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Varchild2008 (84.10)

May 2010



House buying for dummies

May 25, 2010 – Comments (3)

Varchild is moved into his new home......finally with internet access....

Get this.....  A play on Varchild buying a home is a play on:

A)  WHR)  Whirlpool.....  Every appliance I bought...Washer, Dryer, Water Heater, Refridgerator is a Whirlpool Appliance.

B)  COM)  Comcast.....  Cause Wide Open West simply isn't available in the area....

C)  DPS)  Cause I am always stocking DPS products in my refridgerator and well I am a lifetime ever since the stock IPOed investor of the stock.

There can be no doubt.... buying a house can be fun until you realize all the things you have to fix and figure out about your home purchase.... *yikes* 

Can I sell it now? . . . .  just kidding..... I think.

Unfortunately the water sprinkler system isn't a Whirlpool.... which is probably why it leaks right now....hmm..... 

Oh and as for my April 27th "We are now in a Bear Market Call"  welllllllllll.......... I WAS RIGHT!!!!!

Yuppers..... I nailed the market when I said it was about to plummet entirely based on the EURO/USD situation... where DOLLAR = UP while EURO = CRASHING DOWN  due to Eurozone debt and economic woes....  Just see below... Varchild guessed the Market Correction!

So what is my next move?

Anyone up for a rebound? ?    I am... and I say today was the start of the rebound.

And if I am wrong... shrug... just means that next time when I can get a little extra cash together I can buy shares of my stocks for less money per share....  Long term.... DPS, CBOU, F, SVA which make up my portfolio aren't going anywhere but steady improvement and prosperity. 

Cause quite frankly... if the lesson of 2008 has not been figured out yet... maybe this will help....

If there is a GOD.... Then why on EARTH dwell constantly about the end of the world?  Maybe Revelations was written just to jolt human society enough to make sure there isn't an "end of the world" crisis scenario....  Eurozone needs to just cut cut cut cut cut cut spending until debt issues are yesterday's news.

So buck up..... cheer up....  The world isn't as it may seem.  [more]

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