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Varchild2008 (84.00)

October 2010



I like where DPS sits

October 31, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

Looking at my retirement stock (DPS) today at $36.59 and I see a potential big gain next year (possibly).

One has to assume that a recent analyst is correct to place DPS's  EPS next year at $2.80.

Then you place a 16 times earnings against it  (DPS trades at 17 times earnings as of last week Friday's closing price of $36.59).

Then you take 16 times  $2.80 and you get over $44 a share.

That's almost $7.50 worth of gains next year along with a 2.7% Dividend Yield along with
Dr. Pepper's 2nd $1 Billion Share Buyback program (they just wrapped up their first $1 Billion portion of their share buyback).

So not bad for just holding onto my shares till retirement?   hmm... Buy GOLD? Nahhhh...

P.S.  There is also potentially hidden Midterm Election Positive News recently mentioned on Yahoo Finance....  In case you missed the article... That positive news is that there is a state, I believe Colorado, that is going to vote whether or not to eliminate the Soda/Water Beverage tax.... It is trending in favor of repealing the tax.  That will boost sales in that area starting next year.

So...A lot to look forward to if you are a Beverage Stock investor.  [more]



Delaware, Trust Yourself, Not the Media

October 28, 2010 – Comments (3)

Because Christine O'Donnell can most certainly win:

1)  Small Businesses back her

2)  Senior Citizens back her

3)  The Farmers endorse her

4)  Even Liberals including NOW have come out in defense of Christine O'Donnell from the on-going, lies and smears and sexual harassment going on.

When you have the Democratic Party's relentless attempts to destroy and muddy up Christine O'Donnell.....  What you have is NOT a winning strategy....Where are the jobs?  How do we create a Job Friendly environment so wage earners can have their wages go UP not DOWN.

It smacks of absolute desperation that Democratic Party is reduced to bringing a GUN to a
Civil Discourse which is exactly the Metaphor here...

Do you want Christine O'Donnell to fight for Job Creation in the United States Senate Delaware?

Or do you want to vote for this?

"NOW to Media: Stop Reducing Women Candidates to Sex Objects
Statement of NOW President Terry O'Neill "

How many Delaware Voters want to go to the election booth and vote for this?

Daily Kos Slanders, Inoculates Sarah Palin

Or do you want to vote for this?

Coons Voted For A Prevailing Wage Provision For County-Funded Construction Projects. (O03088, Passed 5-2, 10/14/03, Coons Voted Yes)The News-Journal’s Ron Williams: It Was Estimated That The Prevailing Wage Law Cost Taxpayers More Than $4 Million In The Year After It Was Passed.

Just wondering Delaware..... Is Chris Coons the one you want to hand over your God Given Freedoms to to protect?? Cause that is what this race in Delaware is about... It is about your livelihood, your freedom to work for a living, own a business / create a product or service.....

This race is about YOU and WHO you want protecting your future....    Coons or O'Donnell?
Which Candidate believes in you??  Which one has more respect for you even though the candidate is being disrespected?

Is your future this then?

Coons Voted At Least 36 Times To Install Street Lights And Implement A Tax Based On The Cost Of The Lights.
In 2004, Coons Voted To Authorize The Issuance Of Up To $80 Million In General Obligation Bonds. It Was The Largest Amount Of Money The County Has Borrowed At Once.

In 2006, Coons Proposed Increasing Property Taxes Five Percent

In 2007, Coons Proposed Raising Property Taxes 17.5 Percent.

In 2007, Coons Said He Planned To Approach The General Assembly With Plans To Levy A Hotel Tax, A 911 Tax And A Paramedic Tax.

Had The Tax Passed The State Legislature, It Would Have Applied To All Three Delaware Counties, Not Just New Castle.

Or.... Is your future with Christine O'Donnell who promises to extend the Bush Tax Cuts, block Cap and Trade legislation, and bring our Federal Debt level to managable levels?

      Who really is the *Witch*  in this race?  [more]



Selling cause it's high

October 26, 2010 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: F

I read an article on (F) in which the writer finds nothing but praise over the company and its stock.
Then in the conclusionary paragraph says that FORD IS SELL! !!! SELL!!!!  TAKE PROFITS NOW!!!!!

uhm?  This writer didn't even want you to wait for the stock to make a new 52-week high!

And what was the reason that you should sell, take profits...sell sell sell sell???

Because it's High.

What's high?

Ford's Share Price..... It's High......I mean look at it.... It used to be in single digits.....


Ford used to be over $35.00 a share so don't tell me to sell and take profits in a stock that is still down more than 200% from its high!


Besides...  There is a *secret* to selling a stock or taking profits in a stock.  That secret is just simply checking the C.E.O. to see if he/she is confident about their companies future.

If a C.E.O. starts throwing up "Future is Murky" statements..... or. "Don't expect much growth."

Then uhm... No one is going to knock you for profit taking or abandoning ship here.

But, a DUNDER head ye be for abandoning ship when Alan Mullaly is excitedly jumping around and talking about India Expansion, Europe Expansion, China Expansion, etc.

Alan's got "Best has yet to come" written on his forhead in indellible ink.



What the GOP doesn't know about us

October 19, 2010 – Comments (5)

And by US I mean those who have a stake in our economy... I mean conservatives...Investors....heck liberals too if you invest or in some way have a stake in our economy.

The reality.. is a whole lot of *pain* begins November 3rd assuming Republicans take over at least the House.

It will be US.... The Members of the Tea Party Movement that will absolutely hold the Republican Party's Feet to the Fire.... I will place the phone calls... e-mails....etc... Anything I can do to petition and make it plainly obvious to them that if they EARMARK.... Waste Taxpayer Dollars on buying votes for 2012.... or engage any other unethical behavior of any kind shape or form....

The Republican Party will hear from me... and I have been a Straight Ticket Republican Voter / Cheerleader....

But I am a cheerleader no more....  Us Conservatives have Grown Up....

The Mainstream Media and the Conservative Media have it all wrong....

The Tea Party Movement isn't some "Unsophisticated Movement" that's running around with their heads cut off just desperately trying to get Republican Conservative Tea Party Candidates elected.

The Tea Party Movement is something NO ONE really can understand.... except if you are truly a member of the Tea Party Movement like I am...

It is about knowing full well to expect to be disappointed before the Mainstream Media attempts to damage your candidates.....  Frankly....  We'll do the damaging enough if our candidates fail us.

So... It is obviously in the House and Senate Candidates best interests to realize that the *fight* for us only BEGINS  November 3rd..... 

We want Obamacare repealed.....  We want Cap and Tax to never happen.....We want Jobs and if that means opening up new areas for Oil Drilling... new Power Plants..... New Nuclear facilities.... We don't care....

Stop the Regulatory EPA  spree.... and GIVE US JOBS!!!!     JOBS!!!!!!  NOT EARMARKS!!!!!!! NOT JACK ABRAMOFF,  OLD BOY'S CLUB!!!!!

Otherwise you can take your "Pledge" and stick it where the (APPLE) Stock doesn't shine.

My financial future is at stake in me make sure my candidates don't screw up and fail the American People.  SO OF COURSE I WILL BE AFTER THEM LIKE ALL GET OUT!!!!!!

That's what separates us from the Liberal Lefties who NEVER got after President Obama and the Democratic Party when they started screwing up.  [more]



TNAV can save GME's future

October 18, 2010 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

There exists a stock that Gamestop should marry....seriously... They should forget the Pre-Nup and start the wedding process today... If they go to Las Vegas they can get the Marriage done super fast....

Now what does (TNAV) Telenavigator   have that (GME) Gamestop desperately needs?

Do you have an iPhone?  Good...   Follow me.

Step 1)  Go to APPS store.

Step 2)  Go to Search Bar and type "Telenav"

Step 3)  Click on Telenav inc.

Step 4)  Scroll down to about 4th application down.... That is JUNGLE!

What JUNGLE! does is allow College Students to post Textbooks, Furniture, Classroom Supplies, Calculators, etc. that they have available to SELL to another student....

The other student can post up his/her  "WISH LIST" of textbooks and things they are looking to buy.

In this manner if enough College Students are using the application on the college campus students can link up and begin selling things to each-other.

So????    See what I mean when I say Gamestop needs Telenavigator's help here?

GAMESTOP  could have a Video Game + Game Console and Accessories + Strategy Guides  mobile application that tells links up College Students together.... Some who want to sell their games or accessories or Strategy Guides can sell them to those Students looking to buy them.

And GAMESTOP could profit off this by throwing up advertisements on the front screen or top/below the window or however they can do it that is not too intrusive.

GAMESTOP can then go futher....  They can and should participate in Telenavigator's Mobile Advertising.... This means that your MyFord Touch Navigator will advertise out special "Used Game" Events or special "New Game" events at your local Gamestop and give you the directions to the store if you want them.  Right at your finger tips....  Touch screen in your Car.

Yes... (GME)  BADLY NEEDS  (TNAV)  .... <-------

Oh and just so you know:

A)  I screwed up...  Gamestop litterally doesn't have any iPhone apps other than a Buc the Bunny Video Game... It is GameSPOT that has the mobile app that no one likes.

B)  Nope... I didn't find what I was looking for at Gamestop over the weekend.... Why would they expect me to log onto their website instead of  Or go to Best Buy for what I was looking for??

Seriously... They desperately need a Mobile iPhone Application that can get me to the product (PERIOD) so I am not choosing to buy the product anywhere else except Gamestop.   Right now I have no reason to NOT choose a competitor.



Gigantic GLITCH-A-THON at Motley Fool Today

October 18, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BAC

Wow! Either I am the most awesomest Caps Person that can rack up almost 3,000 caps points in a single day..... and go from 46% accuracy to over 50% accuracy in a single day....

Or Motley Fool is badly suffering from Glitches out of control.

*crud*  This only means that when they get around to fixing the glitch-a-thon syndrome at MOTLEY FOOL.... My Caps Points, Accuracy, and All Star status will evaporate.  So, might as well enjoy this while I can.

VARCHILD2008 IS A BETTER STOCK PICKER THAN YOU!!!!!! *Neener Neener Neener* 
You who are rated 82.30 or below!

Oh and another GLITCH today is all of the investors piling into the Banking Sector and bidding it up... Like (BAC).... Bank of American Catastrophe is back to over $12 a share!

Go Banking Sector!!!!!!!! 

Maybe next week JP MORGAN, Citigroup, and Bank of America will announce that all of their statements regarding churning out a profit are 100% Faked and Made Up.... That way their share prices can SKYROCKET even further!!!

Maybe...a Gigantic Super Tornado can rip a part all of the Big Bank Stock's Buildings.....  That news story should send those big bank stock prices through the roof!!!   Everyone bidding *UP* all of the Failure Banks in some kind of Psychotic Optimism Phybrosis.  [more]



Video Games Crisis?

October 15, 2010 – Comments (0)

Yes... Varchild2008 has to sound the alarm in case you didn't get the message.

There is most definitely a Video Games Crisis going on....

Despite Halo: Reach  and other great video games arriving in September, Video Games + Hardware sales combined for an 8% year over year drop in sales.... That's after the fact that the entire 2009 sales year was already an abyssmal mess...  There really isn't any month at all this 2010 that had to deal with any "Tough Comparisons" as analyst speak goes.  And yet consistently the Video Games sector is falling off a cliff..

And it doesn't matter if it is Casual Games or Hard Core Games....  Online Games...Or Mobile Or Console or PC Games.....  It is a complete disaster all around....

And quite frankly making this NERD a little bit depressed here folks.

I know the economy is extremely bad and only getting worse but Video Gaming is normally recession proof.

Since Analysts aren't expecting a recovery in the economy next year.... growth right now is expected to be 2% in 2011 at best... for the whole year...2% GDP growth.....  That is quite astonishing when you consider that Social Security makes up about .5% of that 2% (give or take).

There isn't going to be a COLA increase in Social Security so they are saying that lops off 1/4% GDP growth 2011. 

So where exactly is the Light at the end of the tunnel here?  I don't see one.

Except.........Except........ (CHINA).

Which means stocks like (CYOU), (GA), (GAME), Netease, The9 Limited, and so on.

But how horrible is it???  All of our *FUN* is getting outsourced!  [more]



Gamestop...Strategy Guides too Hard to Find

October 14, 2010 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Since I am quite pumped up here... Here's more CLUEBAT ideas for Gamestop to not bother to do.  [more]



You have GOT to be KIDDING me!!

October 14, 2010 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

The Financial Sector takes a frightening plunge as investors panic (rightfully so) over the foreclosure fiasco which will force these foreclosed homes to soak the banks....cause they can't sell these homes if they can not find a good TITLE for them... and they have to go fix the paper work on all of them....

This is a complete mess....

And what happens with the overall stock market?  *shrug*   It *shrugs* off what clearly is reminiscent of 2008.  If this was 2008 the DOW would be down 600 points today....600 more tomorrow.

But... No one cares.... I guess the Obama Prayer Circles to cleanse the Bad Spirits are really really doing a great job...workin overtime on those bad, dirty, spirits out there!  

Anywho......Moving on to Stocks....

I do want to talk a bit about GAMESTOP...(GME)

GME's solution is to join with Verizon Wireless and Best Buy and Walmart and announce that the APPLE IPAD will be sold at their stores.

P.S.  I strongly believe that the C.E.O. and Upper Management of Gamestop needs to think outside of the box.  I really really really am baffled... I submitted Gamestop at least 1 genius idea through their Survey program.... I want the ability to basically access an electronic Ordering catalog so if I do not find the Video Game used or new in their store I can still buy the thing off the Gamestop Website.

The problem is that by the time I go home I may be too exhausted / tired to buy the video game off the Gamestop Website..... (OR) I may just up and buy the thing at Best Buy or Walmart....

Gamestop can take away a lot of business from everyone else by making sure they get the VIDEO GAME into the Consumer's Hands one way or another.   Not by sitting around sucking their thumbs and saying... "Oh Woe is us.... People are Netflixing their Video Games to their Console through XBOX Live.... Waaaah.... Waaaah..... Waaaaah"

WAKE THE *&^% UP  GAMESTOP  before it is too late.....

Sure...  The earnings have not shrunk this year.. .They have grown by 13% or so.....year over year...   BUT GIVE ME  A COTTON PICKEN BREAK.....  A lot of shareholders should be absolutely incensed this year with (GME).

GME does not deserve to be priced at $18 handle....  What in the world is that?????

That is not a punishment to the stock due to earnings.... which are up..... It is obviously a bunch of big money investors are VOTING WITH THEIR WALLETS that the Management of Gamestop does not want to do ANYTHING with their money except some brainless "fill out this survey" program that never leads to anywhere as far as I can tell.

I gave you some ideas here in this blog post.. I gave you some filling out that survey....

How's about you respond to your Shareholders by using a little common sense????  Wake up before your competition puts your entire business into the toilet.

And I would not be anywhere close to this passionate here if I was not but a GIGANTIC FAN of Gamestop... I Drive 20+ miles to go to a GAMESTOP and pay $3 or so to park at the parking structure.... I do all that.... Cause I love the customer service that Gamestop has....

Well?????  That's how you win.... Customer Service.....  Get with the program.... The next time I walk out of the Gamestop without purchasing a video game cause the store didn't have the title on the shelf speaks volumes about the Quality of this Management....

You know what folks?  I'll even pre-announce that I am going to shop at Gamestop this weekend cause I am.....  And I'll let you know if I found what I was looking for....And if there was any option for me at the store to ORDER what I couldn't find....

They got space to put up DEMOs of Video Games like Guitar Hero..... So they should use the space to put up a Cheapy Computer with their Website on people can go through their Catalog and order the game they couldn't find..... Why the heck not???

If (CBOU) can purchase an OVEN and place it into their stores..... Then (GME) can buy a cheapy $300 Laptop.... or better yet....  AN IPAD!!!!!!




Ford Bulls: Barack Obama wants to ban Synch

October 08, 2010 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: F

The U.S. Transportation Secretary, appointed by President Barack Hussein Obama, wants to ban all forms of communication while driving.  No hands free cell phones.... No ONSTAR service....

And....  For you FORD BULLS out there (myself included)....  He wants to make it illegal to have and use FORD SYNCH.

The ever spreading will of the Federal Government to restrict the Personal Freedoms that we USED to enjoy here in America is ever growing under President Barack Obama. 

It makes sense.... Democratic Liberals despise, hate, themselves and everyone else....  They live in a world of Guilt Tripping Misery... and because they are such miserable people they spend their lives attempting to gain the political power to make your life a MISERABLE LIVING CESSPOOL.

Do you love your ONSTAR???  Do you Love your Hands Free Cell Phone????  Do you love Ford SYNCH??? 

Well TOUGH!!!!!!!   Ray LaHood wants to kill it.



I am a Real Video Game Stock

October 06, 2010 – Comments (0)

Lyrics Changed from the Theme Song to Hulk Hogan (WWF / WWE), "I am a real American."
-- By Varchild2008  (everyone's resident idiot)

"I've got the only Final Fantasy...
That China Gamers have ever seen...
I also own Eyedentity!!
Earnings Power through monthly Fees!!!!

My Stock Price is undervalued....
Mir 1 and 2 is faded through...
But the Tides will turn real soon,

I am a Real Video Game Stock....
I don't have to deal with U.S. much....
I'd rather sell games in Asia....

I'll buy out all the best developers....
Selling Dragon's Nest to Japanese gamers...
I already bought Mochi Media...
Now I got a Chinese Version, yeah!

Earnings Future is sky high,
Cause my stocks gonna Fly!!!!"

Hey... I'm allowed to get a little excited when I spend thousands and thousands of my money buying a stock at $5.57 and then seeing it go to $6.00 as people finally realize the potential the stock has in store for 2011/2012... They just need to look past 2010's abyssmal earnings reports cause those are embroilled in MIR 1 and MIR 2... which are fading....fading as Chinese Gamers look towards World of Warcraft and other more Advanced MMORPGs...

Final Fantasy XIV  +  Eyedentity.....  Eyedentity might be the more earnings growth potential move on Shanda Game's part as.. as much excitement as I have for Final Fantasy XIV, those earnings are going to be SPLIT somehow with Square Enix....  Big difference from just Acquiring a Developer and then all earnings essentially go to you to distribute.

I remember last year when the former C.E.O. left... The Investor community quickly dumped (GAME) shares thinking the new C.E.O. didn't have the guts to make Risky moves for the sake of growth.....  Boy... I think 2010 proves them wrong.  Shanda Games is transforming itself away from MIR 1 and MIR 2 right now and they are paving a path for a decade worth of growth.  [more]

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