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May 2012



Facebook: TOP 10 reasons for Plunge! (fake)

May 22, 2012 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: FB

Facebook: TOP 10 reasons for Plunge (fake)

The excessive mass distribution of "LIKE" buttons has cheapened them to near worthless now.

9.  Facebook has renounced their citizenship in secret talks with Morgan Stanley which exploded a "War on Facebook" among private institutional investors.

8.  General Motors, before they pulled out, was actually Facebook's only source of advertising revenue.

7.  Mark Zuckerburg wanted to prevent seeing investors hit with a Capital Gains Tax Hike in 2013 by ensuring that the IPO had no capital gains.

6.  When Facebook was priced at 38, Mark Zuckerburg thought he agreed that this was in YEN, not dollars.

5.  The Winklevoss Twins were solely responsible for shorting the stock to $31 in the last 3 days....they're not done.

4.  A Top Short Hedge Fund Manager discovered a cheat code allowing him to short Facebook without borrowing any shares.

3.  Mark Zuckerburg left a beer bottle on the keyboard sell button sometime during the IPO party, and it is still there.

2.  The FACEBOOK sell-off equals the amount of money Mark plans on spending on his Honeymoon.

1.  The share price is just dropping to reach parity with Mark Zuckerburg's age.

Ba Doom Crash!  :-)  [more]



More info. on bizarre Battery mystery at Amazon

May 21, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AMZN

Just today I decided to take another peak at the bizarre picture of a Samsung Battery being sold at Amazon marked "Not for Sale."

There are about 11 reviews shown for this item and here are 3 of them:

"“What I got were 2 Samsung batteries of a different model that DO NOT FIT THE GALAXY SII PHONE and so are completely useless. ”B. May  |  1 reviewer made a similar statement“The picture is of the correct battery. ”Simon  |  1 reviewer made a similar statement“Haven't heard back from optimum trade, if I'm not mistaken bait and switch is against the law in mystate. ”Dennishh   Hmm.... The mystery grows deeper.  Amazon should definitely look into this cause I can't find anywhere else a battery marked "Not for sale" along with calls of "Bait and Switch" and "Battery doesn't work with the phone."

The fact is AT&T website doesn't list this type of battery spec on their website when you do a search for a Samsung Galaxy S ii  battery.    So, I did a BING search of this thing: 

What I discovered is apparently it appears on line 7 that EBAY is selling this battery.

Click on the EBAY link and there is a picture/photograph of the battery being sold (at a much higher sale price than Amazon).

Notice something different?  I did.  The "Not for Sale" marking is not present in the picture/photograph of what I guess is the mAh 1650 i777  spare battery.
 So what really is the point of this experiment here?  Simple.    I've heard from countless bulls/longs that buying from EBAY is risky.... and Amazon is never risky....  You get what you pay for at Amazon and you may not at EBAY.

I think that I just blew that whole argument out of the water.  The reality is you have to be super careful no matter where you shop from.    Have to check the reliability and trustability and order history feedback numbers of 3rd party retailers to see if you should buy from them.

Another point out of this is where the heck is Amazon's policing?  If the reviewers claims of Bait and Switch and talk of receiving a battery that doesn't work....and you have this bizarre photograph.....where is Amazon?  Aren't they supposed to make sure their 3rd party retailers are not violating any laws...selling legit goods?

Just a thought......from someone..again....that has absolutely no legal background and just simply ran across this due to needing to buy a Samsung battery for my Galaxy S ii phone.    [more]



Is Amazon 3rd Parties Peddling illegal goods?

May 20, 2012 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: AMZN

Let's say you go to a festival and at a booth is full of artwork.....All of which is marked, "Not for resale" or "Not for sale."

What would you think?

Or better yet.  You go to a Mom and Pop hardware store and every product on the shelf clearly comes in a kit (normally) but instead is being sold individually.....All of which is marked, "Not for individual sale."

Yea...I'd say that that there is a pretty big problem.

So why is Amazon getting away with it?  Granted, we are talking about 3rd parties selling goods on Amazon marked "Not for sale," and not Amazon themselves.  Nonetheless, Amazon takes a cut from 3rd party retailers selling goods.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Above URL is to a Samsung Galaxy S2 battery.  Take a careful look at the photograph of this battery that is for sale.  On the bottom of the battery is clearly marked, "Not for Sale."

Ships from and sold by BlueMall indicates that a 3rd party is selling this item....not Amazon themselves.

Retail packaging included?  Sorry...I don't think that matters albeit I am not a lawyer by any means. If the item is marked "not for sale" then why is it being sold here?

Not for sale can mean a lot of things.....One of which is perhaps the battery being sold is the one that you get with the Samsung Galaxy S II phone....and is not a legal spare battery meant for individual sale.  You only get this as an item included with the purchase of a phone.

That's my guess.....Take it for what it is worth.

Anyhow with this discovery....what other items does Amazon's website have for sale from 3rd parties where the photograph provided is marked "Not for sale?"


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