HURC

(HURC) is one of my investments and I never understood why this stock has taken off quite a bit from its bottom.  [more]



Video Games Business Died in 2008...

February 19, 2009 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI

Jim Cramer on the subject of whether to invest in Activision, "I think that Business has Peaked!"  [more]



Stock Advisor Team can't be bothered to answer any questions...

February 18, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: AMAT , PHM , BAC

The Economic System is political.  The Financial Sector is political.  The SEC that regulates the Market is political.  Nationalizing Banks is a political action.  The Stimulus Package is political.
Taxes which greatly impact the companys you invest in are political.

Companys you invest in spend money to lobby and lobbying is political.  Press Releases from Companys are political.  Mike Splinter C.E.O. from Applied Materials praising the Stimulus Package is political.

Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, and Brokerige companys are all political.

Because... the STOCK MARKET is political.  Capitalism versus Socialism are political issues.

So if asking questions to try and understand things, only result in pissed off Stock Advisor members pissed off you got political on them and refusing to explain or respond in any helpful way what your concerns/questions are....

Then I guess the Stock Advisor Team isn't interested in Answering questions period.  Cause virtually any question has political connotations and right now the biggest thing impacting the market is indeed SOCIALISM.... Tons and Tons of it.

So what exactly is the point of the "Ask the Stock Advisor Team" forum anyhow?  [more]



If we're going sideways then what's the point?

February 13, 2009 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: BB , MTW , CRNT

Seriously...If we're going sideways from now till 2012 or beyond.... Then what exactly is the point when only those who SHORT the market or play around with confusing exotic options stuff that I'll never understand.... For those of us who just want to buy and hold shares of companys we believe have a solid future at cheap prices..... What is the point of that if the entire market is going sideways to down over the long haul?

Seems to me that one has a choice.

1)  Store your money in a mattress where you'll do better than the stock market.

2)  Buy GOLD where you are bound to do far better than the stock market.

3)  Switch to investing in the FOREX currency market where you will do better than Stock Market.

4)  Flip Housing Properties or Land Properties where you will do better than investing in the Stock Market.

5)  Or continue to buy and hold onto shares of stock from companys during a BEAR MARKET that's sending share prices SIDEWAYS over the long haul.

Heck even Research in Motion just dove back into the 40s again and Jim Cramer is screaming, "TAKE YOUR PROFITS" and all I can say is......huh?  What profits?  [more]



Stock Market Stimulus Plan

February 12, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: KO , PEP , MNST

I've got the CAPS Score Credibility here to provide you all with a simple but effective Stock Market Stimulus Plan: 

1)  Enact INVESTOR TRANSPARENCY:   Now every individual and institutional investor must file a form to the company's stock, in advance of Buying, Holding, Selling, or Shorting, or Optioning the stock.  Otherwise you are not allowed to trade that stock. 

And any company can buy back the stock you borrowed for purposes of shorting, in order to prevent you from shorting their stock.  Oh and they buy it back for free!

2)  Provide $100 to any investor that buys up a stock.  Penalyze any investor that does anything to lower the stock price.

See?  I know the economic crisis IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!! 
People whining, crying, acting like babies over C.E.O. buying Private Jets is just sickening when everyone knows that Wall Street Investors single handidly destroyed America's Economy.  [more]




February 11, 2009 – Comments (14)

*BOOM*  Fireworks!  For 2 Penny Stocks.

1) BBDA  (Bebida Beverage):  This one has rallied high and mighty off extroadinary volume.  Now we know why it is up another 44.5% today after posting 400%+ increases in recent trading days (jumping intraday levels of .0001 to as high as .0019).

Bebida Beverage reports landing a strategic partnership with Enzyme Environment Corporation in Indiana to produce Water and Energy Health drinks based on Enzymes.

This combined with their upcoming marketing event at UFC is producing quite a huge run on the stock.

The SHORTS have come in finally on this penny runner and it is highly recommended that investors wanting a piece of BBDA back off for a few weeks and wait for that RSI to drop to at least 50.

2) EAG)  American Defense Systems up 8 cents today, which is an increase of 10%, off the news of landing an increased order of their protection kits for construction vehicles from TACOM LCMC.

(DISCLAIMER:  I mention these 2 stocks as I have been a buyer of these 2 stocks.

I talk about other PENNY stocks doing well today but I can't find any on my watch list.
Feel free to use the comments section to report on any recent success if you are a penny stock investor.  [more]



U.S. Liberals Write and Voted for America's Eulogy

February 10, 2009 – Comments (7)

(Last Entry)

Dear Diary,

America up and committed suicide.
We're screwed.

1)  Recipients of Medicare now have to deal with wrongful treatments and poor hospital conditions as Federal Government has new authority to dictate Hospital Funding, Treatments allowed and not allowed to any given patient, and so much more.

Universal Health Care has been past...or at least the worst parts of it.

2) Short Term Tax Breaks will act no different than Welfare Checks....

3)  Tim Geithner just revealed today that he doesn't have the slightest clue what in God's Name he's doing as Secretary Treasury when he's a Tax Cheat and a THIEF....

4)  President Obama's "Re-election Bill" just passed.... Great for his re-election....But not great for America.

In short...  All we are going to do is spend re-distribute wealth towards all sorts of Liberal Pet Projects and accomplish NO Stimulus of any kind, shape, or form.

DOW  6,000   IS IMINENT!     This time we surpass the November 20th low.  

What's next?  DOLLAR will crash soon and Oil Prices and Commodities will continue to Skyrocket.  [more]



BBDA Bebida Beverage skyrockets again up 100%

February 09, 2009 – Comments (1)

Now those who bought BBDA at .0002 are experiencing a quadruple bagger from a stock that hasn't posted any quarterly earnings yet for their Piranha Spring Water or Guppy Water.

The momentum could only be explained, if there's any logic to it.. I have no clue, from the upcoming MMA event (February 21st) with Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy.

I'll throw this bizarre speculation out there.... One of the things going on with Bebida Beverage isn't even it's beverage.  As per the press release (paraphrased), "Fans are thrilled over the Piranha Bandanas we plan to hand out to Dan Hardy Fans at the UFC event."  Also there's the shipment of Piranha Beverage straight to Dan's management team.

I guess my speculation regarding BBDA actually being a legit stock (not saying it is... I'm just throwing out an argument full of 100% guess making, speculation).... That some may be looking at BBDA Bebida Beverage as if it's the next "AFFLICTION."

Affliction is the name of the style of T-Shirt with a strange, dragon, type insignia over usually a dark background.  These T-Shirts have been all the rage with young MMA fans.   If the bandanas are "all the rage" for young MMA fans.... Then shouldn't that mean huge publicity for Bebida Beverage for marketing/distributing out their beverage?

I mean.... What if DAN Hardy's management team decides to create a deeper relationship / partnership with BBDA beverage and actually generate a Clothing Company that sells these Bandanas?  What if BBDA becomes  1/2  Water Beverage  1/2 MMA Bandanas company?

So many people look at BBDA and laugh/scoff and treat it as a SCAM.  But, how is it a scam when all you have to do as an investor is look!  Cause on Feb. 21st everyone will be able to see either the Bandanas or the Piranha Beverage.... A mention of "Bebida Beverage" could possibly be heard of Dan Hardy wins his match.

The company seems to be for real and February 21st is sort of a way to discover this company in action as they sponsor Dan's bout.  Of course, Feb. 21st may also be a day we see a fly by night development, SHELL COMPANY, disappear if DAN loses.

Is there risk in investing in BBDA? of course.  Huge... It's called: You Lose Everything you put into the BBDA company's common shares.  That's the risk.  This is a gamble... But, the Stock Market is set up to act as a boost / lift for young, starter, companys to gain much needed revenue for their business operations.

And as the investor.. you in turn want to see a return on yourinvestments.  So... Why laugh and scoff???  at .0002 the thing is a Quadruple Bagger already.   The stock hit .006 last year.

Penny Running Scam it may be....  But... There's still a but.  [more]



Fake Stocks everyone would invest in

February 06, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: YHOO , BAC , C

1.  (TIM)  C.E.O.  TIM GEITHNER....
Business:  Coerce Congress to hand over TARP, TARP 2, and other bailout funds.  Increase of 1000% 2008, year over year from 2007.  Expected growth in 2009....over 10,000% year over year. 

JP MORGAN: Overweight, Conviction Buy List.

2.   (UNM) Unemployment Financials:   C.E.O.  Unemployed... 
Business:  Places bets on unemployment figures going up.  Earns large sums of cash when businesses cut jobs and loses money when they hire. 

STANDARD AND POOR'S:  Strong Buy, Top 10 Conviction Buy List.

3.  (666) C.E.O. SATAN. 
Business: Whenever a Washington Bueracrat, Wallstreet executive, Hedge Fund, or Federal/Civil Criminal does something bad the company earns lots of cash.  Good deeds result in a loss.
Currently gambling 1/3rd of the company's outstanding cash that the Stimulus Bill will pass and thus Congressman's Act of GREED (1 of the deadly sins) will happen.

4.  (HALF)  Portfolios Cut in Half Corporation.   Whenever an investor's portfolio or 401K is cut in half, what was lost in that portfolio goes to this corporation's earnings.

5.  (SPY)  I-Spy inc.    Manufactures and Sells Spy Equipment and Cameras for the Investment Community to hear/see what goes on in private board meetings in the company's they invest in.
Wouldn't you like to know what lead up to Jerry Yang refusing to sell Yahoo before the share price plummeted?



TIM and BRIAN are WRONG about Penny Stocks...sorta

February 05, 2009 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: EGY , ATVI , GLW

(EAG) American Defense Systems.....        How's this company a speculative company when it is landing multi million dollar contracts and received recently a Tier 1 rating from Catepillar?

(SWTX)  Southwall Technologies....   They have consistently improved their earnings and revenue in the past 2 years and are cash flow positive. 

(SSLR)  Sunrise Solar.......Uhm...Ok SPECULATIVE.... But look at the Spikes from January '09 and July '08.  Investors/traders simply buy and hold for the next big spike.  [more]



Put a *Piranha* in your step (BBDA)

February 05, 2009 – Comments (8)

For just amusement / joke I spent a whopping $64 purchasing a no profit, no sales, no earnings development stage beverage company...BBDA.PK  (Bebida Beverage).

I bought in at .0002.

Why?  Well.. Cause I don't think short of a company saying "Ok...I Quit!" that a share price trades below .0001.  I think .0001 is essentially next to absolute VOID or Bankruptcy...or "Ok...I QUIT!"

Given Bebida's intent to exist through March at least (I base this pure assumption off of their contest deadline which is end of March), hopefully through 2009 and 2010...etc.  I figure I can pull out anytime I wanted, and losing $64 was worth the pleasure of supporting someone that is supporting Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

You do something positive for MMA then I'll scratch your back with a small investment stake.

 I had me a stock pushing out press releases and doing some things I found amusing... Like sponsoring Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy.  I essentially have paid $64 for a Video Game....Or a Movie...You know..I get to track the drama... 

So what's the harm?  I can easily spend $64 at a Bookstore buying a few Book's on Computer Programming.  I can spend that money in 1 week on FOOD alone.  Or I can throw it at BBDA and see what happens.

Well what is happening with BBDA?  You might want to take a look... You might want a "Piranha" in your step afterall.  [more]



I BOUGHT (FLIR) today....Dumping AMAT

February 03, 2009 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: FLIR

I just DUMPED completely out of AMAT for a small loss on that stock.... I did so for lots of reasons... One of which is that I have lost my taste for "Solar Energy" optimism.  Another is that Applied Materials recently held out their hands to Barack Obama and begged Barack to get his PORKULUS Spending Bill past so that AMAT could get bailed out.

AMAT is falling off a cliff right now with no end in sight.  Nothing exciting has been manufactured at AMAT to compete with some other semiconductors that are actually doing well (VSEA) Varian Semiconductor for example.

In short.... AMAT is a sell.  It is bad. 

I also sold AMAT because a Watch List stock just hit my Alert level.  (FLIR) plunged 4% to 23.03 or so today.  That is insane for a company that is a hot commodity and market leader in their communications and surveillance equipment for Aerospace and Defense.

FLIR sells "SEA FLIR" technology for Vessels for the Navies across the world.  They sell top quality military equipment and the stock has nearly been cut in 1/2.

Sure.. The company just failed to land a massive Navy Contract totally nearly 200 million.  The stock price dive was warranted.... The Analyst Sell ratings were warranted....

But.. Analysts gave the company a "HOLD" rating after it plunged to around $27 a share.  So 4 points below the HOLD is definitely where one should start buying.... Their earnings report comes out in 2 days and there's no way this Investor is going to miss out.

Should the stock price take another hit by another 3 or so points then I am going to dip in real big on this one.  [more]



SHORT your own Portfolio

February 03, 2009 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI , AMAT , CAG

I'm still a NEWB investor here and so take this advice worth a grain of salt because I don't know anything.. not until I at least have 1 full year of experience.... That won't happen till March.

But... In a Bear market that may stretch at least till Q4 2009 if not Q2 2010,  why not SHORT your own Portfolio?

Say you have 5 stocks...each at 100 shares give or take.

With the rest of your cash on the sidelines, take about 50% of it to SHORT your underperforming stocks in your portfolio.....and the other money can be used to add to any positions you are LONG on off any dips.

For example:

AMAT)   SHORT This one due to pre-announced bad earnings report

CAG)   ADD to your position on any DIPS if you continue to believe low commodity prices for ConAgra will continue into the next Quarter and so on, bringing good earnings.

Simple right?  Or am I mistaken?

Does it make any sense to SHORT your own stocks?

I guess.... If you are shorting your own stocks.... why are they your own stocks you may ask?
Well... I donno.. Maybe they shouldn't be... But maybe you simply want to earn some CASH off of shorting so you can buy shares of an underperforming stock much cheaper later on in the far, far, future... because in the far, far, future you have an optimistic outlook for the company?

For example... Activision struggled badly for years before becoming a market leader....  So, just cause you short Activision during the bad times doesn't mean you eliminate yourself from participating in Activision when things start to look good?  You cover your Short and move that stock to a "BUY" when news is good.

Just wondering if this BEAR MARKET Strategy is something I should start getting into this year.

DISCLAIMER:  I own 250 shares of AMAT,  435 Shares of ATVI,  0 shares of CAG.  [more]

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