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July 2011



Why the Markets should not panic

July 30, 2011 – Comments (0)

Why the Markets Should not Panic

1)  Everyone should have by now read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy" which as you know has the useful 2 words written on it..   "Don't Panic!"

2)  There are plenty of either debt free equities or equities whose cash far exceeds debt levels.  Should, anything happen to interest rates it will have no impact to companies who do not need to borrow.

3)  August 2nd was always a phony date selected to be 1 day before President Obama's Birthday Mega Fundraising Bash (Aug. 3rd).

4)  If a failure of leadership is to raise the debt ceiling then the lack of doing so would then be the utmost best form of leadership.

5)  Much better to take out ones frustrations on a punching bag or training dummy than the stock market.

6)  As longs if you panic the shorts win.  We can't have that can we?

7)  (NYT) is still an $8 stock.  Obviously if there were panic striken end of the world scenarios coming a loss making equity like this one would be at 52-week lows.

8)  Even if the US DOLLAR is worth ZERO, your personal possessions still have value.  So, sleep well knowing you could always sell them off for GOLD / SILVER coins or just sell em off to Australians whose DOLLAR is doing quite well.   [more]



Varchild's Debt Plan: Sell America!

July 28, 2011 – Comments (1)

First, I haven't gone through the comment string to my previous post yet but I will and if anyone can point out the wonderful savings in John Boehner's or Harry Reid's plans that I should get excited about then great! 

In the meantime, here's Varchild's Debt Plan!


1)  FT. KNOX  GOLD  Stockpile)   At $1619 give or take per once.....There could be TRILLIONS of dollars of GOLD in United States of America's Gold Reserves.

Who would buy the GOLD????  Who wouldn't???   China....India.....

2)  Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac Home Mortgages)    There's probably Billions of dollars worth of this stuff sitting on their balance sheets... They have my mortgage and I pay my House Bill early!!  

These mortgages are going to carry a 4.5 - 5.5% Interest rate monthly and that could typically mean $500+ per month per good standing mortgage.  I'm sure plenty of financial institutions the whole world around would covet some of these assets and pay a pretty price for them.

3) Museums & Zoos) No seriously... Privatize some of these... These are not just Multi-million dollar properties but Smithsonian Museum is easily in the Billions!

How do I know you can get Multi-Billions just by offering up the Smithsonian to Privatization?
DTE Energy Art Museum in Detroit Michigan renovated their facility with a major renovation that required $1 Billion when it was done a few years back.

DTE Energy Art Musuem is absolutely impressive with fancy new architecture, eating area, and several floors of priceless art.  Not just paintings but fine art pieces from all over the world from furniture pieces to Vases and Dinnerware and on and on and name it....

But seriously.... It ain't the Smithsonian.

4) UTAH Land)   The Federal Government owns more of UTAH than UTAH does.
At $10,000 per 5.47 acres (roughly) 5 million acres sold would net $50 Billion!!

UTAH is over 84,000 square miles or over 53 million acres in size.  If the FEDs own most of UTAH then selling just 5 million of those ACRES is a pittance.

5) ALASKAN land)  Imagine the Federal Government selling ALASKA?

Federal Government owns TONS of Land in their Anwaar stake.  At $64,000 per 4.5 Acres (YES! When you know there's tons of oil underneath or perhaps even bits of GOLD, Alaskan land is quite frankly one of the most precious land to buy).... I mean think about all of the Oil Companies like SHELL that are BEGGING to buy some Alaskan Land to drill for oil.

Want out of this Debt Nightmare?   There's probably HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars to be had out of selling Alaskan Land.

No... I am not suggesting SELL EVERYTHING!!!!!       Just need to sell enough stuff to bring down our Deficit to ZERO.   And folks.... The Government could sell it on a Rental/Lease basis so as to receive reoccuring payments out of the UTAH/ALASKAN land or the sale of ZOOS, Museums, and other properties.  There's no need for America to just flat out sell itself....It could just temporarily lease itself out to buyers!  [more]



Varchild quits the Republican Party....

July 27, 2011 – Comments (21)

That's it.... I am out!

I say let the bums in Washington just continue to destroy America as they can not be stopped anyhow.

We have Americans that think $$$$ is being cut whether it is Boehner or Reid's plan...

Unless someone proves that 1 penny of money is being cut then I am OUT of the Republican party.

Short of passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to do away with baseline budgeting I am done.

THE GOP STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN once again and the DEMOCRATS are worse.

And to top it off we have MITT ROMNEY in the lead in the polls?   *triple fantastic wretch!!!!*

Now I apologize to myself for not being aware of who Mitt Romney really was before I voted for him in 2008 GOP primary....  That has been an amazing scar on me.....

If I see Mitt Romney winning in the GOP Primary.....  Then there is absolutely NOTHING the Republican Party could conceivably do to win me back.

The Markets aren't panicking because we haven't put together a Debt Plan or Raised the Debt Ceiling.

The Markets are panicking because won't matter one BIT even if we did.  [more]



Amazon Earnings Report done in song....

July 26, 2011 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: AMZN

Bid me higher as my profits decline!
Watch all the shorties continue their whine!

Do Do Do Do..Do Do Do Do...Do Do Do Do.Do Do Do dooooo

Operating Margins are impossibly low....
My Q3 income is going to slow.....

Do Do Do Do..Do Do Do Do...Do Do Do Do.Do Do Do dooooo

Goldman Sachs says I'm worth $910
My Skyrocket P/E growth won't come to an end!

Do Do Do Do..Do Do Do Do...Do Do Do Do.Do Do Do dooooo


It's Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazon

When the market cap's up despite the profits are down...

Ohhhhhhhh  Ohhhh   It's Amaaaaazon!!!

Share price is too high? Nonesense just let it fly!!

Ohhhhhhhh Ohhh It's a Amaaaaaaazon!!!

Ok...well....That's my impression of Amazon's earnings!
Expenditures outpacing sales what happens when sales begin to slow?  [more]



USA Credit Rating should F--

July 25, 2011 – Comments (2)

Given that both John Boehner and Harry Reid have produced brilliant debt ceiling plans which DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about actually bringing down the debt....

What exactly is Moodys or Standard and Poors or Fitch waiting for??

Washington D.C. is rolling out the red carpet for them to lower America's credit rating.

Hey Agencies!!  See?  We ARE complete morons.  So down grade us already!!

Harry Reid uses Iraq and Afghanistan wars ending as "spending cuts"  huh???
Yeah what happens when North Korea attacks South Korea and we have to divert those resources to intervene?

And as far as I can tell we are still shoveling money into the Quagmire that is the Libya conflict.

And the rest of Harry Reid's spending cuts will happen 10 years from't laugh.....being serious here......MOM!!!!  They're laughing at my Debt Deal!!!

John Boehner's debt deal plan is real great...(/sarc) $300 billion cut per year from a $1.5 trillion a year deficit so we only have to accumulate $12 trillion by 2022 worth of debt.

There!!!!!    FIXED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  [more]



Take That! Evan Wilson :-)

July 14, 2011 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: GME , BBY

Negative Comments Weigh on Some Stocks

Trash my stock with negative comments and I fight back.

Evan Wilson's  (BBY) takes a 5.73% hit to share price today.

What comes around RICH MUNARRIZ.....and EVAN WILSON........goes around!  [more]



Evan Wilson says "NO!" to Gamestop Tablet

July 13, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BBY , GME

EVAN WILSON (Pacific Crest) says "NO!" to Gamestop Tablet
So let me get this straight...i.e. correct me if I am wrong in this logic...
On the one hand...

Evan Wilson says "Trading in your video games at Best Buy for Store Credit is better than Gamestop for Store Credit cause you can buy stuff other than video games at Best Buy."

So I am thinking...what other stuff?

Well..there's Televisions I suppose...
There's.....Computer Equipment, Printers, Accessories.... Cell Phone and Accessories....

Oh wait... You can use the store credit to buy Tablets.

Then Evan Wilson says (paraphrased),

"Tablets tried to defeat the IPAD have failed and Gamestop creating a tablet right now is pointless. Apple IPAD is the only selling tablet out there."

So I am thinking...well..ok..let's say the only Tablet worth its bother right now is the APPLE IPAD.

Best Buy sells "The Nook," "Kindle," "The Galaxy," HP branded Tablets, "The Playbook," and Microsoft's Tablet...pretty much sells all of the tablets! Not just the IPAD.

So, it is a bad thing for a Bricks and Mortor company to sell tablets not named IPAD only if your company is GAMESTOP???

If your company happens to be called "Best Buy" well...I guess Evan Wilson is ok with that?

Is Evan Wilson suggesting Gamestop's Tablet idea is Pathetic, misguided, junk??

Or is it more along the lines that Evan doesn't want Gamestop to start selling Tablets and Mobile Phones and destroy the entire purpose of Best Buy opening up Small Mobile Phone Shops right next to Gamestop in the Shopping Malls.

Think about it... What would be the biggest NIGHTMARE for Evan Wilson right now is if Gamestop sold Tablets and Phones cause I checked the malls... The Best Buy Mobile stores are positioned right next door to GAMESTOP in my local malls.

They are right next door, so, someone walks by a Gamestop and sees a Tablet and some Mobile Phones.

Why would they shop at the Best Buy Mobile Store? They wouldn't.

Evan Wilson can play this game about how Best Buy is going to destroy Gamestop but to suggest Gamestop should stay out of the Tablet business? That's *FEAR* not *LOGIC* coming from Evan Wilson.

Therefore.... This investor lowers his rating on Best Buy (which recently had its credit rating lowered by a credit agency) to underperform.   Afterall, if/when Gamestop takes Tablet and Mobile Phone market share away from Best Buy, Best Buy having its credit rating lowered means trouble in terms of borrowing money to try and undercut Gamestop on pricing.  Gamestop doesn't pay out dividends either and does not have to worry about that quarterly expenditure on their books like the Big Box store Best Buy has to.  Two can play at that game Pacific Crest:-)  [more]



Let's Play the P/E Ratio Game!!

July 11, 2011 – Comments (1)

Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!  It's the P/E Ratio Game!!  This is where you pretend your stock has the P/E ratio of a technology social network / e-reader stock!!!

Ok. Since my stock still is (GME) and (GME) only....and GME's EPS last year is $2.74, then
here goes!!

1)  If my stock (GME) had the P/E ratio of (RIMM) then the share price would be:

2)  If my stock (GME) had the P/E ratio of (GAME) then the share price would be:

3) If my stock (GME) had the P/E ratio of (AAPL) then the share price would be:

4) If my stock (GME) had the P/E ratio of (SOHU) then the share price would be:

5)  If my stock (GME) had the P/E ratio of (GOOG) then the share price would be:

5)  If my stock (GME) had the P/E ratio of (SNDA) then the share price would be:

6)  If my stock (GME) had the P/E ratio of (BIDU) then the share price would be:

7)  If my stock (GME) had the P/E ratio of (AMZN) then the share price would be:

8)  If my stock (GME) had the P/E ratio of (SINA) then the share price would be:

9)  If my stock (GME) had the P/E ratio of (LNKD) then the share price would be:

10)  If my stock (GME) had the P/E ratio of (P) then the share price would be:
$5277.24               *NOTE:  Based on P eps of .01  instead of loss of -$1.21*

Alright!  I think I know which P/E ratio I want out of this list of technology social network stockdom.

You know what we need?  SOCIAL NETWORK ETF!!!!



Let's Burn E-Readers!!!

July 11, 2011 – Comments (0)

Grievance of the Day!

1) Instead of burning books (like that sign said on my to work this morning) let's burn
e-readers!   Save jobs, get rid of e-readers!

Wow! I love my iPAD 256,000,981 extreme collector's edition!!!    Push a button, buy a book, and no human interaction!!!    But, boy I can not find a job anywhere!!! So, I can not afford to buy the iPAD 256,000,981 extreme collector's edition much less any of the E-Books its sells.

No wonder that we learned recently of a Grocery store chain abandoning the self-checkout lanes for human interaction lanes instead.   I SALUTE the store for doing the right thing here.  There never was any problems with check-out lanes operated by humans to begin with.  You actually push through traffic FASTER than self-checkout lanes.

Or is everyone just blinded here?  Like you never saw a self-checkout lane operate like mollasses in 100 degree temperature heat as you wait behind a gigantic crowd of shoppers eagerly looking to pay for their umpteen million grocery items on the scanner machines!


SELF-CHECKOUT???                          GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I say bring back the "Baggers" as well.   I'd rather they bagged my groceries than I have to re-sort all of my groceries because the Cashier has no (*&^%$ clue about how you lump cold items into 1 bag, and dry items another.... not toss things randomly into bags as long as they fit...  [more]



Obama Impeach-o-meter strikes perfect 10

July 07, 2011 – Comments (4)

I haven't dragged out the Obama Impeach-o-meter since raising it to a 9 out of 10 which was almost a guarantee that President Obama will be impeached.
Now I am raising it to a 10.....


I am confident that not only is President Obama himself guilty of Project Gunrunner / Project Gun Walker / Project Fast and Furious....  But I have confidence that there should be plenty of evidence out there linking him to it....

And even if there is not.... There is still the potential here that President Obama spends money outside the Debt Ceiling, ignoring the Debt Ceiling... or raising the ceiling himself without Congressional approval.... etc. etc.   That is also an impeachable offense and I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if Pres. Obama actually does this assuming no deal can be reached.

Of course... I don't think any deal that involves raising the debt ceiling should be made in the first place... but it looks like the Republicans want to commit harry carry on their positions by operating on the premise that the Debt Ceiling is to be raised.


It may be another 9 - 12 months before the investigations (and there are 2 of them) finish regarding Project Fast and Furious....Gunwalker....Gun Runner....  Which is the Department of Justice Scandal that also involves the FBI and ATF and CIA where 2,500 guns were sold to straw purchasers who would then place these guns into Mexican Drug Lord hands...  Which ultimately lead to the killing of a Border Agent (super hero).   Yes, I believe anyone putting their lives on the line for us..Be it Police Officer, Firefighter, Military Man, or Border Agent is a Super Hero.

Project Gun Runner lead to the killing of one of our Super Heroes.  Can you think of any scandal any prior President in the past 30 years has been found guilty of that is this bad?  Cause I can not.  

Course a liberal would then chime... "IRAN CONTRA!!!!"  except IRAN CONTRA didn't lead to the killing of one of our Military Men.... It lead to the release of our POWs.  

In my regards to IN-TRADE where you can place investing bets on just about anything I would be on the SHORT side of President Obama's relection chances....that is if I ever got into the In-trade type of investing.  [more]

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