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June 2012



Meet the Victims of Obamacare...

June 12, 2012 – Comments (14)

Meet the Victims of Obamacare...

1)  I guess I can start with myself....  I've had Health Alliance Plan as my health care coverage plan for 6 years.  Due to the Obamacare requirements to cover pre-existing conditions, a net cost to health insurance companies that has to be offset, my health insurance plan skyrocketed for this fiscal year.

Therefore, I was pushed to move to a different plan.


Obamacare has negatively impacted Catholic institutions by mandating that all Health Insurance plans have to provide 100% free birth control pills and abortifacients.  Now over 40 Catholic organizations have filed a lawsuit against Obamacare on Religious Freedom grounds.


President Obama has created a $8.3 billion slush fund to plug a hole in Obamacare.  The hole is that Obamacare eliminates funding for Medicare Advantage program starting in October's Open Season.  Since this is an election year and Seniors vote more consistently than any other demographic, President Obama's Slush Fund seeks to fund Medicare Advantage for at least 1 more year....effectively hiding the truth about Obamacare.


Physicial Owned Specialty Hospitals were the first victims of Obamacare.  The law simply made them illegal leaving in-progress construction on some physicial hospitals to sit unconstructed forever.  Illegal to operate/run them so therefore no longer any point to construct them.  I guess that's been a blow to the Construction Industry too.


Obamacare creates a 2.3 excise tax on Medical Devices....The author in the link above says that the projection of job losses is between 14,000 and 47,100.  47,100 jobs lost is nearly the total amount of positive job gains last month.....completely wiped away when this takes effect next year.

Think President Obama would sign a Repeal of the Medical Device Tax in Obamacare?
Think Again: 


The Federal Government discovered in 2010 that the Obamacare 10% Tax on Tanning Booth revenues never generated the kind of revenue $2.7 billion that was originally estimated.  *oops*


Obamacare tries to boost Health Insurance plans by offering small businesses tax credits for offering health insurance plans to their employees.  $2 billion was expected to be the amount of issues tax credits and only $468 million ended up being the amount.  That's 17% actually participating.

The problem?  The tax credits are not big enough to justify the cost of issuing health insurance.
So, even where Obamacare tries to *help* it fails.


Timothy Geithner admits Obamacare doesn't bend the cost curve of Health Insturance costs.  In fact, admits that we can expect deficits to skyrocket after the 10 year window.

So ultimately, the Entire Future of the United States of America has been victimized.

And yet we have 50% of Registered voters giving President Obama a Good Job Approval rating in Gallup's polling yesterday....figure that one out.  [more]



King Nothing isolates himself further as Castle crumbles

June 01, 2012 – Comments (20)

King Nothing isolates himself further as Castle crumbles

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