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Varchild2008 (85.39)

March 2011



Varchild's New Retirement Stock (GME)

March 25, 2011 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

2 weeks ago I ditched my former Retirement Stock (DPS)....for (GME).   Did it work out?
I sold 526 shares of DPS at a share price of $37.43   (currently trades at $37.90)
I bought 1470 shares of (GME) at an average unit cost of $19.78.    (currently trades at $21.95)
In order to purchase the 1,470 shares I also had to sell (GAME) at a share price of $6.70.

So yes... My Move most definitely worked out.

Why did it?

This move was not done because think Dr. Pepper Snapple Group isn't a good investment.... or isn't *cheap*  On the contrary, I think Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is setting itself up to have several excellent growth years ahead of it.... It is a wonderful retirement stock to have.  Much cheaper than KO or PEP in terms of its smaller size and bigger chance for growth.

I never fell out of favor with DPS.....  It's just that when you have (GME) sitting there with a P/E 1/2 that of (DPS)'s  P/E then it made a lot of sense.

Why not CHASE after name brand stocks trading barely above book value?   GME book value was $18.30 and I got in at $19.78.    GAMESTOP practically gave me shares of itself for Free!

The share price it sat was a was a DEAL of a life time....  And when I have a house to pay off then I am going to make RISKY moves.... But, I track stocks on my Watch List for MONTHS and GME was tracked since 2008.....since I got into the Stock Market.

I saw GME trading in the $30s and $40s and felt that the stock was too expensive with too high a P/E for me to get into....get interested in.... so....I followed in and Blogged about it for months without buying shares.

The reality is you have to follow the Turn-A-Round story catalyst and see it take shape.
Kongregate + Jolt Online  + Steve Nix hire  =  a Possible Turn-A-Round story taking shape.

Some Analysts look at these moves and SCOFF..... They think *too little too late!!*

But it isn't too late.... Too Late is sitting around and not doing anything while earnings decline quarter after quarter..year after Block Buster...

Game Stop is making moves into DIGITAL gaming while they are producing RECORD earnings.
They are well ahead of the Digital Scare..... They are turning DIGITAL SCARE into DIGITAL PROFITS...

And Analysts continue to want to sit there and stew about it?     

They point out GameStaaaaaaaaaaaqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq  
Which is a Used Games Online Web company that has gamers trading games with each-other..........and paying shipping fees + online Sales Taxes..

How does a  GameStaqqqqqqq     Stack up to GameStop that offers the game same day you pay for it and you get a Return Policy if the Disc is damaged and you get Reward Points added and you get ZERO shipping fees?

Then Analysts whine and cry about how GameFly  is going to Netflix GameStop cause they allow people to rent games through the Mail??

But why RENT when you can OWN at steep discounted prices at Game Stop? 

You can not sell your Video Game on E-Bay if you merely just Rented it..... Only if you bought it.

And do you want to spend an entire weekend with no Video Game cause it doesn't arrive until Monday?    Especially when USED Video Games are priced so darn cheap at GameStop?

There's a Growth Story in the Digital World taking shape at Game Stop and all of the *shorts* are missing it.  All of the *cry baby investor analysts* are too scared to react while Game Stop isn't the least bit scared of Digital.

Yesterday's earnings release showed how Digital Gaming is a Strength....not a Weakness.  [more]



Hate the New York Times? SELL FORD!!!

March 22, 2011 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: F

(F) Lincoln is giving the New York Times Subscription for Free as an offer to customers.
Motley Fool is jumping for joy...while 50% of the rest of the Country is taking a pass.

Is Lincoln offering the Wall Street Journal for free as an option if you do not care for the New York Times subscription?. . .  NOPE!

What about a free subscription to any Conservative Magazine?  As counter balance to the Libreral New York Times?   Nope!

So now it has suddenly become insanely more difficult for Varchild2010 to continue to hold his shares of FORD.

There's the Valuemoney Challenge to hold for 5 total years....

Or.....Sell off the Stock in protest to Alan Mulally becoming the next Rich Guy to BAILOUT the
New York Times.

Hey ALAN if you want to BAILOUT the New York Times then why don't you sell your Shares of Stock you recently received in your company and use the money to purchase the NYT company?

Why not?

Put your own money where your mouth is..... Not your Company's Money!  [more]



Hey Rush Limbaugh...why they Hate Palin!

March 15, 2011 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: GME , DPS

Ever have an attachment to a stock in your portfolio...something that has surpassed your wildest expectations over the past few years as you stayed long and strong....reinvesting dividends perhaps?

Then...all of a sudden you find some blemishes....perhaps expenditures start to rise or business in Europe starts to crater a little....What do you do?  Since you are so looooooong the stock just up and selling it off without ever thinking about "what do I do next?"  That's not what you do.  You don't dump your stock because an Analyst came out against it...

You don't give up on your company experiencing some growing pains because Jim Cramer just said he didn't like the last earnings report and so no longer likes the stock....

You don't give up on your stock....

Not unless there's something better out there....

You turn off the "Your Stock STINKS because......" arguments.  They serve absolutely no benefit to you because you know the negatives and positives of your company's business prospects and balance sheet situation.... You already know... Tell me something I don't know!!!

Hence.....  That's explains SARAH PALIN and why so many of us *ultra conservative extremists* continue to support Sarah Palin for President of the United States as strongly as we do....

No amount of negative attacks, smears, and belittling....and CAT CALLS about how she SCREWED UP when she DEFENDED her self cause she was supposed to just SHUT UP already....

Nothing you can do to trash her that will make us switch from Sarah Palin to someone else.

Know what DOES make us switch from 1 choice to another choice?  Whether it is the Republican Presidential Primary or selling off a long-term stock so you can buy another one?

TALK UP the other one.........that's how.

Convince me  the other candidate is superior.....  Tell me how I should buy buy buy such and such a stock....  tell me how it's a superior stock... show me positives about a stock that are so strong they are stronger than any positives of the stock I've invested in for years....

Give me something!!!!

Then I'll switch my vote just as fast as I switched my investment from (DPS) to (GME).  [more]



Varchild dumps....his Retirement Stock

March 14, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Yup.... I emptied out my (DPS) stake today.... In favor of (GME).  I figure today qualifies as 72 hours from my statement made on GME last week Thursday.  Apologize if I can't count Sat/Sun. 

Anywho.. I am not a paid professional at this... Just a moron individual investor....

I do not see anything wrong with GAMESTOP and with Best Buy's troubles lately....I continue to see less and less wrong with GAMESTOP.

Now...putting my $$$$$ where my mouth is on GME's upcoming earnings report and for that matter.... on 2011 as a whole as I THINK I will hold this one through the year at least.

Pre-orders of Nintendo 3DS most certainly have to be through the roof as I keep reading about how successful a launch this system was for Japan.

P.S.  My condolences and prayers for Japan and all who live there.  [more]



Wall Street Can't KINECT the Dots (GME)

March 10, 2011 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

See? Varchild told you to buy (GME) into the Earnings Release scheduled for March 24th.

Varchild said over a month or two ago paraphrased:

Kinect is selling like Hot Cakes and that isn't just a *Joystick Toy* it is not an *Accessory.*

Kinect will drive XBOX 360 sales throught the ROOF in the same fashion as the SEGA CD drove Sega Genesus  (spelling is poor sorry) Sales back in the day! 

You can not enjoy a KINECT without buying an XBOX 360.   Same thing with SEGA CD....You can not buy a SEGA CD if you do not have the Sega Genesus that the SEGA CD straps on top of.

The KINECT is actually its own brand new VIDEO GAME system that requires an XBOX 360 to power it up.  Think of it that way and you understand....

You understand....

That despite the weakness in Software Sales.... (GME) is making up the pain in sales of KINECT + XBOX 360 + Preorders for the Nintendo 3DS.

Oh and if it will make you feel better... Part of the BOOM in Hardware Sales last month???

You can thank Varchild for participating in that as he purchased a NINTENDO DSI  XL where did I buy the NINTENDO DSI  XL??

hmm.... could it beeeeeeeeee    GAME STOP!!!!!! you betcha...

Look at (BBY) <-----  Best Buy stock price making 52-week lows while GAMESTOP never sells below $19.00 even during an Oil Price Crisis.

WAKE UP GAMING INVESTORS!!!!    STOP SULKING OVER (ATVI) and start zeroing in the retail sector...

Gamestop will not disappoint you this year...

That's my 2 cent Opinion and I am sticking with it....  I LOVE GAME STOP!!!  [more]



Charlie Sheen vs. Warner Bros (who wins?)

March 08, 2011 – Comments (3)

Charlie Sheen vs. Warner Bros

Since Charlie Sheen recently declared war against Warner Brothers, now might be a good time to compare the 2 to see if a prediction of who will win can be made.

1)  Warner Brothers has a lot of money......   But Charlie Sheen has a lot of Drugs...

Advantage?  Sheen!

2)  Warner Brothers has a lot of Cartoon Characters....  But Charlie Sheen is a Warlock

Advantage?  Sheen!

3)  Warner Brothers has TV/Film studios.....  Charlie Sheen has Spooky Internet Videos

Advantage?  Warner Brothers!

4)  Warner Brothers owns half of the CW Television Network..... Charlie Sheen still has use of half of half of half of his brain left....

Advantage?  Charlie Sheen!         *I don't remember last time I watched the CW network?*

5)  Warner Brothers owns DC Comics.......Charlie Sheen appeared in an episode of "Amazing Stories" anthology.

Advantage?  Warner Brothers!               Come'on... Did you seriously ever remember watching Amazing Stories much less the episode Charlie starred in?

6)  Warner Brothers has the ability to Fire people, and they Fired Charlie Sheen....
Charlie Sheen starred in an unreleased Lionsgate film, "Food Fight."

Advantage?  Warner Brothers!!                         Afterall "Food Fight" was unreleased.

TOTAL:  Charlie Sheen      3
             Warner Brothers  3

Crud.... It's a TIE!!!!    

While I am disappointed that I can not declare a winner here... I am also not surprised that we have reached "SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME."   Knocking down 7 grams of rocks will tend to do that from time to time.  [more]



Hey! SHORT (SNDA) and (GAME) then...

March 02, 2011 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: GAME.DL , SNDA.DL

Tell you what.... If you are so confident in trashing one of my stocks in my portfolio immediately after both (SNDA) and (GAME) post Quarter to Quarter Revenue, Earnings, EPS growth....

Then go right ahead....

Ignore the fact that the companies have turned a corner and are experiencing earnings growth now.

Disregard the littany of Top Selling, Top Popular titles that are going to be released this year in China.... Or the Licenses being given out for popular existing games to other Countries like Vietnam (Legend of Immortals) or North America / SEA / Europe  (Dragon Nest)...

Just feel free to ignore it....ignore the $300+ million in U.S. Dollars on the balance sheet.

But... If you are so confident... Then heed my advice....  Put your money where your Mouth is cause you didn't just attack (GAME) and (SNDA)  just now.... just today...

You trashed this stock with the same "Throw This Stock Away" Motley Fool Article... TWICE now... You did it prior to the Earnings Report and now are desperate to Bad Mouthe the Stocks instead of admitting that you were wrong to be so pessimistic.

You even wrote in your article that the level of pessismism in the stocks was too much and people should have been less pessimistic.

You are the MOTHER LOAD of Pessimism if you want to push (ATVI) on people as a superior Stock despite the fact that ATVI has recently announced lowered 2011 Outlook expectations.... They have gotten rid of their Guitar Hero and DJ Hero Franchises....

ATVI is going through similar troubles that (SNDA) and (GAME) delt with last year... But ATVI is dealing with it THIS YEAR....

(SNDA) and (GAME) are 1 year ahead of the game here....

So.. I encourage you... I implore you....

If you don't want to dole out the CASH to SHORT these 2 Stocks....  Then how about this challenge.

RED THUMB   BOTH STOCKS  for 1 year.   Let's see where your Red Thumb ends up... Negative or Positive?

(GAME)     has ZERO  All Star Red Thumbs
(SNDA)   Only has 9 All Star Red Thumbs...

That's right.... Out of the entire community of All Stars.... Only 9 have bothered to Red Thumb SNDA and ZERO  for GAME.... Although 1 did Red Thumb GAME yesterday, but apparently pulled the Red Thumb because he/she got SMACKED from the earnings report.


Your Call!!! .... You want to put out statements that are basically nothing more than blantant Insults on my Investment then you better be prepared to show you have Money behind your insults.

Or at least the *courage* to RED THUMB these 2....

Laughable that you disregard Quarter to Quarter Earnings Growth in favor of Cherry Picking Year over Year numbers....

Look....  We can bang a dead horse about how the Old, Mature, Titles like MIR I and MIR II have faded away...  Or we can focus on the future.... And right now the Company has a bright future.

(SNDA) has a new Online Video Unit that is doing extremely well...  Read about it on Yahoo Finance (SNDA) page.  An article there explains it..

(GAME) has upcoming titles:  Final Fantasy 14, 2 First Person Shooters #1 in Korea or Indonesia,
Top Popular Online Game in Dragon Ball Online, Dragon Nest Super Popular in China, Taiwan, Korea, and of course Legend of Immortal, Hades Realm II, Mochi Media Android Flash Gaming Platform......on and....on....and...on.....and...on it goes....

How many Catalysts does it take for Rich to tell the truth to the investment community?

Meanwhile.... I AM NOT GOING TO PROFIT TAKE (GAME) Tomorrow even though I fully expect many people will and the stock price will pull back from the 19% rally.... It's a matter of common sense since the RSI value shot up.... 

The Bullish statements about Q1 let me know that come JUNE when Q1 Earnings are released..

Rich Munarriz will have to trot out another "Throw This Stock Away" column.. Or perhaps trot out 987,111,257....

Because otherwise no one would read anything he ever wrote....for fear of losing money off his advice.

Because come JUNE... We will be in the same boat.. With Stocks whose Values are SUPER Undervalued given the on-going Growth Accelleration that has finally taken Shape as of Q4 2010.

The Reality is Dragon Nest has breathed new life in Shanda Games... and Rich wants you to hide under your Covers so he can continue pounding SNDA / GAME into submission with his Insults and baseless Cherry Picking...

Go ahead.. I Challenge the entire ALL STAR community to Red Thumb (GAME) for 1 full year... No Backing out ahead of earnings reports... or immediately after them....  Keep your Red Thumb there for 1 year.... DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU ALL :-)  [more]

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