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September 2011



Why I want a GAMING Tablet

September 28, 2011 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: GME , AMZN

Why I want a GAMING Tablet

Before I get into the details of the Amazon Kindle Touch or the Fire, I have to let you know about something about reality.

I do not see anyone in coffee shops sitting playing games on a Sony PSP or Nintendo DS.
What do I see when I look about a coffee house?

I see lap top computers.....I see smart phones......and yes.....I see people enjoying their tablets.  [more]



Handheld Gaming is not doomed

September 23, 2011 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: EA , BBY , GME

Michael Comeau of Minyanville

seems to believe that "Statistics" prove everything out.

He first compares every single Smartphone in existence sales against sales of the Nintendo DS.

Wait... I can't call anyone with my Nintendo DS so comparing Phones with Game Machines is kinda silly. A lot of people buy smart phones for reasons having nothing to do with playing games on them.

Besides....You can't leave out the Sony PSP..

And you can not claim the Nintendo 3DS might be a sales slump because of the Smartphones.

28% of gamers say that the 3D effect of the 3DS detracts from gameplay.  Just 7% say 3D is ideal for
a Gaming Handheld device.


So, comparing Smart Phones which do not have this feature (I can't come up with one that does?)
versus a device that does and completely ignoring this fact....which has played a gigantic role in the sales picture of the Nintendo 3DS is a disservice to any stock investor.

Michael Compeau goes on to talk about how the life-time sales of the current Gen Consoles
are 15% lower than the life-time sales of the previous console generation.

Well the previous generation didn't sell video games for $60.   The video game price hike has dramatically hurt business as cheaper alternatives are now available in Tablets and Smart Phones.

But that doesn't mean Consoles are dead.  One can argue that a TABLET is essentially a "Console System."  Especially Tablets with joysticks.

How is a Tablet NOT a Gaming Machine?  How?  It is a Console!!!

So let me get this straight.  Michael Compeau wants everyone to abandon ship on every single Video Game Sector Stock because the future of Gaming is Mobile?

Well, I disagree.....big time....

Not every single video game for sale on your Smart Phone or Tablet is FREE or 99 cents.
There are expensive titles on my iPhone.

here's an example or two:

Final Fantasy 3    $16
Final Fantasy Tactics $16
Aralon                  $5
King of Dragon Pass  $10
Galaxy on Fire 2    $10
Innotia                  $5
Eternal Legacy    $5  [more]



Fake News: Varchild Starts APP Store!

September 22, 2011 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: MSFT

Fake News:  Varchild Starts APP Store!
Let's get rid of the Middleman once and for all??  yea!!  That's what I said...

Do you want to pay $250 for Microsoft Office Professional?  What?  A spreadsheet program and a very basic Word Processor Thing and Microsoft wants $250 for that?

Well you know what?  NOT NO MORE!!!!

Microsoft will automatically up and decide to sell their products in my APP Store.
Why?  Cause I will include a comfy blanket to surround those products....
Like a Microsoft Office Cozy!

And all kinds of Publishers will abandon Best Buy and sell their products in my APP Store.

Say good bye to BEST BUY?  not quite!!   Best Buy may be investing millions into their Preowned Games Business but the reality is they do not need to sell Software.   Selling software for Best Buy is Peanuts!!!!  It is pure Peanuts!!  They won't miss it one bit when my APP store destroys their software business.

Best Buy, after all, sells Microwaves!!   So they will be absolutely thrilled with my APP store.

My APP store is going to take market share away from STEAM and IMPULSE immediately....
Once it goes live... GOOD BYE STEAM!!!!!!!     GOOD BYE IMPULSE!!!!!

I mean would you want to buy games from those Middlemen???  You don't want to buy from a Middleman.

Middleman  Middlemen..... Awful sorts!!!!

So.....  To get rid of the Middleman....  VARCHILD's APP Store will be where it is at!!!!

Amazon Shoppers will come in droves abandoning the Amazon website in favor of my APP Store.

Why?  Cause I will have it automatically installed on every PC COMPUTER in the world against people's wills..... Whether you want it or not.... YOU ARE GETTING THE VARCHILD APP STORE!!!!


Oh and Gamestop? HAH!!    Varchild's App Store will totally SOAK your business!!! 

Cause it has all kinds of kewl features like electrical shocks if you even so much as think of shopping somewhere else..... And it automatically starts up and it can not be shut down!!!!

In fact..... I have this feature to ensure you can not power down your PC computer...



Here Cometh....Varchild App Store!

-------------------------->  Ahem.... If this sounds absurd to you then so should "Microsoft Windows 8 App Store is going to become the Sole Source for Adobe to sell their products because of Microsoft's *Ahem* Security Blanky.... And the precious Security Blanky is just so awesome cause no Windows Operating System has ever been hacked before!!!!  *Ahem Stuxnet Ahem*"

Sorry Microsoft Windows 8 can force install itself an APP Store but that alone is going to guarantee that the entire Planet Earth now buys products only from Steve Balmer's APP Store.  [more]



VOTE NOW! Buy a house or wait?

September 21, 2011 – Comments (32)

In this scenario you live in an apartment and are looking to buy a home.  You have enough money
to put 20% down on the type of home you desire:

1)  Buy the home at 4.5% mortgage rate?


2)  Wait for the mortgage rate to fall?  [more]



Sarah Palin for Pres. or Bust

September 21, 2011 – Comments (6)

I have decided to NOT support any of the Republican Presidential Hopefuls.
I will only support Sarah Palin for President of the United States even if I have to write her in.

A)  Americans generally do not trust Republicans or Democrats.  (either do I).
Sarah Palin has always been a lone ranger of sorts that held both parties to account.

She didn't play politics...always looking to improve Alaska's economy and the management
of Alaska's resources against crony Oil companies.

It is about time America realize what I realize...

The CHOICES ALL STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a PROUD  Conservative.....  I WILL NOT..... I SHALL NOT...... SUPPORT ANYONE
whose last name doesn't end in PALIN.



Top 10 Names for Gamestop's Tablet

September 20, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Top 10 Names for Gamestop's Tablet

10)  Crannie                                                                                *Nook and Crannie...get it?*

9)  QuicksterStop

8)  BionicGameDroid

7)  Unwrapped

6)  Preowned

5)  Game-Spawn-Jolt-Kongregate-Informer-Impulse-Stop

4)  Mobile Trader  [more]



Don't be a Hater!

September 14, 2011 – Comments (0)

Best Investment Advice anyone can tell you in my opinion is DO NOT BE A HATER!!!!

What do I mean?

Well...first of all.... I have no issues here with hating a stock because that company is doing unethical things....or has engaged in Corporate Cronyism....  There are legit reasons to hate a stock....that's fine....

But, what I am talking about is the tendancy for investors to HATE and ASPECT of a stock and fail to thus do any research beyond their personal hatred.

You have the "I hate BRICKS and MOTOR crowd" for example.....the best example...

These people will be set on AUTO-HATE of any stock that even remotely has a Bricks business.
And they spend times SHORTING or buying PUTS in such a stock without doing any research into what the company's OVERALL BUSINESS IS!!!    Because the vast majority could be outside of Bricks and Motor Retail and these HATERS do not even care to realize that fact....and to study these other aspects..... They are fixated.... they are OBSESSED little monkeys.

But, eventually they discover the other elements to the company's overall business and they resort to pathetic 1 liners and blubbering...  Cause once you HATE a stock for all the wrong reasons come heck or high water they will never abandon that position even after the discovery of information showing that the company has a SOLID and SUCCESSFUL  Digital business...

For HATERS.... HATERS go around basically throwing their hands up and exclaiming.."I don't understand this company's business... They suddenly want to do X.....and then now they are doing Y and Z things.....and they form a partnership with this other company....and I donno... This is just another BRICKS and MORTOR  (Radioshack) style company.....pathetic!!!!"

Well of course you have no clue and no understanding of the company's ....of the management's business model...  You sit there stewing labeling a company's business model as a bad business model when you never bothered to even learn what the business model even is! waste your time HATING things....

HATING  Hydraulic Systems....Who manufacturers that????  I'm going to short all manufacturers of Hydraulic Systems.... I don't even care what STOCK they are.....  SHORT SHORT SHORT!!!!

AUTO SECTOR??  Bleh!!!!!!   If it is an Auto Stock.....It deserves to be shorted!!!!!! I hate it!!!

I HATE  ENTERTAINMENT COMPANIES!!!!!!!  Good grief????  I don't know anything about Disney's business strategy....I don't very little what they actually sell..... But, it is an entertainment stock so I am going to SHORT IT!!!!!!!

See where I am getting at?

Now if you are smart you will at least understand that many of these companies out there are cyclical and have periods of time that is WEAK and periods of time that is STRONG.  So if your HATRED leads you to blindly buy PUTS or SHORT something.....hopefully you'll do so with full understanding of the cyclical nature of the stock you are targeting.

Otherwise.....You are going to get eaten alive.  [more]



Fake News: DOW spikes 1000 pts, history made!

September 06, 2011 – Comments (1)

Fake News:  DOW spikes 1000 pts, history made!

Good Evening and what an Evening it was!  You will remember for the rest of your life where you were when the DOW closed up 1000 pts in a single trading day!  WOW!  And with us is esteemed stock Analyst John Skywell to explain why in the world the DOW jumped 1000 pts today?  

John:  Thanks Julie.  Today's market action came during a miserable economy in which the Macro just keeps getting worse and worse.  But, eveyone came in with Buy Buttons A-Blazing when out of no-where every single DOW stock made the announcement that they are applying for or have become

Talk about a massive boon for everyone to be able to market and sell Apple Products!

Julie:  Great news, I suppose, but I don't get why the Education Sector rallied so high today?

John:  It's simple Julie....  They all decided to become Apple Dealers...selling Apple Products to the students that apply to go to their College.

Julie:  And where will the students get the money??  No one has a job especially the Kids!

John:  Job?  Jobs are for wimps!  Education companies have laid out a plan along with the support of the Federal Government to hand out "Over Allotment" Loans.  These Over Allotment Loans will hand over cash to students to pay for Tuition, Room & Board, Fees, and extra cash over the amount needed to cover those costs..... The extra cash would then be spent by the Kids on Apple Products.

Julie:   Well...Even stocks like Phulte Homes are applying for Authorized Apple Dealership....Does that make sense?

John:  Well, the housing construction stocks have been hurting for a long time.  Branching out to selling Apple Products makes perfect sense!  Phulte Homes, Standard Pacific Corp, and others are going to bundle Apple iPads together to form an APPLE iTENT.  What's more cozier than living inside a Tent made out of APPLE iPADS?

Julie:  Isn't this getting out of hand?  What happens when it Rains?

John:  I never said there was a warranty!!!   Hey. if any of your iPADs get destroyed, just trade it in
at GAMESTOP....Which is now becoming an Authorized APPLE Dealer themselves!

Julie:  Are you kidding?  What's Next?

John:  What's next?  Struggling Oshkosh is going into the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Business in hopes to generate new revenue.

Julie:  Ooohhh...Well that sounds exciting!

John:  Except their first prototype is the shape of an APPLE iPOD and the Controller
is a Mouse with a Single Button.

Julie:  *Sigh*  Well....Until next time!  This is Julie signing out and heading off to the nearest
APPLE Store (the only Bricks and Mortor Store Left Standing in America's Great Depression II).  [more]

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