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Varchild2008 (85.34)

October 2009



Pres. Obama's Stimulus Package Creates 115 Million Jobs!

October 30, 2009 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: BAC , C

Incredibly! President Obama's Stimulus Package has been proven to have created (not just merely saved) exactly 115,034,918 jobs!  That compares with a loss of 2.7 million jobs this year for a net gain in 2009 of 112,334,918.

In Q3 alone President Obama's Cash for Clunkers program resulted in a net gain of 19,876 Dealerships hiring on average 100 employees per dealership.... What's more (CAT) Caterpillar's C.E.O. said they are awash in cash from the positive effects of Pres. Obama's stimulus package on the Home Construction Industry that they are forced to hire before the end of this year 1,999,015 employees or face getting crushed by their competitor Manitowac.

MSC Industrials Direct and Grainger and Whirlpool and LG and Electrolux have all put out press releases today showing they hired 55,000 employees plus or mins 5,000 in the last quarter alone and the C.E.Os. all thank President Obama's Stimulus Package for jump starting their industries and sales opportunities.

This is truly remarkable folks!  But let's hear this exciting news from the horse's mouth... The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama!

Dum Dum Da Dum Dum Da Dum Da Dum Da Dum Dum
Dum Dum Da Dum Da Dum Da Dummmmmm!   (Here Comes the Chief Song Ends)

Pres. Obama:  "My Fellow Americans... I bring you great news... Come November when they report the Jobless Number... It won't be a Jobless Number... It will be a NEGATIVE jobless number... The Unemployment rate in October is going to be around a Negative 250%.  This is splendid news...and clear evidence that my Stimulas Package is on its way to provide the promised 1 Billion Job Creation Number before Thanksgiving Day. 

So, while you are eating your Thanksgiving Day Turkey.... You'll also be enjoying the fact that there are 1 billion new jobs out there for you to apply for!  So start fine tuning those Resumes folks....heh heh heh....heh...heh heh....heh....

Oh and what does the number "Negative 250% unemployed" actually mean?  Well it's simple... My Stimulus Package has created so many jobs so quickly, we have had to empty out the country of CUBA of its citizenry along with MEXICO and most of Latin America straight into America illegally and basically point them towards jobs they can apply for and get.... So we actually have about 95 Million brand new Illegal Immigrants who have landed a job here in America!

Now.... Why are my Poll Numbers still low? I mean what the heck??? Gallup what gives?  Bump up them approval numbers there up 25% will ya?  Cause if you don't we can always nationalize you later.   Well... That's all I got and I ain't taking any questions... Good Night America and Happy Halloween!"

Dum Dum Da Dum Dum Da Dum Da Dum Da Dum Dum
Dum Dum Da Dum Da Dum Da Dummmmmm!   (Here Comes the Chief Song Ends)  [more]



Varchild VS. Piper Jaffray in tonight's UFC 210 Title Match (ATVI)

October 29, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI

Piper Jaffray's lowering of sales expectations is strictly in a "United States" frame of mind with little if any considerations for the impact of cost cutting manuevers that ATVI did last quarter through some layoffs and their switch to Netease for World of Warcraft.

Bobby Kotick is not seeing the same type of video game declines in the U.K. as he / we are all seeing in the United States. 

In China...The Video Games market has soared with many online video game company's like CYOU seeing a quarter to quarter increase of subscribers to their online titles.

But enough talk....

ATVI is entering a 10 handle.... It is RSI below 30% which is a RED FLAG signalling ATVI share price is in the OVERSOLD Territory.

Long Term Investors of ATVI should begin to increase their stakes in this stock heading up to earnings report WHILE STILL expecting an earnings miss....or some kind of revenue disappointment.


A)  ATVI still has billions of cash on the balance sheet
B)  ATVI is still buying back shares... <----- Although I strongly believe they may slow this down.
C)  Virginia + New Jersey elections could go the CONSERVATIVE Ideology way and with Obama putting a lot at stake to at least get 1 win out of 2.... If Obama loses BOTH that could have a huge impact against all of the liberal agenda items that are petrifying the private sector from hiring people and expanding their businesses....

Put this way.... Conservatives win in both Virginia & New Jersey next week....  This could possibly mean the jobs market gets a lift.....major those states and perhaps others.

A massive property tax reduction is promised by Chris Christie if he wins and that's what I am looking at....  I am looking at a Video Game Sales Surge in 2010 based off the results of these 2 elections which I happen to believe could translate into job growth and a slowdown to the FEDERAL MACHINE of (Pelosi, Barney Frank, and OBAMA).

There is a lot to be optimistic out there spite of the widespread liberalism we have now.

And these kinds of things won't be seen in a Piper Jaffray Cigar.
So you can smoke what he's smokin.....or smoke what I am smokin.... choice is yours.  [more]



The DJ HERO versus Call of Duty Argument explained again

October 26, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI

I don't see any of the analysts assessing how much impact DJ HERO's weakness in sales will actually translate???

I mean so many people want to do 10+% slash to expected revenue....51% slash here.. 53% slash there....

I don't see anyone considering my earlier argument...

When it comes down to a 2009 atrocious economy situation and DJ HERO's price tag is ridiculously high then ultimately..... Come November the gamers are going to buy 1 or 2 video games at TOPS.

Christmas may boil down to 1 video game purchase...

I think a good 30% or slightly less than a third is a reasonable gander at how many more sales of Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2 will happen from Gamers who take a pass on DJ HERO from the Sale Price....

In other words...  DJ HERO lack of pre-orders.... is Call of Duty's 30% increase in them.

And Profit Margin wise... You can't really guess what the profit margin hit is when Call of Duty carries a Hefty Price Tag as well with their prestige edition and other more pricier editions of the title.

I am also curious about how Prototype does and Guitar Hero 5 does for the XBOX 360 going forward.   Bottom line is that the total sales for Guitar Hero 5 may be weaker than hoped for but I pointed out that the XBOX 360 saw an increase year over year in Guitar Hero 5 sales around 19,800 copies in September.

So.... If we get Year over Year Sales Increases with Guitar Hero 5 for the XBOX 360....November and December.... Then certainly that too should offset DJ HERO's weak sales....

Everyone wants to suddenly base their revenue judgements on DJ HERO and not bother to look at the bigger picture....    Marvel Ultimate Alliance II sold 236,000 copies for the XBOX 360 in September.  Those are STRONG numbers I expect will GROW into the Christmas holiday....

And I think that title offsets some DJ HERO weakness.... 

Therefore expecting this ridiculous 10.X% decline year over year in the Revenue column is not going to come to fruition when a lot of the weakness out of DJ HERO should be other title's gains.

P.S.  I chose Tekken 6 over DJ HERO this week as a Video Game buyer.  So, that should tell you something about video game pricing.  [more]



The Langoliers are going to get you!! (MTXX)

October 26, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: MTXX.DL

Arrggghhhh!   The Langoliers are coming after me and I think they got me!!! *munch* *munch*

Or at least they sure got a hold of MTXX....devouring it almost whole in the open of the trading day!!  *Yikes*

Therefore, I feel like a miserable liar.... I said my money was reserved for ATVI only... But, the sheer plunge of MTXX made me throw some cash at it this morning.

Warren Buffet says, "Be Greedy when others are fearful."

So I got greedy with MTXX.... And seeing that ATVI at least in the morning hours turned UP instead of challenging my $11.73 target..... I had pretty much no choice but to succumb myself to Warren Buffet 101.

I got GREEDY on MTXX today...... Bought at $4.59...well that was an increase of my previous stake....a BIG increase.

Earnings report for ZICAM is tonight folks.... Will Varchild suffer more pain at the hands of the Langoliers?  Or will he get on board the Jet and take off into the Stratosphere to escape the Langoliers with a huge bag of CASH at his side?  [more]



Which XBOX 360 Game Sold Better? GH 4 versus GH 5

October 24, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI

Which XBOX 360 game Sold Better?  GH 4 versus GH 5?

I just recently read two articles pessimistically trashing the sales of Guitar Hero 5 suggesting that because the game was 9th and Rock Band was 5th that this shows tremendous weakness for the franchise....

Is Band Hero cutting into sales of Guitar Hero??????
Can you answer this simple question for me before I show you the facts?

That question....Which I already asked but will ask again....

Which Game Sold Better?  GH 4 versus GH 5?

WORLD TOUR     versus    GUITAR HERO 5.......  Given the pessimism you'd think WORLD TOUR Trounced Guitar Hero 5........ Given the stark difference in the unemployment rate.... Given the stark difference between the 2 economies.... 2008 versus 2009....

AND furthermore..... Guitar Hero World Tour came out in OCTOBER.... Much Closer to Christmas than Guitar Hero 5 in September.

So it is obvious which game sold more copies!!!!  obvious!!!  Believe in the pessimism folks cause the answer is....well....

I'll just point you to the article, which I am sure will convince you to dump your entire stake of ATVI and declare the publisher DOA (dead on arrival):

Guitar Hero World Tour:   191,000 copies

Guitar Hero 5:  (It's going to be's obvious the number is lower!!!)

Geeze... I can't bring myself to write the number of copies sold for the seems Varchild2008 made a bad bad bad bad bad mistake buying into ATVI....  *Crap*

Here's the number....*sigh*

Guitar Hero 5:  210,800



Varchild's DJ HERO Prediction already taking shape...

October 24, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI

I have already witnessed what I wanted to see from DJ HERO to help determine if my prediction that the video game will be an EXTREMELY INSANE success that the ATVI Investor community is absolutely.....insanely.....overlooking / ignoring / poo pooing  due to DJ HERO's hefty price tag.

Let me put it more simple for those BEARISH on DJ HERO and thus BEARISH on Call of Duty and thus BEARISH on ATVI....


What did I see that got me so amped up and excited? 

Well... I went to Best Buy and Gamestop... Unfortunately, there were no DJ HERO display at the Gamestop I went to most likely because of how much space the DJ HERO game takes up and how small this particular store was.....

There was a DJ HERO display at Best Buy however..... And non-stop like clockwork after 1 person got done messing around with the DEMO....another person got on.....

Another thing I picked up on was that at least one of the individuals that sat down and played DJ HERO was doing quite well..... at one point getting some Perfects....  Definitely showed signs that he needed to practice to do better...... But it made me feel that this person *played* *this* *before* and may be returning to the Demo once more to play again....

My point?

My point is that this is how you create a franchise or better yet.... how you recognize that you HAVE a franchise....  You want to see your video game looking extremely popular among gamers as well as see signs that those who played the DEMO liked it enough to want to come back and play it some more.....

Will the recession + hefty price tag cut into sales???


Before you laugh at me as completely STUPID....or IDIOTIC..... or BIASED cause I own 640 shares of ATVI....

let me put it this way....

Most families in a good economy middle class families can provide $200+ for Christmas/Holidays to each Kid they have......  In a bad economy?  They should muster half that....50% cut to the holiday season...

Under that circumstance we are looking at pretty close to DJ HERO's price tag..... and thus my THESIS.....

my THESIS is that DJ HERO is such an awesome, revolutionary title that IT along with CALL OF DUTY will act as the 1 gift Mothers MUST BUY for their KIDS.....

When you are ATVI and you have that 1 GIFT........... Then it is very reasonable to expect great things in Q4.....  Right now ATVI has CALL OF DUTY + DJ HERO.....  Weakness in sales in 1 may just mean extra bullishness in sales for the other..... Mothers will have to *PICK ONE* and buy that ONE for their kids.... instead of being able to buy BOTH titles.

And that does not mean a 50% blow to ATVI..... No.... No.....No.....No......No......No....

Jow many CHRISTMAS seasons happen where ATVI has multiple ridiculous blockbuster titles that I call QUAD A Titles???    last year brought us Call of Duty World At War which was a MUCH WEAKER title than Call of Duty Modern Warfare..... And many gamers needed a 1 year gap before buying their next Call of Duty game anyhow.....

Let's face it..... These 2 Titles are STRONGER than any 2 titles in ATVI's Christmas Holiday lineup in ATVI's history...... BAR NONE.....

The only possible way to beat this MAY...MIGHT BE.......  Next year assuming Starcraft II + DIABLO III team up for the Holidays next year...

In short.... INVESTORS BEARISH on DJ HERO have lost 1 argument..... that DJ HERO won't interest anyone cause gamers are tired of the Music Genre....

That THESIS has been DESTROYED.....

Only time will tell if this means BIG SALES for DJ HERO.....  Varchild2008 is so confident that this DOES MEAN huge sales that he already is amassing some serious cash in his savings account to conduct a major purchase of ATVI shares between now and Q4 earnings report.  [more]



Worst LARGE CAP to Own right Now..... (BAC)

October 24, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: BAC

Varchild strongly believes (BAC) is the absolute worst stock you ever possibly own right now....
Before disagreeing with me if you are a holder of shares of BAC....Let's see if you can talk UP the stock after going through my Grocery List of Negatives:

1)  Ken Lewis is getting kicked out and I'm not sure a replacement has been chosen.... You may think better management is on its way.... Before you do so....Who exactly that is talented will take up the reigns as C.E.O. of Bank of America while the bank is still TARPED and thus under a 90% Pay Cut status by the Pay Czar?  Who?  What Top Quality Executive wants this job???

2)  Barack Obama is currently placing the blame of the credit crunch still on-going on the Large Banks..That means blaming Bank of America for not handing out more loans to Small Businesses.

First of all.... There is always the element of risk in the loan business....risk of defaults that cut into a bank's balance sheet.  Given the shaky economic situation, with a large dividend payment BAC has to pay already hurting the balance sheet from their TARPED status, along with on-going loan losses from the loans they already have dolled out in previous quarters this year.... What do you think will happen if Obama gets his way and pressures BAC to hand out more loans....should the economy worsen????

Everyone wants to talk up "economy is recovering" except for the C.E.O.s of Railroad companys and Jeff Fetig of Whirlpool Corp.  Jeff Fetig basically said his Cost Cutting will keep his company's earnings looking much better than analysts have expected for the 4th Quarter....  This is not a template of economic recovery.

3)  Bank of America is still under pending lawsuits..... Here's a list of court battles:              (BAC drops Arbitration opening door for more Lawsuits on Credit Card issues)           BAC has to modify 400,000 loans due to massive amount of Countrywide Lawsuits

"The combined company modified loans for more than 73,000 borrowers during the third quarter, up from 14,000 in the same period a year earlier."    Facing Investigations and Lawsuits over acquisition of Merril Lynch had to provide documents to regulators on the deal Oct. 12th.    More info on previous mention of Merril Lawsuits concerning the State of OHIO taking the lead on the lawsuit money chasing lawyer spree.
Here's a $100 million settlement BAC paid back in late July of this year to Parmalat.  [more]



How to deal with a Commodity Crisis

October 23, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: WHR , F , SVA

Not just oil prices... but all commodities soaring and soaring to extreme levels of OH MY GOD!

Copper?  Say it goes up another 500% from today's price
Oil?   Let's add +$100 per barrel
Wheat/Corn?  Up 250% from today's price
GOLD?  $2,000 an once.
Platinum?  $4,500 an once.

Ad Nauseum.... Commodity Crisis all over the place....

How do you prepare ones portfolio full of commodity sensitive stocks for this disaster?

Well.... I think the best approach is to DO NOTHING.  At least in terms of Equities.....

You must first take the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy advice, "DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

After you calm yourself down....Step 2?  Tap the Currency Market immediately..... and start converting your own Savings Account Cash to other Currencies....

In fact... One should not sit around waiting for a Commodities Crisis.  One should start holding a Foreign Currency Driven Savings Account or CD Account today. 

What Currency?  I highly recommend the CHINESE Yuan <-----    Or if you don't like that thought then I recommend looking for a CONSERVATIVE BASTION Country and buying the currency..

Hmm.. You could go and grab Germany's Currency as a Bullish Play that Germany will Turn their economy around, generate growth, improve the value of their currency, due to the Conservatives taking control of the Legislature and Executive Branches of their style of Government.

Hey... it's just advice..... So... Do the research and if you discover that I am RIGHT ON in my thoughts here.... then go for it... 10% conversion of your American Dollars into Foreign Ones is probably enough.... Any more would be ludicrous.  10% is good... Thank me later:-) (especially once we see:

EUR/USA   1.55   <-------The point of no return for the U.S. Dollar



Bring the Conservative Party to Michigan NOW!

October 16, 2009 – Comments (8)

Varchild2008 is a proud Reagon Conservative, TEA PARTY Protestor / Activist who knows without a doubt that the RNC / NRCC are a bunch of Radical Leftist supporting baffoons.

I think it is long time to just write off the 2010 election and focus on the 2012 election...
Unlike the MEDIA types....I don't think the Republican Party does well in 2010.. Not at all...

That Political Party won't get 1 cent from me....  The Conservative Party just got $75 from me today in support of one of their candidates.  Mr. Hoffman.

We don't need relentless Scozzafava RINOs stinking up Washington D.C. with their Ultra Leftistism.   There's no inspiration or motivation to VOTE AT ALL anymore if the Republican Party thinks they have to put up RAGING LIBERALS in order to win?????

What kind of mentality is that?????

1st of all... The Best way to win elections is to put up CONSERVATIVES against the DEMOCRAT LIBERALS.....  THAT'S HOW YOU WIN!!!!!  Doesn't matter if you have a Republican Friendly District (which Scozzafava's distrcit IS Friendly to Republicans) or not.....

2nd....  By placing Conservatives on the ballot the Voters get a choice... Liberal.... or.....Conservative.....   They can actually get a CHOICE!!!!!  Rather than Brand X vs.  Brand X.

The issue of Third Parties is where I continue to differ from Rush Limbaugh.....

Rush Limbaugh says supporting Third Parties like the Conservative Party just makes Democrats win.

Varchild2008 says that continuing to ignore Third Parties doesn't create a movement for Conservatism that unfortunately needs to take multiple election cycles to really blossom.

Sure... I fully expect DEMOCRATS to hold their majorities in both houses of Congress if people vote for a Third Party like the CONSERVATIVE party.....    But, at the same time.... I strongly believe putting one's support around a Third Party over a long period of time will eventually mean the DEATH of the REPUBLICAN party.....

And in the interim it means the NRCC and RNC will be forced more and more to have to find CONSERVATIVES instead of thinking they can get away with putting out ULTRA LEFTY BAFFOONS....   PRESSURE the Republican Party by voting for a 3rd Party in 2010 makes sense to me perfectly in this regard....

As a Stock Market Investor.... I simply have a LONGER TERM Success Horizon than Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have.... I believe our true strength is in reforming the Republican Party by putting our support around a Third Party..... The Conservative Party....

So... In short....  I hope Mr. Hoffman makes good use of the money I sent him....

I also hope that the RNC/NRCC stop supporting the SCOZZ and start supporting Mr. Hoffman if they want to win against Owens. 

Don't want a third party?     Then...Here's a thought..... DUMP THE REPUBLICANS.  [more]



Varchild sees Year over Year Growth in Sep. for Video Game Sector

October 15, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI , EA

How many times has Varchild been wrong in the past 6 months on expecting Year over Year sales growth for Video Games?    6 times!!!!    6 times wrong!!!!

I always expect year over year sales growth.... Video Games = Awesome!!!

And I am not entirely convinced that analysts are viewing the Video Game Sector the correct way by declaring these ridiculous 29% sales declines....  Why????

Every NPD Group Report is missing the following Video Game Sales Related Revenue:

1)  DLCs      (Downloadable Video Game Content).  This means downloading a Superhero you otherwise wouldn't get to play in Marvel Ultimate Alliance I or II.

2)  Apple iPhone + Xbox Live + Playstation 3 Online + Wii Virtual Arcade =  TONS and TONS of video games extremely old and extremely new.... You can download Wolfenstein... The First One... You can download Pitfall II the Mayan Adventure...  You can download all sorts of stuff.....

And guess what?  None of the download spree going on is getting factored into NPD Video Game Sales reports near as I can tell.....

3)  Purchaseable Items for ITEM Purchasing MMORPGs like Dungeons and Dragons Online....

What this means is you don't pay a monthly subscription fee but have to spend real cash to buy a VORPAL SWORD for your lvl 80 Dragon Knight character you created.

I'd like to know if there's an increase in VORPAL SWORD purchases year over year....wouldn't you?

Despite 1 million downloads of a Call of Duty Map-Pack in 1 weekend.... We don't see that in the NPD Sales Figures.....much less their Top 10 Sold Video Games..... That is just retarded!




CHINA's Protectionism means SVA is no buyout target perhaps

October 15, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: SVA

Many investors wrongly think to invest in a stock in hopes it merges or gets acquired by a bigger company.  The Swine Flu sector has already seen that happen.  Therefore, a high flying small cap in SVA has some people thinking SVA = Buyout Target.  Makes sense right?

Except for the fact that China is now engaging in protectionism.  You can not get upset at CHINA when it is obvious this is in retaliation to Pres. Barack Obama's protectionism.

In other words...CHINA to US  "HE STARTED IT FIRST!!!!!!!"

And indeed Barack Obama DID start the protectionism first..

1)  Stimulus Package JOKE  contained "Buy American Only" in the legislation.

2)  Tire Tarrifs

3)  Selective Buyout / Friendly Loans to American Owned Auto Companies.

CHINA sees the writing on the wall with Obama's actions and they have responded in kind to shutting down Foreign Investment in the Video Game sector.

Certainly, CHINA would do whatever it could to shut out other Vaccines from a Foreign Joint Venture / Merger between SVA and a European / American biotech.

So.... Don't be all excited over SVA entirely based on expecting a Buyout anytime soon.... Cause it may never happen and certainly I don't think it will happen this year.  [more]



Analysts DID NOT move DPS share price up and down...

October 13, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

Just in case DPS investors are stymied or facinated or frustrated or jubilated or discomboomerated about the effect of Analysts moving DPS share price all over creation with their "BUY! BUY! BUY!" one day ratings and "HOLD! HOLD! HOLD!" the next.....

Varchild2008 is here to say....hold your Mr. and Mrs. T Juice Mixers please!

OIL fell off a cliff not too long ago....and so Share price spikes upward...loses over $30.00 a share...

Now it is falling off a cliff..hmm.... (in best Church Lady Imitation)  Could it beeeeeeeee......SATAN????!!!!!!!

And in the case... SATAN = COMMODITIES  =  Things like Oil, Sugar, Nat. Gas, and all the pink stuff that makes up a Pepto Bismol that can do grave damage to a Beverage Company whose business is heavily into Bottling / Shipping the drinks in their portfolio rather than holding the syrup.

For example.... A&W owns A&W.....   NOT DPS..... DPS just SHIPS it.....and BOTTLES it....

So.... Let's cool off and focus our attention on the Falling Dollar and the Rising Commodities...

This isn't a time to panic about the future for DPS....  Not unless I see the *Breaking Point*

What dare I say is the *Breaking Point* ????

EURO / US   1.55  <------  Show me that and then I'll worry:-)  [more]



Ultra Nerd VARCHILD's Analysis of ATVI's Big Loss in China

October 12, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI , SNDA.DL , SOHU

What happens when you have tens of millions of Video Gamers unable to play World of Warcraft for the forseeable future?

Do they...

1)  Sit and sulk for awhile and eventually dump playing video games in place of other things like Hopscotch, Fooseball, and paper triangle football???


2)  Eventually come face to face with the fact that they are powerless to change their COMMUNIST, DICTATORSHIP's regulatory actions and find some other video game to occupy their allotted minutes per day with?

If you guessed #2 then you know why VARCHILD2008  *SCREAMED* for Video Game Investors to Double Down on CHINA.

I'll do it again.....

DOUBLE DOWN ON CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Buy  (GAME) and buy (SNDA)  and buy (CYOU) and buy (SOHU).....   Pick 2 out of those four that you like/prefer and throw your cash at it.

Don't have any cash?   Sell off some of your ATVI shares starting tomorrow if you didn't already today and put THAT CASH into 2 out of the 4 video game stocks.

*Woaw*  Why should I do this?  What's going on??  "says clueless investor to Varchild"

Didn't you hear the news???    As of right now in possible retaliation against Pres. Obama's Tire Tarrifs against Chinese Tires,  the Chinese Government has completely shutdown all online video games from Foreign Video Game Publisher Joint Ventures.  That's about 46 video games totally dead in the water in CHINA right now.

The smart money would panic and pull some if not all of their money out of ATVI in search for a better investment.

Varchild2008 is not asking for people to PANIC and pull out of ATVI like stupidly..  ATVI remains a good investment for a large amount of reasons still.....What they lose in CHINA they can try and gain a little back elsewhere.  Or open WOW into markets/countries where it is currently inaccessible.

There is still a GROWTH story for WOW without CHINA.... It is just not a very AS-Good one.  Not at all...

So....Instead of being a Panic Attack away from a Heart Attack...hearing that there is now WOW in CHINA.... No BLIZZARD Revenue from CHINA for the forseeable, indefinite future...

INVEST in CHINESE online VIDEO GAME company's that will begin to see dividends by the boat load from video gamers who start to believe they will never ever get to play WOW ever again and be forced to find "something else."

When they go out and try to "find something else" who knows what they will turn to.  I haven't a clue.  I don't know.... I can't say (GAME) is a better buy versus (CYOU).... I can't.... That's why you DOUBLE DOWN on the 2 major available video game company's in CHINA.... One if not Both should come out a big winner.

So... Stop Whining about ATVI being dead in CHINA.. And Start diversifying your Portfolio to protect yourself from crap like this.  It's why I have 2 Chinese Videogame Stocks in my portfolio more than a week ago.. I knew something bad could happen in China for ATVI since China has plenty of reason to be UPSET at America right now.




Monopoly: President Obama Edition

October 08, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: HAS

I'm going to be President Obama this time!  You can take the Timmothy Geithner piece.

Fine whatever... Let's play...

Ok..*roll* *roll* *roll* *THROW*  *plop*   I roll a 5....  That means I land on "Chance."   
Hmm...It says, "Go to the nearest Auto Company....If a player owns it then you owe $10,000 in taxes.  If no player owns it then you can nationalize the Auto company for $1,000 less than it is worth."

My turn!  ..*roll* *roll* *roll* *THROW*  *plop*    I rolled 2 sixes???!!!  I have to get my income tax statement audited by the IRS already???  Don't even get a "Get out of IRS Auditing Free" Card. :-(

Ha ha!! My turn:  ..*roll* *roll* *roll* *THROW*  *plop*   I roll a 7!   I land on "Healthcare Insurance Industry."   I can nationalize the healthcare insurance industry for $15,000.  Anytime you land on it after I nationalize it means you owe me $1,700 in Taxes!  So...I'll nationalize the "Healthcare Insurance Industry"

My turn.. I need to roll a double to avoid having to pay $10,000 to the IRS for cheating on my taxes.
..*roll* *roll* *roll* *THROW*  *plop*   8!!!  I did it!!  And I move my Timmothy Geithner piece to "Banking Industry!" I'll go ahead and Nationalize the Banking Industry for $10,000. 
That's a much better deal than having to pay my Taxes!

My turn:  ..*roll* *roll* *roll* *THROW*  *plop*  I roll a 5.    Crap... I Just landed on your "Banking Industry" that you just nationalized.  Looks like I owe you $5,000 in TARP Dividend Payments.

Ya know what?  This game blows... I quit!!   I don't see how anyone can lose in the game of MONOPOLY.  The Money just keeps getting Redistributed and there's no way for anything or anyone to go Bankrupt and Lose the Game...  Everything's just well nationalized...

Since this is just a Board Game... There really aren't any *real money* nor *real taxpayers* footing the bill.  Just made up Paper Money created out of the Hasbro Printing Presses.

Hmm... U.S. Treasury Department prints money at a pace at least equal to HASBRO's printing presses.  Does that mean the VALUE of U.S. DOLLARs in the future will equal that of HASBRO's CURRENCY?



Verdict is in: Jim Cramer & (SEM) were wrong. Varchild (GAME) right!

October 05, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: SEM

Can I say it now?  can I can I can I can I?  Huh Huh Huh????  I think the verdict is in!!

Both on and on Jim Cramer's Mad Money,  Jim Cramer told people to just dive in and buy shares of Select Med cause it is going to perform like all of the other *hot* stocks in the sector.

Ya know what I say to that?  A better recommendation would have been to just IGNORE Select Med and BUY all of the other *hot* stocks in the sector.    I can't say that Jim Cramer did or did not disclose to his audience members that Select Medical is in BIG DEBT.

I can't say that cause I don't remember if he did or did not.  How many investors knew of (SEM)'s debt troubles before buying shares of SEM on IPO day...enjoying the Jim Cramer SPIKE in share price only to see the stock slugg and slugg along day in and day?

Last glance the share price is starting to slip to the MID 9 handle.  Down 20 cents today, 1 cent last Friday.... 

Instead of an apology or acknowledgement that maybe getting excited over (MED) was TOO EARLY????  Maybe audience members should have been told to look elsewhere within that sector or to wait for an Earnings Report first??? A Conference Call????

Jim Cramer does need to acknowledge that his choice to get people all riled up and excited over (SEM) versus the other stocks that debuted on the same day (GAME), (VITC), is incredibly naieve on his part..... Amateurish at least...

Then to send out a clueless DUD of an analyst in Business Clothes to sit in front of a T.V. Camera in a *mock* interview to *TRASH*  (GAME) as an investment really took the cake for as an amateruish move.

It clearly looked to me like "" follows Motley Fool and may have ran across all of the positive remarks on GAME and felt the need to TRASH GAME in the face of seeing SEM turn into a bad investment decision.   A CYA moment for both JIM CRAMER and

Varchild says that you can not invest based on any analyst's opinions.  Not even MOTELY FOOL (CAPS) is a good way to invest.....Proof that Motely Fool CAPS doesn't work? (WHR)  <------

So.... RELY ON YOURSELF!!!!!!     NOT ON (VARCHILD)  or anyone else for that matter....

I'll voice my opinions here like any other person will on their BLOGs.... But, I want people to do some research.

If I say (GAME) is superior buy on IPO day than (SEM)....and recommend WIDE BUYing the (GAME) stock.....  Then compare the 2 and tell yourself which one going forward has more promising share price action versus the S&P 500?

If today's performance holds out....and SEM trades SOUTH today....SEM will be headed back into the (RED) against S&P 500....while GAME continues to outperform it.  [more]



Varchild's Predictions for 2012 (Politics)

October 01, 2009 – Comments (0)

1)  OBAMA gets impeached in 2012.

2)  Afghanistan war is LOST 2010.   We pull troops out rather than letting them get picked off like sitting ducks without proper vehicles, armor, and resources that the Commander McChrystal asked. 

Instead of complying with Commader McChrystal detailed plan.... The Plan is collecting DUST.  This is President Obama thinks regarding the value of the life of your Military SON or DAUGHTER...

Not Important or urgent enough of value to Obama to make any kind of expediant decision when a detailed plan is presented to him.

Granted.... Presidents should have some time to review a detailed plan.
However,  President Obama doesn't have the decency to shed and transparency on how long he plans on taking while our troops are dying.

*Hence*  Pretty good premise to the Obama Impeachment prediction if Obama delays and delays and delays and delays until AFTER he gets his precious PUBLIC OPTION into law....

I fully agree with Rush Limbaugh on this.... The Delay is more to do with the PUBLIC OPTION Obsession and than with actual detailed review of Commander McChrystal's plan  (whom Pres. Obama met with only ONCE in 70 days)  (and that was just to tell him to delay his plan and to delay asking for more troops).

3)  Double Dip Recession DOES HAPPEN  and October 1st is the start.   DOW 8000 iminent.

Plan of attack? Block your eyes!  Portfolios are going to be deeply red this Month.   The first day of the month sets the TONE for what is about to happen.  Heck even the Techies are starting to crack under the pressure of the charts that are breaking through lower barriers...the stocks that have busted through support after another....strong stocks with nothing optimism finding ways to trade lower...

Armageddon #2.... *sigh*  [more]



A Theory Evolved Away from Alstry's Concen. Contract: HEMI-SWITCH

October 01, 2009 – Comments (2)

Simple theory of mine previous stated but without a name.... HEMI-SWITCH.
It's the 2nd dip of the recession folks!

America is evolving from Alstry's concentric contraction and we have entered heavily now into what is known as "HEMI-SWITCH."   I think the *peak* of HEMI-SWITCH Turmoil is Spring of 2010 in which Whirlpool shuts down a Manufacturing Plant here in America, with a loss of 1000 jobs, and moves the plant to Mexico.

I believe that the beginning of 2009, in which we saw American Axle shuttering their doors in Detroit and taking refuge in Mexico was the first sign of HEMI-SWITCH.

As America has undergone Concentric Contraction with the rest of the globe...out from the pile of rubble comes HEMI-SWITCH.  

Europe + Canada + Mexico + Asia  rebounding economically.....Recession is ending for them and recovery is happening....  Mexico is going to continue to see U.S. businesses heading to them and generating Job Creation.   We may start to see Americans immigrating to Mexico just to get a job...Or Commuting...

Can you imagine that?  Worried one day about Mexicans flooding over the border to work in America and now we may see Americans flooding over the border to work in Mexico!

HEMI-SWITCH is not HEMISPHERICAL  SWITCHING.... As I just said..Canada and Mexico are doing fine.

Rather what is going on is the #1 Superpower  AMERICA  is suffocating under endless recession...with no rebound in sight....  But, where does all of the resources, energy, business, economic prosperty go?  It simply leaves AMERICA and goes "elsewhere."

What does HEMI-SWITCH mean for the Stock Market?

It means you better make sure your company's are generating NEW or INCREASED Sales/Revenue  Growth outside of the U.S.   You better make sure there's Foreign Business to offset AMERICAN ISOLATIONIST  Concentric Contraction.

The GLOBE isn't contracting........Only AMERICA folks...  And with that means prosperity for all who do not live in America.

Is there any hope?  of course.....   2010 Nov. Elections could result in Conservatives gaining seats over Liberals and then pushing out the necessary legislative DE-REGULATION and DE-TAXATION that must happen RAPIDLY....

We need a MASSIVE Series of Breath-taking Federal Spending Cuts beyond your wildest imaginations.

America has to do a 180 degree exaggerated SLASH-A-THON of Spending to at least equal the percentage increase of spending in 2009.

America's job growth CAN HAPPEN in 2011.... problem is that there will be more concentric contraction for Americans in 2010.   September was a month that proved ALSTRY (correct) but did so behind Wall Streeter's backs....  A good number of company's have reported Job cuts by the hundreds if not thousands in September...

Latest that I know of?  (WIN) Windstream   slashing over 200 jobs.

We've seen a spike in jobless claims by the tens of thousands....

We have (GE) joining with (WHR) in seeing GLOOM in America but BOOM in Asia.

That has been a rallying cry across all sectors of the economy...   BOOM = Elsewhere  GLOOM = AMERICA.


GLOOM?    America.

Hence?    Superpower America is handing off it's superpower status to the rest of the Globe at its own Peril.  HEMI-SWITCH.      Many countries in the OTHER Hemisphere will rise to become more powerful economically than America.



Var...changes mind and buys CYOU off today's pullback

October 01, 2009 – Comments (4)

Couldn't contain myself... despite:

A)  Looking at a DOW 8,000 possibility in the market...


B)  No way to tell where CYOU drops to after it has crashed through several support barriers...


C)  Using money that should be saved for upcoming Bills to pay....*yikes*

I went ahead and pulled the trigger.

The opportunity investor panickers are providing me with CYOU at $33.26  (my buy point) was far too easy. 

I love the premise of Blade Hero & Blade Hero II.....    CYOU is an established brand of awesomeness.  Therefore... No trouble for me to pump 1K into the stock.

And I can't be selfish and say.."Don't Buy CYOU"   seriously. I mention this cause how often do we get these crazy triple digit mega plunges?  

CYOU is now more than 15pts below it's 52-week high.

VOL*A*TIL*I*TY                         Yay!  [more]

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