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September 2008



Michigan Unemployment Rate has hit: 8.9% and climbing.

September 29, 2008 – Comments (5)

Michigan has officially entered GREAT DEPRESSION unemployment levels...  It is at 8.9% and there's no signs this will look any prettier when September's numbers come out.

So... You want to know what a "2nd Great Depression" feels like?  Here in Michigan?  [more]



Get Checked out by THE DOCTOR in these dire times!

September 29, 2008 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

Portfolio troubles?  I just lossed 15 thousand dollars so far to date this year so I don't want to hear it.  [more]



Hey Bush, FIRE PAULSON NOW! Kill the Jim Cramer Bailout now!

September 26, 2008 – Comments (3)

Title of this piece speaks for itself.

Henry Paulson has proven to be completely in the tank with Nancy Pelosi, begging on one knee as if Nancy is Queen Elizabeth II... I mean how sickening is it that our SEC is run by a bunch of partisan, ignorant, boobs?

This whole things an absolute mess and frankly I do not see any need to throw hundreds of billions of dollars of Taxpayer money at buying up Mortagage Debt (WITHOUT) mind you (WITHOUT) any insurance against those mortgages should they default.

How does a mortgage default?  Simple.... It defaults when the Property surrounding it becomes uninhabitable due to lack of local government funds to keep the property habitable.  If it's abandoned for years.. It will quickly resemble the City of Detroit in its disgraceful mess of boarded up, broken windows, dirt filled, bad plumbing, cracked brick, charred roofed properties they are trying to sell off to people for $1 and no one's buying them for $1.

The House Republicans are right on when they say, "There's an alternative to just handing out money."

Motley Fool also has it wrong when they have recently e-mailed people in a PANIC ATTACK David and Tom Gardner Mode PANIC STRICKEN O-MY-GOD Fest Campaign asking people to call Congress to get Taxpayers to purchase Equity into the Wall Street Banks.

That's mind numbingly short cited logic that could lead to even worse situation than launching $700 billion at a problem.  Why?  It's just like expecting Mortgage Debt to go up in value over time... How will BANKS go up in value overtime if they are busted?  How is that going to generate value for the taxpayers?

Don't buy into the PANIC ATTACKS going on from Democrats, Jim Cramer, and now Tom and David Gardner....

The reality is simple...  Let the banks fail and let the foreclosures happen because getting in front of it is going to make matters worse.  The alternative is to let Wall Street Pay for Wall Street's mistakes.

While no one wants to see our economy in a downward spiral for 10 years.. Frankly.. That's exactly what I fully expect it will take to get out of this mess and to pretend we can stop it by throwing money around is as naieve as Bernanke thinking Government can prevent a "Depression" from happening.

No amount of "NEW DEAL LEGISLATION" ever solved the Great Depression.  Only the War did.
And sadly, it's going to take something as big as a WAR to solve this mess and if Americans can't stomache their portfolios going under for 2 to 3 or so years more then that's too bad because I don't see a turn-a-round for quite awhile.  [more]



Wall Street Investors need to be DRUG TESTED

September 18, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: X , SID , KRFT.DL

Forget Lance Armstrong and his return to bycycling in France for an 8th victory because 7 isn't enough. 

Wall Street Investors are the one's who need to be Drug Tested.  Get a load of the market today...

*Arrrrggggh! Let's trash stocks to their 52-week lows and beyond..... wait...wait..wait..huff...puff...Let's bring the stocks back to their 52-week highs and beyond!!!..arrrgggh...wait....wait...Trash the stocks!!!!.... Buy the Stocks!!!.... Why isn't the DOW trading at 0?? or 15,000 yet?*

I take a glance Down up +130.... another glance Dow -100.... Dow -450.... Dow -1,980....Dow +2,000.

Enough already!

Get these Wall Street Investors to take a CHILL PILL and get themselves Drug Tested for ACID/PCP/THT and other nasty things.

Cause my eyeballs are about to fall out from the madness.   [more]



Democrats and the Uptick Rule and your Portfolio

September 17, 2008 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: LEH , FMCC , FNMA

Lots of Democrats trying to claim that Republicans have the filibuster and President Bush has the Veto therefore the Democrats since taking over the House and Senate couldn't fix anything with the Financials, Mortgages, and etc.

Sorry but the facts speak for themselves that the Democrats were heavily in the tank with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and have for years BLOCKED any efforts by Republicans including John McCain to regulate the industry!

John McCain in 2005 co-sponsored a bill targeting reforms for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  It was defeated by the Democrats.  Chris Dodd and Barack Obama happen to be the #1 and #2 largest recipients of Freddie Mac Donations. 

The Uptick rule was the last straw in the whole mess that massively accelerated the decline in the financials.  And this isn't just about an uptick rule.  It's about the Democrats not doing their jobs.

You can claim "filibuster" and "veto" and all of that.  But that is pure meaningless jargon and excuse making when the facts are that there exists NO DEMOCRAT willing to speak up and show the world that they understand the problems and want to fix the problems.

There exists NOT 1 DEMOCRAT who has ever claimed he/she was interested in bringing back the Uptick Rule.  Not 1.

Granted.. the Republicans stupidly removed the Uptick Rule.  They get the blame for that.
But, when that has clearly caused problems and Jim Cramer and others have been exposing the problems created... Where were the Democrats?

And it all goes further than that to 1994 when the Democrats supported mandating  that mortgage lenders give loans to minorities regardless if they can afford them through a piece of legislation they passed.

There's no ridiculousness about any of my comments here. None.  The Uptick rule plays a role and when the Democrats could have brought that rule back... They instead did nothing for 2+ years.  [more]



The Manufactured Recession: Democrats Gleeful

September 17, 2008 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: LEH , WAMUQ.DL , PHU

Republicans are to blame for removing the uptick rule, but the Democrats didn't exactly change that did they?

The Democrats have had control over Congress since the last election.  They have not fought to remove the uptick rule.  Why?

Simple.   They were "gleeful" in seeing financial banking stocks and housing stocks and all sorts of stocks.. name it...basically getting vandalized by naked short selling.

So.. in order to "Manufacture" a recession you let the stock market go unregulated.  You can argue that it's "Bush's Fault" and sure he does deserve blame for not cracking some heads at the SEC and for being ignorant about the Lending/Housing situation.

But.. Let's not forget.. If it took an act of Congress to remove the Uptick rule then it takes an act of Congress to put it back.   Or the SEC has to simply enforce Naked Short Selling and they are not.

How many Banks would have survived had the SEC done their jobs and the Democrats done theirs?

Is winning elections more important than the dwindling middle class getting crushed under the weight of mistakes committed by the FEDs?

If the DEMOCRATS want to win an election season this year then why aren't they doing things to BETTER our lives?  Why no Offshore Oil Drilling or Renewable Energy policy?  Why not reinstate the Uptick rule?

Democrats simply obssess over their theory that if you trash America's economy and harm it's Middle Class, that the middle class voters won't know better and just assume "It's Bush's Fault" and vote for Democrats to fix things.

Problem is that they have had ALL YEAR to fix things.  [more]



CNBC: "Invest in Jefferies Group" Yea.. I said that weeks before FAST MONEY Did!

September 15, 2008 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: CLNE , JEF.DL , DPS

1)  (JEF)  I knew it!  I was right on the money!

When I give out advice it is sound advice.

(JEF) Jefferies Group is a good quality investment bank that is the exception to this whole investment banking mess.  They are low low risk and I based it on my review of the last earnings report which would have been a PROFIT (when's the last time you saw that in this sector?) if it weren't for the severance charge.

When's the last time you saw an Investment Bank HIRING instead of laying people off or filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Ya want a good investment in the Financials Sectors?  There are a few good ones out there.
JEFERIES GROUP (JEF) just so happens to be one of them.  And selling at a 17 handle, it is still cheap.

2)  CLNE???  QTWW??  Both are now tanking!    They may be ok investments later on but right now not worth the price they were selling for.  Jim Cramer should be ashamed of himself for pumping this stock to levels waaay beyond its current true book value.

3)  *This just in*  Clearly Canadian CCBEF stock price just exited in grand fashion it's $1.15-1.22 price range it was selling at for months.  It dropped like a rock to $1.01.

With a current asking price of $1.03... I will try to buy some shares because that's quite a bargain.

Hey I'll be the first to say that Clearly Canadian as an investment right now is premature in the sense that they aren't YET making a profit.  But, I would also suggest to anyone reading this that this is the cheapest price CCBEF.OB has sold for for quite a long time and perhaps...perhaps...the only opportunity in which you'll ever see the stock at these lows.

When the acquisitions close Clearly Canadian's stock price will leap back to and perhaps beyond $1.22.  And when an earnings report proves out the THESIS that the company's revenues are now doubling and the company is now cash flow positive/profitable....  Well... 

This is basically an opportunity of a lifetime for LONG TERM  Investors who love PENNY STOCKS and BEVERAGE COMPANIES!

Buy LOW and Sell.... Sell.... 10 years from now!

CCBEF's   RSI is at 26%   almost a full 4% below the 30% threshold, meaning it is waaay oversold here.



Investor Idiocy Regins Supreme in 3 Stocks on the Stock Market Today...

September 12, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS , CLNE

1) DPS -   Sell some of your shares if you bought down to $20 a share on Monday.}

I love Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.  But, I do not love it at $26.52 a share at this stage in the game.
Granted... The Stock is undervalued even at $28 a share. 

But... Let's be realistic.  To achieve the *true value* stock price I want to see more from the company before I'm willing to view what's going on with any semblance of believability.

I am a long term investor of DPS.   But, for all of the Stock Traders out there.. I say put up a $27 limit price and sell off some of your shares.  The RSI on this is now in the 80s. 80.9% according to Scottrade. 

Look at the Consensus estimates for next 2 quarters which absolutely can not justify the stock price to be any greater than $27 a share (at least for now).  This seems like a pattern where big money hedge funds pump a stock pump a stock pump a stock pump a stock.... I mean Hedge funds gone wild!

I fully expect a stock like DPS to be in the 30s next year but next year is still several months away!

2) QTWW)  $1.25 a share.  I declared this stock as a bad, bad, bad investment on Scottrade Community Forums.  Why? Their most expensive buisness line is their automotive group "Flicker" and "Flicker" is unable to sustain itself afloat due to a total lack of profitability.

Therefore it takes out a $65 million loan.  

Since we may not see any legislation that would mean anything for QTWW until after the election, QTWW should remain a STRONG DON'T BUY and if you bought any shares of QTWW and you are wondering why this is falling....


I fully expect this stock to at least fall to $1.00 a share possibly all the way to 50 cents a share depending on how the rest of their business does.  Someone bought this at $1.35 a share today... They are in the house of pain for a long, long, long time.

3) CLNE)  This stock continues to amaze me at the idiocy of Wall Street. 

You have Boone Pickens wife buying up hundreds of thousands of shares in the beginning of the year prior to the "T. Boone Pickens" campaign on CNG compressed natural gas for vehicles.

Then you have Nancy Pelosi who doesn't know that Natural Gas is a fossil fuel buying up tens of thousands of shares.... Then you have Jim Cramer pumping and pumping and pumping the stock day in and day out and even hosting the C.E.O. on his show at a time in which the company hasn't even come CLOSE to achieving profitability status...

And before we ever got an Earnings Report from CLNE since Jim Cramer pumped it.

Jim Cramer who supposedly doesn't want to hurt his investors is at the same time pumping a massively speculative stock that is way over inflated to the up side prematurely.

Jim Cramer then recites the 10 year contract of 350 vehicles or so going to be fueled by CLNE.
Sorry... But given how badly in debt this company is that's not an earth shaking revelation justifying the stock to be a $15 stock much less trading just over $18 and even about as high as $19.50 at one point.

And again.... We won't see anything on the CNG side in Congress until next year when a President is selected because we have a DO-NOTHING  Sitting Duck Congress more concerned right now over their job security than in working hard for the American People.

I'd wait this one back down to 2nd of July Lows before I'd buy it.  Yes.. I'd be a buyer on it then.

Arrest me and beat me up to a bloody pulp if you wish when I say that the stock trading activity on:


is absolutely warranted a serious investigation.

It is interesting that T. Boone Picken's Wife sold 500, 000 shares
on Sept. 11th (a time when investors are remembering Sept. 11th Terrorist Attacks and distracted).

Do you know what kind of impact that is?  She basically dumped 1/6th of her entire stake!

Gee.... Why did she do that?  Hmmm.. Hmm....  Maybe it's because the stock price is unrealistically been pumped and pumped and pumped to a level that is waaaaaaay over priced.

How to be a millionairre... I guess it's all about the friends you have as a recent episode of Jim Cramer's Mad Money, Jim Cramer said, "I am friends with T. Boone."  If I am not mistaken this was said this week! Maybe it was the Thursday show or Wednesday show... If my hearing is correct.

Where's the investigation?  Someone's gotta take a look at stock manipulation over many of these alternative speculative stocks in the stock market.

Because.. as an investor.. I find it disturbing that some investors are getting an advantage over others.  [more]



(JEF) Jefferies Group is a Strong Buy still...

September 12, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: JEF.DL , C , LEH

I've been Bullish on (JEF) Jefferies Group for about a month now.  I am still bullish on this stock.

They have recently issued a press release in hiring some 25 or so managers to expand one of their business lines and this just strengthens the argument.  I am not going to pretend that I understand financials or understand JEF.  Cause I don't.

But, what I do understand is when that sector is in dire straights you go for companies that are doing well but their share price is way undervalued.

If JEF is hiring managers.... And not laying several people off....  Then why is it at 17 something a share?  This stock continues to get mistreated by Standard and Poors and other analysts ONLY because it is in the Investment Sector of Financials.

No one cares about the Company... as the Company.... No one is looking at JEF's fundamentals.

The fundamentals are this:  they are going to be profitable by the end of this year!

And I base that on the fact that they would ALREADY be profitably if it weren't for last quarter's severance charge.

Put it this way... If you haven't gotten in to the financials yet then select some stocks you think are worth a buy and compare them to JEF and then see for yourself why I am bullish on JEF.

12 month Target Price---->    $28 a share.  [more]



Insider Trading on Clearly Canadian Brands Stock?? or not?

September 10, 2008 – Comments (3)

Extremely unusual share volume action on CCBEF.OB   [more]



Steel Rebounds in 264 Days (June 1st)

September 10, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: X , SID , NUE

I'm setting up a countdown mainly because it's the only way an investor like me can keep his sanity. Steel rebounds then in 264 days.

And I'll buy and hold and see what happens.

So.... Either I'm the biggest loser or the biggest winner.  [more]



Nevermind.... Liquidate Steel or at least cut your stake in half...

September 09, 2008 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: SID , X , NUE

Crap.... I've done the math and looked at the chart and the situation with my steel stock is that it's going to probably dropped to about $7 a share.  That is if this momentum continues.

So.. Do I stomache $7 a share?   Or do I bail out tomorrow first thing in the morning, stomache the massive loss, and then what? ? ? ?  [more]



STEEL: Why you should slowly buy it back up

September 09, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: X , SID , NUE

There are other sectors out there behaving just like the Steel sector.... Such as the Fertilizer sector.

Both sectors (and possibly others) have been punished beyond my wildest dreams.

While I have bailed out of the Fertilizer Sector at the absolute best, luckiest, time.... I haven't done so for Steel.  [more]



Sector Upgrades and Downgrades by Varchild

September 09, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: KO , PEP , DPS

Varchild's Sector Downgrades:
From Underweight to Strong Underweight
1) Consumer Cyclicals
2) Non-Consumer Cyclicals
3) Consumer Non-Cyclicals
4) Non-Consumer Non-Cyclicals
5) Automotive
6) Transportation
7) Retail
8) Housing
9) Financials
10) Shoes & Clothing
11) Commodities (all of them)
12) Materials & Mining (all of them)
13) Gold, Silver, Platinum + Jewlery Stores
14) Agriculture
15) Technology
16) Semiconductor
17) Internet
18) Peripherals
19) Electrical
20) Energy
21) Holiday Shopping Supplies
22) Toys and Entertainment, Movies
23) Newspapers and Radio Stations and Radio Record Companies
24) Television Networks and Cable Companies and Sattelite Companies and Internet Providers
25) Telephone Companies (mobile and non-mobile)
26) Books/Magazines/Publishing companies
27) Healthcare insurance companies and Prescription Drug Stores
28) Biotech
29) Hospice and Hospital care
30) Anything to do with Golf
31) Hotels, Motels, Otels
32) Amusement Parks, Seaworld Resorts, Renaissance Festivals
33) Zoos
34) Defense / Military Contractors
35) Aerospace
36) Airlines
37) Rubber, Plastics, and Glass
38) Cigarrette and Cigar companies
39) Beer and Tap and Molt Liquor Companies (Anything alcholic)

Sector Upgrades by Varchild
Underweight to Overweight Status:

1)  Beverage Sector!  [more]



Markos Moulitsas Deletes 2 Daily Kos Articles Trashing Sarah Palin

September 06, 2008 – Comments (11)

First of all I didn't decide to post up every single article that has gotten my blood boiling so here's one of the attack ADs on Sarah Palin floating around:

The other 2 attack articles which were displayed this morning before subsequently getting deleted were on Daily Kos's website.

I commend Markos Moulitsas for doing the right thing in deleting those articles but I have absolutely no confidence that we won't continue to see several more articles get posted up.  2 so far that I know of in 24 hrs.

This is completely out of control behavior coming from the left and I mean every word when I say that we wouldn't see this if there wasn't any *fear* in our left leaners of society.

And it ain't an insult to label left leaners as Man-Children when they refuse to debate the issues and instead want to trash a respectable woman and VP candidate like Sarah Palin.

Why can't the arguments be about Taxes, Energy, Economy, Healthcare, Hospital Care, Medicine....   You know... Things us Wall Street Investors actually CARE about?



Liberal Man-Children can't deal with Sarah Palin and fear her

September 06, 2008 – Comments (10) | RELATED TICKERS: CHK , HAL , MSO.DL

It seems the MAN-CHILDREN of Society known as the run-of-the-mill Adult, Child-Like, American Male Humanoid Liberal Leftist Voter who snubbed Hillary Clinton in favor of another MAN-CHILD like Barack Obama are experiencing palpable fear over Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin's record is impeccable.  She's accomplished far more than the entire Democratic Senate (which has been historically the most unpopular bunch of do-nothings in American History), and the liberals know it.

Liberal Man Childs like Markous Moulitsas don't want to defend their liberal beliefs against what Sarah Palin has said or done in her career.  They much rather report on an Anonymous Waitress's opinion from an Anonymous Restaurant, somewhere anonymously in Alaska.  This sheer anonymity is evidence enough that liberal man children can't stand up to a Conservative Woman in America Society without smeering them first.

This idiotic story says this SINGLE Waitress thinks Sarah Palin is a racist, sexist, mean spirited, ad nauseum.  The Headline makes you think a majority of Alaskan's hate Sarah Palin.

Both are just supremely wrong and disgusting.  The waitress accuses Sarah of being racist against Eskimos.  But, if Sarah Palin had any bigotry towards Eskimos (totally not true) then why did she marry one for 20 years and raise several beautiful children with a Man who has Eskimo blood?

The Story is a complete phony and meant to do nothing but get Liberal Women who supported Hillary Clinton to be turned off by Sarah Palin before they abandon the Obama ship. 

We have already seen U.S. Weekly put Sarah's image on their front cover with "Scandal! Lies! and a baby!"  And the article it corresponds with can not come up with 1 single scandal or lie.  But, it doesn't matter.... Anything goes to SMEAR Sarah Palin before she becomes so popular with the American People that Barack Obama can not even win Chicago.

And Motley Fool has had at least 1 article written by a Liberal Man-Child who boasts that the Mainstream Media has been FAIR with Sarah in only asking questions about her record.

Really?  Really?  I don't see it.  And I personally can't be any more offended by the treatment Sarah Palin has gotten in mere moments after she was announced as John McCain's VP.

CNN has started off with "Sarah Palin has no experience to be commander in chief!"
That was a fair opinion and not a smear. But they have derailed from that line to pointless smears about how Sarah can't be VP when she has to raise children or she can't deal with being a VP because she has a baby with down syndrome.

That's where I draw the line.  That's where Conservatives have taken offense.  That's what MAN-CHILDREN don't want to discuss and don't want to deal with because it exposes them for who THEY ARE and not who SARAH is.

She has plenty of experience, though, considering she's a mother of Track whose going to deploy to Iraq and Commander over the Alaska National Guard.  She is mother of Casey whose in the Navy.  Should any disaster occur in her state, she commands over the Alaska National Guard by way of granting them permission to take care of the problem (like we saw in Louisiana with the Hurricanes).

It's certaintly more meaningful that Barack Obama's experience being a Community Organizer.

It's more meaningful than Markous Moulitsas posting opinions on his little "Daily Kos" blog only a MAN-CHILD could tolerate reading.  

In Markous Moulitsas own biography about himself straight off his website you can feel the bragging when he says, "I learned how to speak German off the Army's Dime."

Who do you want to trust?  Sarah Palin mother, Governor, former Mayor, and reformer or the mindless whining and banter of a MAN-CHILD (MARKOUS MOULITSAS) whose proudest moment is bilking the American Taxpayer for his own selfish desire to learn to speak German?

Read the article below and tell me that "Liberals" are debating the Issues, as Barack Obama would have you believe, with Sarah Palin:  [more]



Sara Palin killed the Stock Market

September 04, 2008 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: FSLR , DNA , X

Just when things were rather tame....some up days on the dow...some down days.... But essentially the Market was already pricing in Barack Obama as president of the united states.

So... Wall Street was sitting pretty with focusing on smart investing strategies....

When lo and behold... Sara Palin and her eloquent speech blows the roof off the RNC Excel Energy stadium and changes everything!

Now we have to deal with John McCain as the more likely to win the presidency and Wall Street is running around with their heads cut off not knowing what to do with themselves.

So we have ourselves a massive panic attack.  Oh my God... Oh my God... Death to Commodities!
Death to Steel and Mining!   Death to Financials again!  Death to even Health Care stocks!  Nothing shall escape the wrath of a confused Wall Street!

But...after the bell on Friday....Wall Street will have finished throwing a temper tantrum and deal with reality again.

For Sara Palin... the *Fear* is palpable about the implications of what she will do to shake up energy companies, and other businesses as she fights for More Fair Competition as she did in her BIG State of Alaska.  She fought against the energy companies against rising prices and with the support of the people behind her paved the way for more competitors to strive to provide competitive pricing.

Based on this one would wonder about all sorts of Large Caps Players in the Alternative Energy Sector.

That is why it is interesting to note that FSLR is down more than 11$ today after having crashed yesterday about the same amount.

We are seeing a massive P/E Multiple Meltdown in virtually all sectors tied to Energy and well aren't they all?  [more]



Motley Fool's All Star Naysayers won't faze this AMAT investor. . .

September 03, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AMAT

Wow!  You look at some recent posts about Applied Materials on Motley Fool articles as posted and shown on yahoo finance and you'd think Applied Materials is the absolute WORST stock to invest your money in today.

Granted... The Share price isn't doing much this year... But name me a share price that has kept any of its gains.... When Research in Motion is trading at $115 a share, I will not sit here and be fazed by needless doom and gloom by All Stars putting the cart before the horse.

These All Stars can go floating high on their momentum stocks all they want.. I smoked that joint and made hundreds of dollars to help cushion my losses (and I also lost hundreds of dollars) on doing *Gambling* style trades....

Investors of today need stocks of the FUTURE.  We don't need All Stars breathing down our backs and telling us what 4th Quarter 2008 will look like when our "horizon" is so far away from that quarter we couldn't care less.

The condundrum is this...  Why worry?  Why care?  These CAPS All Stars would have your head spinning dumping your investments for other investments on a weekly basis until you racked up more Commission Fees than Lehman Brothers has racked up mortgage losses.

Investors invest for the Future.

And if I am a firm believer that Applied Material's long term future is a bright one that could explode once those 6 solar/semiconductor factories are up and running throughout the World and the learning curve has been met and surpassed sometime in 2010 (which I might add is what the C.E.O. is emploring investors to hold there shares for) then I will stand firm on that conviction.

Not only will I HOLD my shares of Applied Materials..... But I'll keep buying more as All Stars keep finding excuses to trumpet short-term economic slow-downs as somehow a wise excuse for dumping a long-term investment.

You can't make any money in this stock market by bailing out before the Catalyst has even arrived.

I'll say it and I mean it with 100% conviction:

MOTLEY FOOL's ALL STARS  aren't ALL STARS in my League.
Stocks bounce from 3 Stars to 5 Stars almost on a weekly basis and you can not even base your judgements on how many colored stars your stock is getting.  So, All Stars are great people to read and study but not..never....should be the sole reason for investing in or selling a stock.  [more]



Pelosi & Pickens are not Catalysts for investing in CLNE!!

September 03, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: CLNE

I'm looking at this company that Jim Cramer has been pumping and pumping for what seems like 2 weeks straight now (last week and yesterday).  This stock is T. Boon Picken's Clean Energy Corp (CLNE).  T Boone Pickens is invested in it buying close to 4,000 shares back in January of this year... Nancy Pelosi and her husband are also invested in it.

CLNE has yet to do anything except report bigger and bigger losses and sustain bigger and bigger debt.

Granted.. I'm not a moron and I am well aware that a company like CLNE peddaling Natural Gas for transportation is a very appealing opportunity for investors who believe natural gas is the future for car/truck/vehicle travel.  I know how appealing and wonderful and Wizard of OZ that story sounds.

But my question is.... When this stock has done nothing to earn a higher P/E Multiple than where it was trading at 1st week of July, why on EARTH is this thing skyrocketing?

Between 1st week of July and now about the only significant news are 2 tid bits:

1) A piece of legislation that may or may not see the light of day this year or next or anytime that benefits the stock by investing in Natural Gas Transportation as an alternative energy among many other alternatives part of the legislation in Congress.

Put it this way.... That piece of legislation floating around will not come into fruition this year.  It just won't.  This is madness to think that the legislation will look anything like it does today by the time it reaches John McCain or Barack Obama (who ever becomes President).

It ain't going to touch the Resolute Desk this year.... We have had a Lame Duck Congress to go along with a Lame Duck Executive Branch since January.  I see that trend continuing.

So investors are getting all excited over what?  Over a complete MYSTERY as to what in the world anyone should be excited over!

2)  CLNE spent over 19 million in acquiring a Natural Gas asset....

Yippe.  It also has basically placed a bigger burdon on itself taking out a 30 million dollar credit to finance this acquisition this month.  CLNE has a bigger burdon creating a much lengthier time frame to produce a profit.  The congressional legislation if it passes as written today will not single handidly put CLNE into posiitve cash flow, profitibility.

The time frame is soooooooo long for CLNE and other companies like it to be profitable that we are looking at no earlier than 2010... And that's on pure luck that State Governments along with the Federal Government just hold hands in harmony and sing praises on Natural Gas transportation.

Do investors actually *think*?   Think that $17 going on $18 a share for a company that hasn't yet seen anything but ever increasing debt and losses is a good entry point?

This is madness.  I'd wait this one back down to $12 before I pulled the trigger.  Unfortunately the JIM CRAMER effect is going to propel this thing into orbit for a few more days.  When everyone wakes the heck up out in Wall Street expect a HUGE price adjustment to the downside.

Is this a bad investment?  No.... It is a good investment... Just not now and probably not even next year.

I'm underperforming CLNE starting today and I don't care that I will sustain some big hits to my caps score in the early going.  [more]

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