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June 2010



Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough

June 29, 2010 – Comments (1)

The reason $827 Billion poured into the marketplace with 0% interest rate and TARP as far as the eye can see has decimated the economy instead of fixed it......

"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"

The reason doctors are dumping medicare patients and specialist doctors near retirement are taking an early retirement this year for fear of the consequences of Obamacare mandates

"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"

The reason the City of Detroit is in shambles with the vast majority of its population having left the city and those sticking around are just murdering each-other.....since there aren't any jobs and there isn't anything else to do....

"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"

The reason the public educational system receives and spends far more money that any country's educational system and produces incredibly crappy results compared to Japan and other Asian countries

"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"

The reason I accidentally misplaced my Garage Door Opener

"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"

I nearly tripped over my pair of shoes thinkin about how much more Government we need in our lives.

"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"

Markous Moulitsas is now filing a lawsuit against Research 2000 for Polling Fraud

"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"

SEIU continues to spend millions and millions of dollars doing political actions that are against the wishes of their membership (

"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"

Our Federal Government is in irreversible debt
"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"
"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"
$13 Trillion dollar budget deficit
"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"
Paul Krugman said.....Paul
"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"
"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"
markous..... us...markous!  
"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"
$1.8 trillion dollar annual deficit
"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"
Stimulus... Stimulus....Stimulous... Stimoooolus...Stiomuuuuulas?!!??!?!

Say it louder..Say it Prouder.. Just Smile and proclaim how much more Government we need in our lives....  I need to tie my shoes but the Government isn't spending enough.....  Those Kids in California will believe anything if you brainwash them enough.....(
$1.8 trillion dollar annual deficit

$1.8 trillion dollar annual deficit
"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"
Financial reform isn't happening!!!!!
"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"

This has been an "Alstry Digital Age" Presentation brought to you by Varchild....  Telling you that 3 CAPS Star picks are far better than 12 CAPS star picks cause the MOTLEY FOOL website is completely BROKEN!!!!

"Is Beacuse The Government isn't spending enough"

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Motley Fool gives more weight to RED THUMBs

June 26, 2010 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: SVA , DPS

Motley Fool gives more weight to RED THUMBs

SVA   3 less allstar red thumbs    than DPS

SVA   4 star CAPS pick

DPS  3 star  CAPS pick

DPS has 3 less red thumbs overall than SVA

The problem isn't that.....  The problem is below:

SVA  All Star Green Thumbs:  87
DPS All Star Green Thumbs:  141


Sorry... But what a messed up formula that a 3 star stock percentage wise is overwhelmingly more favored by All Stars than a 4 star CAPS pick.

If you ever wondered if there is BIAS in the Motley Fool ratings system...... Yuppers!  Varchild found it.  [more]



Biden Bids Farewell to your Freedom

June 26, 2010 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: BP

Biden Bids Farewell to your Freedom  [more]



Sneak Peak: Alstry's Digital Age

June 23, 2010 – Comments (6)

I've read enough ALSTRY DIGITAL AGE articles to kill an economic recovery.....err wait....uhm...

Anyhow....  Here's what I believe strongly is what ALSTRY's  DIGITAL AGE would look like and it isn't pretty for you Conservatives out there....

1)  First imagine every product....every service... everything across the board is being done by robot, machine, computer, automation, non human entity.... whatever....  No Human Being is doing any work of any kind or any shape.

2)  Machines do not get paid....  Why would they?  They are not going to have need for money and if no one has money to buy goods and services then what's the point?

The money goes to YOU!    Even though you do not work.......  It goes to YOU so you can have a living....and ultimately.... buy goods and services so the DIGITAL AGE industry continues trucking along.

3)  The DIGITAL AGE can work once a few tweaks to our technology occurs....

First....  Almost everything may need to have access to the Internet to gather data....

Second....  Optical Scanning Machines would be attached all over the place to machines, computers, robots, so they can rocognize what they are looking at.

How does a robot perform surgery?    Robot needs to *see*

Today's optical scanners are used to scan checks and then compute that against balances to see if the bill is paid in full......

Tomorrow's scanners will be the Eyeballs of Robots as they look to spot the area they need to make the incision into your brain in order to surgically remove your brain cancer.  Or whatever ails you....

4)  If everyone is getting paid..... and no one is working.....What economic system would this generate?

Would we be a Communist Country where everyone just gets equal pay?

Would the Federal Government or Local Governments have to create a Formula to assign pay unequally among the masses.... So as to have a RICH class.. Middle Class... and Lower Class?

5)  Well... To answer those questions is simple......  Human Beings still need to be around for *LOGISTICS* purposes to the DIGITAL AGE.

Everyone actually WOULD have a job.... But it would only be to keep the Automations, Computers, Robots, in top shape... to Sustain them......

And while it is easy to visualize and picture America as a Communist Country in this atmosphere there is one HOPE in Pandora's Box for Conservatives out there.....

6)  Who OWNS the Robots?   Who Owns the Computers?  Who Owns any piece of the automation?

There will still be competition between 1 set of robots making chocolate treats to sell..... versus another set of Robots making slightly different kinds of chocolate treats to sell...

Hershy would still compete with See's Candy.... Rocky Mountain.... etc...  Competition still exists..

And someone owns/manages Hershey.... Someone has to make sure there are people to sustain the automation....

And as long as Artificial Intelligence never advances to autonomy....... There will always be the need for HUMAN KIND to come up with the GOODS and SERVICES and INVENTIONS people want in order for the ROBOTS / COMPUTERS to then provide them.

So..... The DIGITAL AGE.... Will still be about WORKERS.... JOBS.....  But....... 

Those who *work* to sustain the Digital Age are the LOWER CLASS......
Those who simply OWN a company or invention that's part of the Digital Age are the UPPER CLASS.

The Middle Class simply goes away...    You have only 2 classes.....  Workers + Owners.

Those who do not WORK and do not OWN will perish.  [more]



Fake News: Inside the mind of AP Journalism

June 23, 2010 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: HOV , PHM

Here's my treat to you all!

The following is my *revision* of an Associated Press article written about today's wonderful (sarc) New Home Sales report in order to uncover what is inside the mind of a journalist that works for the Associated Press....

This is what the journalist's article would read if he/she wanted to tell you everything they were thinking when they wrote the actual article:


"New-home sales plunge 33 pct which doesn't signal that the economy isn't recovering, because it absolutely is!"

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sales of new homes collapsed in May, sinking 33 percent to the lowest level indicating that apartment rental is up 33% (so this new home sales drop is meaningless).

 Potential buyers stopped shopping for homes once they could no longer receive government tax credits.  But, that will change once Pres. Barack Obama enacts more tax credits soon because we obviously need them!  They work!  [more]



They Don't Have the GUTS to lower America's Credit Rating

June 22, 2010 – Comments (15) | RELATED TICKERS: FNMA , GE

How many times this year and last year as a credit agency *threatend* to lower America's credit rating?  Countless!!!   From Moody's to you name it....

But...None of them have the SPINE and fortitude to actually do it.  Not 1 notch....not even half of 1.

Am I rooting here for America's credit rating to slip?  You bet.....  But, before you accuse me then of rooting for America's demise....  Here's my reasoning..

Some one such as Moody's or Fitch or S&P gets off their behinds and lowers America's credit rating, especially on the grounds that America DOES NOT HAVE A BUDGET and is spending gobs and gobs of more money trying to incorporate Doctor Fix + Obamacare Benefits earlier than they were written in the law CBO scored....... 

Remember the $120 Billion dollar  yet another Stimulus Package that just recently got shot down by the Republican Filibuster?

That's good news..... shutting down the insane spending.....

But that is paultry compared to what will happen when Insurance Company's are forced to accept people nearly 30 as "CHILDREN" that are entitled to their Mommies and daddies health care insurance policy.

All of this....Doctor Fix + this Obamacare Benefits EARLY business going on well after the most recent MOODY's threat to lower America's credit score.... All of this going on.. No Budget..... No Responsibility..... No Accountability.....

And the Credit Agencies just sit there and DAWDLE????

The only way I firmly believe America will get their senses back is if they get a Massive Wakeup call from all 3 Credit Agencies lowering America's Credit Score..  [more]



Daily Kos pulls Obama's Job Approval Numbers

June 18, 2010 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: BP

Interestingly, as a way to gauge what the public thinks of President Obama I relied on Gallup + Rasmussen + Daily Kos (technically it was Realclear Politics).

Those 3 numbers often disagreed with eachother dramatically.

If I wanted to see President Obama's Job Approval show up well above 50% I could do it with a touch of a button.... Just Left Click on my Daily Kos link and lo and behold there it was.... Obama's job approval at 54% or so.

Even if Gallup and Rasmussen were showing numbers closer to 45%,    an easy fix to that was to log onto Daily Kos and lo and behold... Obama's low approval FIXED!!!!! Miraculously FIXED!!!

The perfect cure for Obama's presidency was DAILY KOS!   Just 1 left click with the mouse and log onto Daily Kos and home!  54% approval!!!!  YOU ROCK  BARACK!!

Now...*sigh*.....  Daily Kos has apparently pulled Realclear Politics Job Approval Numbers from their home page..... I am not sure they list these numbers anywhere on their website.

What's wrong Daily Kos?   Isn't Barack the Awesomest president of the whole wide world evah!!!!????

oops....hmm... Maybe all of the job losses stacked on top of eachother and the impending disaster that will be the JUNE employment numbers have finally spooked Markous Moulitsas enough to not bother showing the Approval numbers anymore?

Either that or  Realclear Politics is no longer showing Obama above 50%?

Well.... before I take a look let's just log onto Real Clear Politics website and see where Obama is at?  [more]



Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Tender Offer

June 18, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

So.....Back in July 1st 2008 there was a TRC Capital 3rd party   4 million shares  tender offer deal....
Basically... Dr. Pepper Snapple Group DID NOT endorse this tender offer.... And the tender offer was an obvious rip-off to shareholders.....   Asking for $20.00 a share.

Now I receive an e-mail yesterday about another tender offer this year.  Unfortunately, there's no information about it in the e-mail (there never is).  I have to call Scottrade to see if this is another 3rd party tender offer rip-off or whatever...

I checked Dr. Pepper's website and this time there is no company mention of this tender offer and so therefore I imagine Dr. Pepper isn't endorsing this one either in my opinion.

Sooooooo.... oh well.... I am passing on this whatever the heck price it is....

If the Tender was for $100 per share.... I would still happily pass up on this....  I am keeping my shares until retirement and enjoying the dividend payments as I get them.

DPS is a retirement stock.   You can't give up your shares of such a stock for anything cause you never know what DPS will trade at 10 years from now...... you never know how many if any stock splits occur... you never know....

Dr. Pepper just got distribution rights to distribute Vita Coco  beverages.....     Insiders have been buying this stock as high up as $36.07.     It is obvious to me that the stock price remains cheap below $40.00 a share.

Forget Pepsi and Coca-cola.....  Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is an uptrending market share beverage company outperforming it 2 bigger brothers over the past 2 years..... Coca-Cola has been losing market share and volume while Dr. Pepper's CSDs have been gaining volume.....  The resurrection of Snapple Teas is also a huge huge story still in its infancy.

So go ahead..... Offer me some generous tender offer whomever you are..... I'll say no no no no and keep my shares laughing all the way to the bank.

I strongly support (DPS) as perhaps the BEST  non-alcoholic beverage company in America.  [more]



Library of President Barack Obama

June 12, 2010 – Comments (14)

The Library of President Barack Obama

Exhibit 1:  Guantanomo Bay Prison)  President Obama promised to shut down Guantanomo Bay Prison by January 2010.  Guantanomo Bay continues to be in operation today housing the most violent terrorists in the world...

While President Obama sought to move Khaleid Sheik Mohommad to New York City and other terrorists to high security prisons in Michigan or elsewhere, none of that happened due to mass protests from family members of 9/11 and residents who lived in the city of the location of the targeted prison.

Exhibit 2:  Economic Recovery) President Obama successfully fought for and past through Congress and signed into law the Economic Recovery Act of 2009.  This was the largest economic legislation in legislative history totally $787 billion.  President Obama's promise was to make sure the unemployment rate never goes any higher than 8%.   Today it stands at 9.7%.

Exhibit 3:  Health Care Reform)  President Obama was the first ever in over 50 years to sign into law Health Care reform legislation.  The Health Care bill promises to cut the deficit in the first 10 years and significantly cut it in 20 years while providing tens of millions of the uninsured a Government regulated health care plan through the health care exchange.   So far the health care exchange is not up and running and the Doctor Fix costing billions and billions of dollars is on the verge of putting Health Care Reform deeply in the Red immediately and significantly in the red in the next 20 years.

The President promised that everyone could keep their doctor and their health care plan if they liked their doctor and health care plan.  But, without passage of the Doctor Fix medicare patients will lose their doctor and the Health Care Plan contains many mandates that have already bankrupted some smaller health care insurance companies not prepared to handle the cost structure that Obamacare mandates required.  This meant that for those companys that can still exist profitably, the health care plans are still changed to comply with the Governement.  While health care plans from smaller companys that can't continue to run profitably will go away.

Exhibit 4:  Cutting the Deficit in 1/2)  President Obama promised to cut the deficit in half before the end of his 1st term in office.  That didn't happen...  The deficit grew more than 4 times in size and the overall debt more than doubled under President Obama's tenure.

Exhibit 5:  Home Mortgage Restructuring)  President Obama put forth one of the most ambitious plans in decades to restructure home mortgages by allowing certain home owners on the verge of foreclosure that have homes worth less than what they owe on their motgage to restructure those loans.   To date only a few hundred home owners have successfully restructured their mortgage while tens of thousands were forced to foreclose due to lengthy, beuracratic, waiting periods and mistakes made with the paperwork. 

In fact, many reported spending as much as 6 months trying to get their loans restructured to a smaller rate and still not getting anywhere over the phone with the Government Agency representatives.  Thousands have reported bad phone lines must exist because it took several tries to talk to a representative without getting disconnected.  Other problems included reports of many receiving foreclosure notices right in the middle of the process for restructuring their loans. 

An agency representative once said, "Don't worry about the foreclosure notice we sent to you as this is just part of the process."

Exhibit 6:  Leadership under environmental turmoil, BP Oil Spill)  President Obama's first response to the BP oil spill occured right away on day 1 when he asked for a 2nd oil relief well to be dug instead of just 1 in response to the oil spill.   However, it was well over 3 weeks before the President provided any BOOM.

Despite the Dutch offering up several ships to assist with the cleanup, the President never waived the JONES Act.  The President and Admiral Thad Allen were concerned about the "Estuaries" and would not permit the use of BOOM except in specific areas.  Chemicals for dispersing the oil were banned for environmental reasons and any BOOM any company such as PackGen had available had to go through a several week process through BP to gain approval before they can be sold.

Other companies offered their own skimmers but were faced with Bueracratic red tape for weeks on end. 

Cries for ships, boom, and other resources for cleanup by Louisiana's Governor Bobby Jindal went completely ignored.  Only when oil began to soak the beaches did President Obama finally conduct after 300 days a press briefing to discuss the Oil Spill response.  The President during the press briefing made it perfectly clear that BP and not the Government or anyone else for that matter was given the responsibility and cost for the clean up.  This created problems in which PEOPLE, RESOURCES, and New IDEAS went completely ignored if they didn't come from BP.

Exhibit 7:   ?????  [more]



Pres. Barack Obama's "Smoking Near the Water" Theme Song

June 07, 2010 – Comments (1)

Does Pres. Barack Obama need an updated Theme Song to reflect the BP oil spill, the nose diving stock market, the U.S. & European debt crisis, North Korean Acts of War, Iranian Nuke(s) Threat, and so on?  Me think........YES!

And the chosen song is based on "Smoke on the Water" lyrics.  


I came out to Louisiana,
Near the Tar colored shoreline,
To make amends with the media,
who thought I was blind.  [more]



American Defense Systems....worth a second look? (EAG)

June 02, 2010 – Comments (1)

I got into EAG and got out with a sizeable loss.....   Despite selling out all of my shares in disgust over the company consistently producing negative EPS for shareholders.... I didn't abandon them from my regular stock watching.......

Personally.... up until this year....  I was fed up with the C.E.O. being unable to produce for shareholders inspite of landing record orders from the Marines and many other positive things happening from the year prior.... never producing for the entire year.....  Ineffective C.E.O. management is what I said...

I don't think anyone has been following me at all on the EAG discussion on my blog....  [more]

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