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Varchild2008 (84.48)

August 2011




August 29, 2011 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: EBAY , AMZN

Countless love to say that AMAZON sells everything you can think of for less and I challenge you to find anything at all that AMAZON sells for a higher price vs. a competitor.


How about Brady Games Strategy Guide for Tales of Vesperia that I discovered today was both available for purchase at AMAZON and E-BAY (Gamestop doesn't have it)?


NEW: Starting at $129.99
USED:  Starting at $55.77


Anyone want to spend $130 for a Video Game Strategy Guide?


USED: Starting at $9.99    (3 days left to bid)

Wow!  Amazon....Amazon....Super Saver Shipping on Amazon!!!!  Save a bundle...Have a thrill!!!
Buy a strategy guide for $129.99  only at AMAZON!!!!! thanks Amazon.  You're pricing is a bit tad teensy weensy high.

So given that Amazon pricing isn't 100% always cheaper than (insert competitor),

Who can you turn to for your shopping if you are an On-line Shopping Junky?

Turn to websites that act as Shoppers Guides....  There's Google, Yahoo, and Bing Shopper guides....and etc...

But, there's also companies like Price Grabber!!!

Let me make it simple....  Just because you've been Digitally Dnloading Books or Games or Music
exclusively on iTUNES, ZUNE, STEAM, KINDLE, IPAD, whatever.....doesn't mean you are getting the best price.

An educated shopper isn't one that gets every whatever from the exact same company.
Those shoppers are the ones crying in Tears about how they could have gotten what they bought for less if it weren't for their habit of shopping in 1 location all the time!  [more]



Varchild2008 decides to boycott these stocks...

August 25, 2011 – Comments (15) | RELATED TICKERS: GME , BBY , AMZN

I have decided to boycott the following:

1) DPZ:   Domino's Pizza didn't include an Onlive Coupon as part of the purchase of a pizza.
Therefore, henceforth, I am boycotting Domino's Pizza.

2) TOL:  Toll Brother's apparently doesn't hand out ONLIVE Coupons when you buy a house from them.

3) PHU:  Other does Phulte homes for that matter.

4) MSFT:  Microsoft actually got the Onlive Coupon pulled out of DEUS EX Human Revolution games for the XBOX 360.  BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) SNE:   So did Sony!   BOYCOTT!!!!!!   Where's the Onlive Coupon????

6) ATVI:  I don't remember Activision Blizzard including any Onlive Coupons in any of their games!!

7) ERTS:  Yeah....same Onlive Coupon in Madden NFL 2010 - 2011 - or 2012!!!!

8)  COST:  I walked into a COSTCO expected to be handed an ONLIVE Coupon....and I wasn't!!!!!

9)  WMT:    Same here....Walk in store....hold hand out....grab onto.....just Onlive Coupon!???

10) AAPL:   Yes....*sigh*  Even Apple now gets a Boycott from me for failure to include an Onlive Coupon with purchase of an iPhone or iPad or iPod!

11) FRPT:  Pretty sure the Military can vouch for me that Buffalo MRAPs or any other vehicles Force Protection builds for the Military doesn't come included with an Onlive Coupon!    BOYCOTT!!

12) BBY:  Geeze Best Buy..... I just bought a PC Computer from you and yet NO ONLIVE COUPON!!!!!

13) AMZN:  That's the last time I buy any Antique Collectibles from Amazon cause of no ONLIVE Coupon!

Ok....I'll stop cause I have about 175,918,013,501  other various corporations, retail outlets, persons, places, and things on my list to Boycott for failure of their being an ONLIVE COUPON!!!  [more]



Christmas Price Slashing: GME, SNE

August 16, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GME , SNE , AAPL

Nintendo cut the price out of the 3 D S.
Sony Slashed the heck out of the P S 3.

Maybe Microsoft will make the X BOX Free.
If they don't, I don't care

Cause it Christmas Price Slashing!!

Let's Not Buy a Playstation when you can buy 12.
Price is so low its just like buying one.

Let's forget Apple, can't buy the I-PAD 3
Why pay $800 when consoles are nearly free?



Imagine! Drudge Report announcing IPO

August 10, 2011 – Comments (1)

Imagine if Drudge Report came out tomorrow and announced their intent to IPO!

With the prospect of seeing the Huffington Post flounder around into the abyss (AOL)
and the New York Times quickly turning into the New York Bail-me-Out-Carlos-Slim Times (NYT),
the only real hope to spark some life into News Media, (other that a few exceptions where CBS I guess had a good quarter...News Corp though is a mess).....

Not excited about that thought?

Maybe this will help:  [more]



B&M vs. Amazon: The Online Sham

August 07, 2011 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: AMZN , GME , BBY

A commenter wrote the following as a reply to my previous post  (and I will deal with 1 fact after another):

"Wow, where to start with this?

1) AMZN has customer loyalty because of its best-of-breed front end. Billions of people who use Amazon have never heard of Gamestop and will go to Amazon first, last and always for all their online shopping."

Best Buy has Customer Loyalty.... Gamestop has Customer Loyalty.... How is Amazon Customer Loyalty matter worth squat?

Gamestop signed up 8 million customers in the 2 quarters or less since starting their loyalty program.
They now have well past 10 million since last Earnings Report, reported on it, months ago.

Right.. "For all their online shopping."   Not hardly...  Both Best Buy and Gamestop have plenty of customers in their Online Shopping.

IMPULSE started off with 2% marketshare of online game shopping before Gamestop acquired them and started adding sales deals, preorder deals, and a much larger library of games to the Impulse database.  Not to mention In-Store PC Digital has just been announced.  [more]



Gamestop vs. Amazon: The Pricing Debate

August 07, 2011 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: GME , AMZN

You get nothing extra for pre-ordering ELDER SCROLLS  Skyrim  Collector's Edition at Amazon.

You get a physical map included (Gamestop Exclusive) by pre-ordering ELDER SCROLLS Skyrim Collector's Edition.

Both offers at exactly the same price.  So which one has the better offer?  Gamestop of course!

So how do those Red Thumbing Gamestop boasting that Amazon sells games for less than Gamestop sleep at night? 

Granted Amazon can sell and does sell games for less but you have to consider that it will take 5-8 business days before you get the game....unless you pile on Shipping Charges on top of the game price.

So while that is the case.... The other hand is Gamestop Exclusive Deals have allowed the company to bundle special deals.

LA NOIRE for example came with an envelope containing exclusive photograph - film strips as part of one of the DLC missions you get bundled with Gamestop's Pre-Order of LA NOIRE that you do not get with AMAZON.

So let me get this straight....  You buy LA NOIRE at AMAZON....  You pay $$$ dnloading the DLCs you missed out on..... And how do you dnload the physical property?   how?

There-in lies the problem....   I personally value the Physical Map for Elder Scrolls very very very highly as I feel it is important.... I own every ELDER SCROLLS game ever made, original copies, limited or collector's edition if they existed for the title....whatever..

I own the physical maps for all of them.  So, I value that feature pretty highly....  Versus getting NOTHING ordering from Amazon.

Amazon can undercut competitors on pricing but Competitors like Gamestop can compete on the very fact you can get the game in-store right away.....and they can produce offerings of physical property you can't get ordering from Amazon.  [more]



AA+ Ungood

August 05, 2011 – Comments (16)

AA+ Ungood indeed!

I don't get it though.... spending taxpayer money on welfare programs by the trillions why America goes in and out of one recession after another since WWII was a bad idea afterall?

Throwing cash around like its Monopoly Money to pay for Windmills and Solar Panels while working through the EPA and other regulatory agencies to shut down Coal Power, Nuclear Power, Oil & Natural Gas drilling......a bad idea after all???

Swallowing up huge swaths of land since Theodore Roosevelt so as to prevent Private Industry from using the land, farmers from farming it, and average citizens from investing in it was a bad idea afterall?

Piling on millions upon millions of anti-business regulations to save the spotted owl, the blue whale, the dolphins, the goldfish, the trees and plants, the apes, and ad nauseum was a bad idea afterall?/?

I just don't get it!!

waaaaaaaahhhhhhh??????happened?  [more]



Is Gamestop Brand A or Brand X?

August 05, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Bearish Argument #1:   Preowned Physical Gross Margins are greater than Digital Gross Margins and Preowned Physical is going to be cut in half and eventually gone.

Response:   1)  Go find me a copy of DIN's Curse, Mactabilis, Popcap's Games, etc. Preowned Physical in any Gamestop Store.

What's wrong can't find em?  That's because its offered DIGITAL only through Gamestop Impulse.

The point?  Gamestop going digital retail does not mean everything it already offers physical preowned is all that it offers digitally.  There are brand new offerings that Gamestop would otherwise not have in stock to sell to anyone.  Meanwhile, all console systems today and in the next generation are physical copy gaming the notion that we are headed to a ZERO preowned physical universe or even a 50% cut is an over exaggeration beyond common sense.

2)  Well the Gross Margins for a Preowned Physical is still 45% and for Digital is 25% for same title.  That's a huge hit to earnings growth!

Response:  How many copies of that title can you really sell physically preowned?  On one hand you are dependant upon video gamers at some point in time trading that game into your store.  Then you have to devote the shelf space for that title.  When you run out of stock on that title, you again wait days/weeks/months to get another copy from another gamer to sell.

That same title sold digitally can be sold an infinite number of times and you will absolutely never run out of stock.  You'll have the digital game for sale the very day the physical game is available for sale in-store.  You can even sell digital on a pre-order basis. 

You can not sell Pre-Orders of Physical Preowned games can you?

So all of this adds up to a simple fact.... You can sell MORE COPIES of the same game DIGITALLY than you will ever sell physical preowned.  

Now... Everyone that despises Gamestop over future Gross Margins are the exact same people that say they do not care that (AMZN) carries 2% Gross Margins and they have been declining in recent years as expenses have outpaced sales.

So let me get this straight.... It is ok for AMAZON to carry a ridiculously high P/E ratio because of sales increases.... let the Gross Margins and rapidly expanding expenditures be danged?

Yet the outcry of Gamestop's Gross Margins shrinking as it shifts to Digital ....completely ignores the potential to sell far more copies of any particular game, not to mention pre-order deals?

(GME) gets the single digit P/E?

Quantity of Sale is extremely important in a true analysis of Gamestop's future earnings as it promotes IMPULSE and KONGREGATE and other properties in-store and online.

3)  But Gamestop doesn't have digital!

Response:  Gamestop has plenty of digital properties.  Please look at Impulse for a change.
When a game is sold 70% of the sale goes to the Developer/Publisher while 30% goes to Gamestop Impulse.

4)  But Teenagers are addicted to Smart Phones and Tablets....Doesn't this hurt Gamestop?

Response:   Gamestop refurbishes tablets and with JOLT + Kongregate they are starting to build some exposure to smart phones and tablets.  With well over $100 million in cash and over $400 million in cash flow and around 20% of their shares bought back, the company has plenty of resources to continue to expand into the Cell Phone & Tablet market.

And while Teenagers are addicted to Smart Phones and Tablets and some believe Console Systems are obsolete.....Nonetheless, the bright, positive story going on in 2011 is that XBOX 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 sales have been increasing year over year by double digits!

Check the NPD Reports for Video Game Hardware Sales...  They are up solidly.  The weakness has been Video Game Software...  But, a big build up of Console System Sales will eventually translate to a big rebound in Software Sales once more new video games are released and the economy starts generating more jobs. 

July's jobs number was bad but at least it was a big improvement over June.  So, we are not experiencing a Video Game Sector MELTDOWN.   We aren't.   We are just in a deep recessionary period of lower consumer spending along with a dry period in number of titles released per month.

Gears of War 3
Battlefield 3
Call of Duty 3

Look for these titles to help rebound software sales in Q3/Q4.

And look for Gamestop to offer DIGITAL versions to push more copies of these games than they were ever capable of selling before.

So....Have defended Gamestop as Brand A..... or is it still Brand X?




Its just a Pair of Shorts!!! or is it?

August 04, 2011 – Comments (2)

Woo Hoo I bought a pair of shorts for a real cheap price!!!  yaaaaay!!!!
So why am I actually deeply disturbed over this instead?  [more]



Fake News: Moody's Applauds Debt Deal

August 01, 2011 – Comments (0)

Fake News:  Moody's Applauds Debt Deal

Late Breaking News!!!  Shortly after the house of representatives passed the Mitch and Harry Debt Bill, Moody's was so thrilled they raised America's debt outlook from negative to stable!

Moody's points out how great it is that America gets to borrow another $3 Trillion from China to cover the accelerating costs of the big 3 entitlement programs, Medicare, Social Security, and Interest Payments on the debt.  Furthermore, Moodys downgraded SPAIN for not spending as much money in a year that America can spend in a moment. 

In the spirit of Austerity, The Department of the Army has launched the new "Sell Everything we have and fight the enemy with our fists." program in order to meet the demands of the Trigger portion of the deal which calls for cutting more money out of the Military Budget than 10 times Apple Computer's cash load.

PFC Ryan Miner had this to say, "While I am glad Moody's has declared America fiscally prudent and sound because of the debt deal, I am a bit discourged over this "Sell Everything and just fight off the terrorists with unarmed combat" program."

Beep beep beep beep.... MORE BREAKING NEWS!!!!

Vice President Joseph Biden has pleaded with President Obama to declare War against the TEA PARTY TERRORISTS where ever they may hide!

Markous Moulitsas has just been drafted into the "Joe Biden take out the tea party terrorists with bloody warfare brigade" but we have recently learned that he only joined so he could learn to speak Swedish.

In other news, the Statue of Liberty has 98,765,123 bids on E-Bay with the high bid set at $5.15 and a Buy it now price of $6.25. Since this is E-Bay, there is no Amazon Super Saver Shipping Program.  [more]

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