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Varchild2008 (83.81)

June 2008



National Health Partner's mysterious 18.33% share price drop smells like opportunity

June 30, 2008 – Comments (0)

I've been eyeballing NHPR wondering if I can get in at a real good discounted price.
This would be an extremely short-term investment due to the massively high risk of investing in ignored, penny stocks.

And speaking of penny stocks.  NHPR (National Health Partners Resources inc.) is now trading at
.245  a share.  Scooping up hundreds of shares with pocket change seems intriguing. 

What the heck.... I'm buying in.  Hopefully I get into this at the listed price before someone else raises it up ahead of me.

I personally am a believer in NHPR and don't believe the huge spike in its price in previous months is going to be this company's only spike.  I that a quarter has ended.. It won't be long before the 2Q Earnings Report comes out.  So,  here's to a 2Q Earnings Report spike that could make me rich:-)

NHPR won't be my only speculative stock.  I am looking to strike big on 2Q earnings reports from some other speculative stock I have in my portfolio.  I am basically buying in on positive news bites generated by speculative companies as well as that I have full confidence these companies will EXCEED their earnings targets.  [more]



The BEAR market we are experiencing is pure BUNK

June 28, 2008 – Comments (12) | RELATED TICKERS: DE , IR , KO

Doing some thinking about all of these stocks from great companies in the toilet bowl.
Coca Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks, Sonic, GM, Ford, and the endless list of companies just continues trading at or near their 52 week lows or perhaps creating brand new lows.

Dollar is inflated?
Oil is up?
Corn Syrup costs more?

Uhm. Ok.  Whatever.

People don't drink pop?  They're sure as heck drink it at McDonalds, Baseball Parks, Movie Theatres, and well every where I go.

Here's how I see it.   Investors are scared over all of this inflation/oil stuff that they are neglecting quality companies and quality stocks over the obsession with the Dollar, Corn, Wheat, and Oil situation.  

Looking at the manufacturing sector.  Even that's taking massive hits!  We have lots of great companies out there producing insane profits and their stock price goes SIDEWAYS.

HERE's a LIST that should *piss off* any Investors out there as it does me.

1)  IR  (Ingersoll-Rand)     Near 52-week Low!     It's got a Standard and Poor's 12 month target price of $50.  They pay an 18 cents a share dividend quarterly!

Has the "Security Technology" and "Industrial Technology" sector gone bust overnight?

2) DE: Deere & Co.       28 cents a share quarterly Dividend.

Sure.. Maybe it's tough to sell Agricultural Tractors.   But, that's only part of what John Deere does.  They also make John Deere Engines.  They make construction equipment/vehicles.

It's John Deere.  They didn't lower their FY 08  EPS expectations 1 penny.  Yet the stock has fallen considerably.

Give me a break!   Like for example... a 4th of July Break so Investors can get a clue!

I can rattle on and on about company after company getting completely bizarre treatment by investors.  But, I am sure everyone knows that the current Stock Market does not represent the current situation with America's Economy.  [more]



It's time to DUMP your underperforming Stock and Buy What Works!

June 27, 2008 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: TRA.DL , CHK , SID

I just got fed up with "GENC" Gencor.    It never stopped bleeding.  Pathetic stock.  Worst mistake.

I threw the cash left over straight into Dividend Heaven:  (TRA)  Terra Industries  :  Fertilizer!

So... Here's my voice to help calm your Panic and Fears and Trepidation.

Don't hesitate...Don't think about it.     LIQUIDATE your worst performer and buy a good performing
Stock that is in the following sectors:  [more]



DPS versus HANS: Dare to Take the Beverage Challenge

June 27, 2008 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS , MNST

HANS just lost almost 7% of its stock price value yesterday.  HANS stock price fell from hits 52 week high of about $68 to now $29.

DPS dropped as well..About %1.6    52-week high of $30 down to $22


1)  HANS  Market Cap  2.77 Billion   (versus)  

     DPS  Market Cap  5.62 Billion

This in spite of HANS share price being more expensive.

2)  HANS sells "Monster Energy" drink.

     DPS introduces this year "Venom Energy" drink.

Comparing the 2 drinks is ultimately a VHS or BETA   / HD or BLU RAY market analysis that is impossible to predict which energy drink will do best over the long haul due to who markets their product and keeps costs/pricing under control better.

Bottles versus Cans (argument)

Why is DPS's energy drink better than HANS?

A)  VENOM  is resealable as it is in a resealable bottle rather than a 1-shot Can.

B)  VENOM gives you slightly more for your money than MONSTER.

MONSTER = 16 oz Can.
VENOM =   16.9 oz Aluminum Bottle.

3)  HANS headquartered in Corona (formerly) possibly now in TAXATION FEST  Southern California

DPS  Headquartered in Business Friendly, Low Tax Haven, TEXAS

4) HANS missed their last earnings report by 3 cents.

DPS's Quarterly Report  MET expectations or at worst slipped expectations by 1 penny depending on what analyst you use. 

5)  DPS raised their earnings per share growth for the end of the year.

HANS???  HANS???  You there HANS???  helllo???  Earth to HANS??

Tell ya what... here's my...


For every time HANS produces a better Earnings Report + Share Price Growth than DPS,  I siphon DPS shares and pour the money into HANS.   For everytime DPS does better than HANS (earnings report), I put my money into DPS and if I have any cash in HANS at all, I siphon the Shares from HANS and pour it into DPS.

I'll do that in 10% increments.   Since DPS did better than HANS.... So far it's:

DPS:  100%  fully Invested
HANS:   0%

I'll update the challenge every earnings report.





June 26, 2008 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

Just want to correct DemonDoug and any one else out there thinking I am overly bullish on Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.

Look.. I like the company's future.  But my sights for earning any kind of Profit on DPS is frankly set on "hold" until 2010.

Anyone getting into DPS today thinking they'll do well by the end of this year is incredibly misunderstanding my words.

Look.. The California Factory won't be in operation until 2010 and given the Decline in Sales Volume and the lack of Food Products or Baby Food Products and Lack of International Sales.....

DPS needs a Catalyst for the stock price to go up.  That catalyst (unfortunately) won't happen over night.  It happens in 2010.

So investing in DPS is simple from where I stand. 

I plan to slowly scoop up shares of DPS especially when I see the stock price plummet dramatically.   If I have some money to invest... I'll buy DPS this year and next year.

But... I do so knowing full well that my profit is 2010.   I never said DPS is going to be huge next week or next month.  If I mislead people to believe that that's what I think then I will be careful with my words from now on.  [more]



What's the Big Deal with Concentrate?

June 26, 2008 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is at its 52 week low.  Trading for an obscene $22 and whatever cents.

Analysts have come out of the woodwork to include Seeking Alpha, claiming the stock is waaay oversold due to DPS's concentrate business.

I happen to agree.  But, I happen to not care either.  I am not ready to take the plunge and buy more shares of DPS yet so I'm hoping this stays oversold for at least a few more weeks.

Nonetheless.... Here's a quick explanation of DPS's concentrate business:

1) Snapple Products
2) Welch's Grape Juice products
3)  Schwepps Juice products.

All of which are huge brands, sold in all of the grocery stores.  Hugely popular in the Midwest.

So, I am definitely salivating over 2010 as the year DPS really breaks out.  Once that California Facility gets built and DPS can start shipping out product to tens of millions of new customers.... Investors will go nutz over DPS.

In the meantime.... A DPS investor must use this wonderful oversold rally on DPS to scoop up shares and hold 'em.   I'd not bother to fret over the stock price unless 2010 strangely is a down year.  [more]



AgFeed Industries: Why The Stock is Falling....

June 24, 2008 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: FEEDQ

Here's a conundrum.... AgFeed Industries is that conundrum.  A chinese speculation that has investors baffled by the falling stock price.  Well, here to dispel all rumors and innuendo and preposterous explanations from so called experts as to why (FEED) has dropped so much, is VARCHILD!

Here's the truth!

(FEED)  was $21, drops to $20 a share

FEED reports buying 1 Hog Farm in a Rich area of China where rich people buy pork.

(FEED) was $20, drops to $18 a share

FEED reports record sales in FEED purchases for the month

(FEED) was $18, drops to $17.50

FEED reports buying 2 more Hog Farms, in which 1 is a breeding facility.
Hog production has increased to a capacity of 550,000 hogs. 

(FEED) was $17.50, drops to $15

FEED reports inclusion of stock ticker in 3 Russel Index funds.
FEED reports T.V. apperances.

(FEED) was $15, drops to $13.59 a share

FEED reports buying Hainan Hopejia, the largest FEED producer, and essentially becomes
the largest producer and seller of FEED product in China.

(FEED) was $13.59, drops to $12

Tomorrow's PRESS RELEASE:  
FEED reports purchasing 100% of Mircosoft and Walmart and Costco and Bunge and FSLR and all companies listed in the RUSSEL 2000 Small Caps index.

(FEED) was $12, drops to $1.57 a share

December 12th, 2008 PRESS RELEASE: 
FEED reports acquiring the planet MARS and the director has been appointed as President of the planet of MARS.  AgFEED industries is already Terraforming MARS and plans to build and ship the first Colony of Humans by 2012.

(FEED) was $1.57, drops to .001 a share

March 10th, 2009 PRESS RELEASE:
FEED reports manufacturing billions of a pill that cures all Cancers, Bacteria diseases, Viruses, ailments, bone fractures, you name....PLUS grants immortality.  AgFeed Industries plans to distribute the pill for free to everyone on the planet.

(FEED) was $.001 a share, drops to $.0000000000000000000000000000001 a share

August 23rd, 2009 PRESS RELEASE:  AgFeed Industries, in a series of diplomatic manuevers, has created WORLD PEACE.  In fact, there isn't even any crime any more!  All countries are scaling down their military because it's no longer necessary to have a military or a police force.

You see the pattern?   Positive Press Release =  Drop in Stock Price.

Watch!  As soon as FEED produces a negative press release the stock price skyrockets!

(FEED) was $13.59, Skyrockets to $100 a share

PRESS RELEASE:  Nearly all of AgFeed's Hogs have suffered Pig Disease and the Feed product has gone bad.   [more]



Jim Cramer's show gets PULLED for 1 minute today.. Barack Obama was wed..

June 23, 2008 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: HAL

Watching JIM CRAMER's MAD MONEY and just moments ago JIM CRAMER was revealing something in the front page of a newspaper about Barack Obama being wed to something....

Jim Cramer didn't have a chance to reveal what it was because the Network pulled the show and did  a quick promo commercial for another show.  After that promo commercial they brought back MAD MONEY.   

JIM CRAMER praised John McCain's stance on digging for Oil as a winner for the election prior to trying to show the Barack Obama headline story on the front page...

CNBC  Pulls Jim Cramer??  hmm....  [more]



Another HUGE day for Doctor Pepper Snapple Group! (and Clearly Canadian)

June 18, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group announces planning a purchase with CBG for a Manufacturing / Warehousing property in Southern California to introduce to 20% of American consumers the best stuff on Earth (Snapple / Dr. Pepper / Vernors).

Gotta love it!  Stock up 33 cents or almost 1.5% of it's value today.  After hours trading is bringing it up further.  Remember the articles saying that DPS was one coming that had a solid cash flow?  Lots of money to spend?  Guess what folks.. It's Spending!  It's expanding!  It's not sitting on its laurels!  [more]



More people pile on the Anti-DPS Bandwagon

June 13, 2008 – Comments (9) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

Yet more people are piling on the Anti-DPS Bandwagon.

Well.... Guess what happened today?  

DPS up 49 cents.

Warren Buffet's  Coca Cola  fell $1.72.
Pepsi fell 41 cents.

Ryan Freund writes,  "I want you to close your eyes and picture yourself relaxing on the beach with an ice cold Coca-Cola in your hand. How does that image make you feel? Now picture yourself holding a Pepsi or Dr Pepper, made by PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP) and Dr Pepper Snapple Group (NYSE: DPS), respectively."

I close my eyes and imagine myself drinking an ice cold SNAPPLE Pink Lemonade!

Who in their right minds in this Century thinks Coca Cola beats a SNAPPLE when you are sitting out in 90 degree heat, at a beach?   Juice  is what sells.... Carbonated Beverages don't sell as well as they used to.

So it is without NO SURPRISE as to why DPS released 2 products in which neither of them were carbonated beverages.   Snapple Antioxidant Water +  Venom Energy Drink.

Ryan Freund continues to write,

"Coca-Cola currently sports a 21 P/E ttm and a forward P/E of slightly above 16. From a historical perspective, the stock is pretty cheap. In the past 10 years, the company has maintained a trailing average P/E ratio of around 35. That's significantly higher than today's P/E of 21."

From a historical perspective.... When a company has expanded pretty much as far as it can... Suffers a massive sell off rally lasting not days... not weeks.....but months.... lowering the company's P/E Ratio and Forward P/E expectations....  That speaks volumes about Coca Cola as a legitamit investment.

Now I can understand passing up the #4 Beverage company:  COTT CORP    or passing up on JONES Beverage.

But to place DR PEPPER SNAPPLE GROUP  (#3 largest beverage company) in the same category as COTT CORP?   JONES???     When you make such a broad based statement like that it's amazing your article got recommended by anyone at all.

DR. PEPPER SNAPPLE GROUP  has perhaps the:

#1:   Juice Drinks in  Snapple and Schweppes.
#1:  Ale Drink in VERNORS
#3: Carbonated Beverage in Dr. Pepper / 7UP

Not too bad for a company everyone is supposed to ignore in favor of an over extended, over expanded, yesterday's news Coca Cola company.  [more]



Glenn Curtis hates DPS: But he only Skim Read the DPS Story

June 11, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

Glenn Curtis doesn't like DPS stock in favor of old and boring Coca-Cola, Pepsi.

Fine whatever....  Why doesn't he like DPS?

1) DPS has an 8% expected annual growth versus about 10% for Coke and almost 11% for Pepsi.

2) DPS 1st Quarter report shows a volume decline that without price increases DPS would have missed analyst estimates and not be able to make their $1.91 earnings per share target for the year.

Ok.. Great .. Wonderful.... 

How many people besides Warren Buffet invested in Coca Cola when that company first started out?  When it first started out it had competition from Moxie Cola, RC Cola, Dr. Pepper, etc.

Coca-Cola's story goes on and they are ultimately successful and the stock splits a bizzilion times. A fun...great...fantasy story.

Well.....I grew out of Fairy Tales a long time ago.  I am in grained in reality.

And the reality based self tells me that there's a lot more to a company than it's current situation.

Let me make it short and quick:

1)  DPS doesn't sell to anyone except Carribean, America, Mexico, Canada.   Imagine if it sold its drinks to 25+ other countries 10 years from now?

2)  DPS's price at $24-26 is its true value.  There will be times where the price fluctuates down due to economic troubles.   But, ultimately.... What company has the best potential growth aspect?
Coca-Cola's Story is a great one but it's peaked... it's had it's day... Same with Pepsi....

Why can't we have a successful THIRD PARTY?   We may not be able to have a successful THIRD PARTY in America,  but's possible.  [more]



Here's what YAHOO should do to defeat GOOGLE once and for all...

June 11, 2008 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: YHOO

Want to see YAHOO defeat GOOGLE?  Boy.. I sure do....

I want to see this so much that I am about to reveal an idea that not only do I believe "does not exist" but I also believe this idea to be a MULTI-BILLION  Dollar idea.

If I am right and this idea does not exist.... Not only could some company like Yahoo take this idea and be successful with it.... I believe the success of this single idea could propel YAHOO to #1 best shopping site ever!

Before I reveal the idea.... Let's look at Yahoo Shopping.  What does Yahoo Shopping have?

1) Comparison Shopping

2) Gives you the best deal up top, in your face, for the product you want to buy.

3) Allows you to set up a Profile where you can save products for purchasing later.

4) In the same profile (#3) you can do tons of things from Wish Lists, to private lists where you list products you already own.

What's not to like about Yahoo Shopping?  It's awesome.   It works...  It's better than GOOGLE Shopping!  imho.

And it would devastate GOOGLE SHOPPING if YAHOO SHOPPING incorporated my idea into their shopper profile software.

So... What's my Multi-Billion $  idea  I am revealing for free of charge?  It's so simple it's ridiculous and I am sure millions of people have already thought it up. 

When you sign into Yahoo Profile Shopping, you should assign a 50, 100, etc. mile radius around where you live that you are willing to travel.

So, if you don't like ordering online due to the shipping costs or you know of Mom and Pop stores that simply don't sell their products online....  You can locate these stores in your Radius and know that they sell the product you want.  [more]



I HATE Google With a PASSION! Go Yahoo!!! Dump Carl Ichan!

June 10, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: YHOO , GOOGL

I HATE Google With a PASSION!  GO Yahoo!!!  Dump Carl Ichan!

Carl Ichan has no business mucking around with Yahoo and he has not the slightest clue how to get Yahoo to be a successful growing company.  [more]



Solar Power Round up: FLSR is dying a slow death... Is Solar Dead as well?

June 09, 2008 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: AMAT

Massive insider selling at FSLR has Jim Cramer bailing on his FSLR stock pick he kept telling people to buy since months and months ago.

If FSLR is dying a slow death due in part to it's bloated P/E Ratio and some problems under investigation.....  Then should everyone bail out on Solar Energy Companies?

Here's a round up of Solar Power Companies today starting with the Solar Power Index Fund:

TAN (Index Fund):  $26.93  down over 3% of it's Friday value.
SOLF:  $19.59  down nearling 10% of it's Friday value.
STP:    $39.18  down nearly 3% of it's Friday value.
ESLR:  $9.39   down nearly %4.5 of it's Friday value.
SPWR:  $76.68 down nearling %3.5 of it's Friday value.

WOW!   What a sector!!!!   Plummeting into the ground..... There's no hope..... no future for Solar....Abandon ship!  Abandon ship!!!    Must hop on board the WIND energy FAD.... or the HYDRO FAD... OR dump all of my money into DAR for the Bioenergy/ ethynol FAD!!

But that's before....ALAS..... a *hero* emerges from out of the pile!:

AMAT (Applied Materials):   Up .21% from it's Friday value!!

Yaaaaay!  Applied Materials to the rescue!!!  Here it comes to save the day!  Solar Power is here to stay! 

Give me an A.....give me a B...Give me a U.....Give me a D...give me another A....give me an H...give me another B......give me an I...  [more]



The 1,000 Shares Goal for Southwall Technologies

June 09, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

My brain is telling me I am a complete moron for having this goal...

Southwall Technologies (SWTX)

Goal:  1,000 Shares
Current Holdings:  400 Shares.

I suppose when I reach my goal of 1,000 shares I'll stop and cool off for a day and then foolishly move my goal post to 10,000 shares.... what the heck... move it after that to 100,000 shares. 

But... I'm not a complete idiot.

I've been buying up dips on my other stocks to help keep a healthy diversified portfolio afloat in this horrible economy.

(DPS)  Dr.Pepper Snapple Group  posts an excellent earnings report and the stock goes no where after the first day?  

(AMAT) Keeps looking to expand and keeps landing lucrative Solar contracts and the stock goes no where?

(FEED) Expanding on target to their original goal and the stock goes no where?

(TRA)  Stock's going up but still significantly underneath its 52 week high?

(SID)  Peaked... fine.... I got a nice profit riding on this with my remaining shares.  I sold half my position when it was at $50.

So... what to do about a company you are 99% confident perhaps 100% confident will have several excellent earnings reports this year?

In terms of Southwall Technologies.... My plan is to buy 100 shares at a time until I reach 1,000.
Once I am at 1,000 shares.... I'll move to bring my other positions up.  Ultimately, 1,000 shares is chump change in comparison to how much money I poured into other companies anyhow.

Being TOP HEAVY in a stock should be about how much money percentage wise you are invested in a company.... (NOT) how many shares you have.  [more]



91.54 rating now... Does that make me an elitst?

June 05, 2008 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS , AMAT , TRA.DL

Fear me!!  The Alimighty 91.54 Rating Guy!   Varchild2008 v. 2  New and Improved and Super Shiny!

Ok ok... in reality... I'm still a newb.   But, perhaps I'm a pretty darn intelligent one and my ideas in this blog could very well help people out.  So with this new rating.. I shall do my best to steer people towards good companies.

I still proudly stand by 8 companies all in my real life portfolio for the long term.
Here they are in descending order of personal value and fawning:

1)  DPS  (Dr. Pepper Snapple Group):    No Dividend.... I don't care.  It's Snapple!  I mean come on. How easy is it to go around selling juice and bottles of water to people?  Recession proof stocks are not easy to find and if you can't find any....There's always the beverage sector!

2)  SWTX.OB   (Southwall Technologies):   Any company that closes down 2 manufacturing plants, gets rid of its display technology products, and still manages to WOW an earnings estimate......Is a 100% BUY in my view.

If you are bullish on SOLAR and bullish on NATURAL GAS then you're bullish on Southwall.
HEAT MIRRORs are windows that lower the cost of air conditioning.

3) AMAT:   SOLAR + Semiconductor + LCD Display Screens  =  Dow Corning's bigger Brother.  Look for a 2009 jump in this stock's pricing.  Add in the Abu Dhabi factor and you have the beginnings of another FSLR (First Solar).

4) TRA:    As POT begins to PEAK.... TRA begins to get big.  Look for the month of August to WOW you.  [more]



If you want to add to your (SID) Steel Stock Shares . . .

June 04, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: SID

In a comment several articles ago I wrote to someone that they should set up a $45 Entry Point into SID.   SID is now selling off BIG TIME and tomorrow or Friday could be the opportunity to get that wonderful $45 entry point.

I would set up your price around $45.50 - 45.99.    

Don't worry about the rumors and innuendo concerning the Namisa Sale or Namisa Spin-off or some Steel Company from India wanting to buy SID's NAMISA.. or whatever....

Given the good dividend payments with this company.... and the great future it has.....It makes no sense to get scared.   Get GREEDY!
SID at $45.99 or less is an absolute Bargain from it's 52 week high!

Q:  Why is SID Selling off?

A:  How in the heck do I know? I'm not a mind reader.  I guess SID does have some debt though that it has to pay down still.  Maybe that and the rumor mill that's churning are just making investors nervous.  The currency market might be influencing the stock price as well.  Who knows.  [more]



I have been hoping for a Dr. Pepper Snapple Group crash tomorrow.

June 04, 2008 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

DPS reports earnings before hours tomorrow.  Hip Hip Hurray.

Investors have sold off their shares and sent the price with a 23 handle!
Guess what?  I don't think this stock is done falling.

I'm eyeballing a 20 handle on this before too long.  I do not see a positive earnings report tomorrow.
Given the sentiment of the investment community, it appears I am not alone in my pessimism.

I've not purchased a single share of DPS since my initial purchase of 30 shares.

If DPS falls..... It won't hurt me!  30 shares?  chump change.

What a plummet does for me is allow me to scoop up a TRUCK LOAD of DPS shares at a basement bargain price. 

Oh yes... I do plan on holding onto my DPS for all of eternity and slowly increasing my position.
This is a STOCK that I'm sitting on like a hen on a egg.

DPS needs to get out of debt before they can turn this company around and making it as exciting and thrilling and money making as the biggest optimist was/is today.  I'm eyeballing 2009 / 2010 and drooling over where this stock might be in the next 2,3,4,5, or even 10 years from now.

If I keep accumulating shares then sell it off... who knows?  Might have thousands of shares to sell of DPS at $45 a share.  [more]



In light of the Yahoo - Microsoft fiasco here's some jokes I made up...(enjoy)

June 02, 2008 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: YHOO , MSFT

A)  Yahoo Search:  Clue

Yahoo Search turned up 0 hits.

B)  Yahoo Search:  Jerry Yang

Yahoo Search turned up 1 hit:
Would you like to see the hit?   


Ok, that will be $2.1 Billion + Tax + Google Stock Options for all Yahoo Employees.

C)   Yahoo Search:  Syntax Error

Yahoo Search returned 10 hits:

Board Member 1
Board Member 2
Board Member 3
Board Member 4   ...  ... ...
Board Member 9 
Jerry Yang 

D)  Yahoo Search:  GOOGLE

We're Sorry, Yahoo Search can't remove its lips off Google's *** long enough to process your request.

E)  Yahoo Search:  Carl Ichan

Yahoo Search regrets to inform you that Jerry Yang has sealed all mention of Carl Ichan's name from Yahoo Search Engine.

Share Price drops 20%

Yahoo Search has returned 354,918,076 hits for Carl Ichan.  [more]



Southwall Technologies Defies Gravity, jumps almost 9%, Insider Buying!

June 02, 2008 – Comments (1)

Last Friday Southwall Technologies (swtx.ob) went up 32 cents, over 22% of its value.  This moved its RSI to over 84%!

So SWTX sells off today right?  Closes down?   NOPE!!!!!     
SWTX jumps another almost %9 or +15 cents.  Totally obliterating again its 52 week high.

Apparently Speculators are going buck wild on Southwall Technologies.  Apparently, websites such as that have written articles helping to promote SWTX are contributing to the growing daily average share volume.  Volume was up over 100 thousand shares.

This stock clearly resembles GENC (Gencor Industries) which artificially skyrocketed to $31 before it sold off to it's current price of just over $14.

At some point.... SWTX's value will exceed any conceivable reality of the company and SWTX's earnings report no matter how optimistic will not be able to maintain the insane buying of SWTX's shares and the sky rocketing share price.

What goes up.... Must come down.....

The thing is.... I didn't get into SWTX for some immediate, spike...  I got in for the long term.
But, the Non-FOOL part of me says to throw up a limit price of $2.00 a share and start selling.

But the even more INTELLIGENT part of me eyeballs the May 27th INSIDER who bought 500 shares of SWTX:   Officer Sara, Burak!

Ya know what I am going to do tomorrow?  I ain't sellin SWTX.     I am going to increase my stake BIG TIME on a good dip.  [more]



Silver Dragon Resources: (SDRG.OB) Cool Name....Bad Stock

June 01, 2008 – Comments (0)

Silver Dragon Resources is a Silver Mining Company with 7 exploration properties in China and 1 in Mexico. Their logo including the up coming Silver Coin Commemorative is fun to look at.  But, is the stock worth investing in since it's May 27th press release revealing 23 Ag-Pb-Zn mineralized bodies at the Liangdi Silver Project?  [more]

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