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April 2012



Gamestop's Next Gen. Video Game Console

April 02, 2012 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Gamestop's Next Gen. Video Game Console

So while everyone is on the subject of Gamestop stores going bankrupt once Sony and Microsoft release their "Used Games Banning" next gen. video game consoles,

what will happen when Gamestop releases for sale their 100% CLOUD, 100% DIGITAL Streaming
next-gen video gaming console?

What!?  Haven't heard the news about this big rumor?

Check this out (thanks to BIRCH981 from the Yahoofinance forum for GME):

Above hyperlink takes you to the Spawn Labs Gaming Console Patent to produce what appears to me to be a 100% CLOUD, 100% DIGITAL Streaming Video Gaming Console.

Guess what SHORT SELLERS?????

The Profit Margins for Gamestop to sell a Digital Video Game is 100%.....And that friends is far higher than the profit margins for the Used Video Games business.

It is to Gamestop's tremendous advantage here to introduce to the consumers this option to acquire for the first time a 100% CLOUD based Game Machine.

And it makes sense.   Valve's STEAM already has rumors that circulated about a gaming machine themselves....later Valve denied that they have plans to build one.  [more]



Latest Next Gen. Video Game Console Rumors

April 02, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GME , AMZN , BBY

Latest Next Gen. Video Game Console Rumors:

Sony Playstation Orbis 4 (Rumors):

1)  Will not play sound, display graphics unless your Sony 3D LED 50" TV is hooked up to a Sony Bravia Surround Sound Speaker System.

2)  Comes with barcode scanner to lockout any video game purchased by Gamestop or Best Buy, while allowing purchases made through Amazon.

3)  Will not have a disc drive.  Instead you must pay $60 every 6 months for Sony Online Service and another $10 per video game dnload conveinance fee + $15 Video Game Registration Fee on top of the price to dnload the game in the first place.....thus saving consumers a BUNDLE by going 100% digital!!!!

4)  Remember how Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 struggled to support the sheer number of consumers with their respective online services, initially?  Some Call of Duty fans are still upset and conducting a protest of sorts over LAG issues on Call of Duty Elite service:

Imagine what that will look like from a dnload only system where millions are dnloading the same title (or trying to) at the same time........Merry Christmas *crash* to you.

5)  Will not be backwards compatible or compatible with your PS VITA, that no one is buying anyhow.

Microsoft XBOX 720 Next Durango (Rumors):

1)  Will not play any video game unless your Broadband Internet Access is indefinitely left on, along with your Television, House Lights, Sprinkler System, Microwave, and backup Home Natural Gas Powered Generator...and even then may still not play games (see #3).

2)  Will power itself perpetually always on through Solar Panels and internal fans that act as Wind Mills with Wind Powered Turbines...Therefore, you must always have on and aim a floor fan directly at your XBOX 720 Next Durango at high speeds to ensure indefinite wind power to your system.

3)  Designed to never play used games, games bought at a Bricks and Mortor Retail Stores, any game bought on E-BAY or AMAZON,  any game bought from a street vendor, any game bought at a Garage Sale, any digital dnloaded game from a 3rd party source, or any games period.  Microsoft understands that 90% of the time people aren't playing video games on the XBOX 360, so why expect people to play them on the Next Gen console?  [more]

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