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September 2012



How Mitt Romney is FAR ahead of Obama

September 17, 2012 – Comments (28)

Mitt Romney already has the 270 electoral votes to win this November as our next President of the United States.

You won't hear that from NPR, CNN, PBS, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.

You'll hear it from me.....with the following break down of states Mitt Romney winning:

1)  Alabama (9)                                          8)  Alaska (3)

2)  Arkansas (6)                                         9)  Idaho (4)
3)  Kansas (6)                                           10) Kentucky (8)
4)  Louisiana (8)                                        11) Mississippi (6)

5)  Nebraska (5)                                        12) Oklahoma (7)

6)  Utah (6)                                                13) West Virginia (5)

7)  Wyoming   (3)                                       14) Montana  (3)

15) North Dakota (3)                                  22) Missouri (10)

16) South Dakota (3)                                 23) South Carolina (9)

17) Tennessee (11)                                  *24) North Carolina (15)

18)  Texas (38)                                         *25) Florida  (29)

19)  Arizona (11)                                      *26)  Iowa  (6)

20)  Georgia (16)                                      *27) Virginia (13)

21)  Indiana (11)                                       *28) Wisconsin (10)

*29) Colorado (9)

145 EVs +  128 EVs = 273

Total needed to win? 270

Notice what's missing?  OHIO!   Not necessary to win the Presidency this year.

The ASTERISK states that I claim ROMNEY is winning are entirely based on RIGHT-LEANING pollsters latest data from Real Clear Politics.

Taking out the LEFT-LEANING pollsters data you get the following States in the ROMNEY column
this way:

1) Virginia = Romney +4

2) Florida = Romney +1 (Survey USA + PPP + NBC/WSJ/Marist taking out of the equation)

3) Wisconsin = Romney +1 (Leaving only Rasmussen's poll in this case)

4) North Carolina = Romney + 4.8 (Leading 4.8 regardless if you strip out PPP (D) and ELON UNIV.)

5) Colorado = Romney +0.5 (keeping only Rasmussen and Gravis Marketing)

6) Iowa = Romney +2 (Taking only Rasmussen's poll)

Of course this means having to have an awful lot of FAITH in Rasmussen + Gravis Marketing
+ AIF/McLaughlin (R) that the polling data is correct and distorted.

But do you see what is going on right now?

I can easily paint a picture of ROMNEY leading every single state right now that he needs
to lead in to win the Presidency simply by picking and chosing which ever Polling Firm leans
to the RIGHT or is considered more friendly to the RIGHT.

Right now Romney is behind in OHIO. Romney is closer in New Hampshire and Nevada.
A Victory in both of those states, but a loss in OHIO, would also help to offset OHIO.
So, Romney is ahead to begin with and here we see plenty of OPTIONS for ROMNEY to run up the score.

But seriously? Out of all of the states listed above the worst state for Romney taking all of the polls into consideration that Realclear Politics does leaves you with an OBAMA +3 or better for ROMNEY.

So when planning out your portfolio investments.....You dang right you'd better start thinking about a ROMNEY victory.  Can you say "DEFENSE SECTOR RALLY?"   [more]

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