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Varchild2008 (86.41)

November 2008



Mystery Stock: Would you be an Investor of This Stock?

November 30, 2008 – Comments (4)

No... I refuse...absolutely...refuse to reveal the stock... Instead... We'll call this company in the communications sector our "MYSTERY STOCK."

Here's some details of this company and you determine your level of excitement and whether you would fork over your cash for some shares of this corporation.


Description:    Incorporated in Florida back in 1999, this Chinese Telecom Corporation sells pay as you go cellular phone services, pre-paid phone cards, for major cellur phone companies in China such as NOKIA, Motorolla, SonyEriccson, Phillips, Samsung, Panasonic, Siemens, and many more top brands.

From their website:
Mystery Stock's " telecommunications products and services include cell phones, phone calling cards and value-added services. Also, the company is opening additional retail locations as well as launching a next-generation Mobile Messaging Service (MMS)."

Mystery Stock " a fast-growing distributor and retailer, with 10 stores in the ... market. In its first full year of operation (2005), the company achieved revenues of $6.7 million. These numbers jumped 91%, to $12.8 million, in 2006. Annual revenue growth between 39% and 67% is projected for the next three years." Mystery Stock's "...growth is far outpacing that of China itself, the world’s hottest economy. " 

Revenue Growth:  Just over 940% since 2004.  Company didn't produce a penny of revenue in 2004, but has grown to produce 35 million dollars of revenue so far in 2008.

Profitability:  While carrying an unprofitable position from 2004-2007, this year has been the first year the company has gone from the red to the black....Boasting a positive cash flow profit thus far in the amount of:  $370,926.    Which is an improvement from their last year's 9 month loss of

Insider Holdings:  Only 1 insider, the C.E.O., holds shares of the company's stock:  He holds over 14 million shares with 53.2 million shares outstanding.  That is roughly 1/5th of the total stake (outstanding + his share).

Management Outlook:  While they recognize the global slowdown and credit crisis, management fully expects their company to continue to do well and grow further next year.

Share Price:  .017 a share.         52-week low  .012     52-week high  .67

Recent Press Release Info:  In a recent press release the C.E.O. recognized that the share price has slumped greatly and plans to contact and work with professional investor relations and public relations companies to figure out a way to attract a bigger audience to their stock.

The Press release dated Oct. 20th is simply saying this to you as an investor.


What do you think?

A)  WOW!  I'm so excited I am investing immediately if Varchild reveals the name of this stock.

B)  BLEH!  Another stupid penny stock that won't go anywhere....  [more]



Take Profits Today in Black Friday Stocks

November 26, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI , AAPL , BB

BLACK FRIDAY STOCKS YOU SHOULD SELL NEAR THE CLOSING BELL to take some profits off  (shave off 10% of your shares):

NINTENDO.PK              (forgive me for botching this one as I can't trade in and out of it with Scottrade)


And I am sure there are many others that are obviously Black Friday stocks.  I've checked many of these and many are trading up and the momentum could accelerate near the closing bell giving a nice profit for those who take it.  [more]



Why AGFEED INDUSTRIES is the Stock Everyone should Track

November 25, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: FEEDQ

You may be an Obama supporter and thus absolutely detest Rush Limbaugh.  But what I am about to share needs to be read before I make my statements.  [more]



Investor Part II: How to earn the Achievements!

November 25, 2008 – Comments (0)

So you mastered the cheat codes Investor FAQs revealed to MOTLEY FOOL-ites 2 weeks ago but you still can't earn those hard to get achievements?  Not a problem anymore as Investor FAQs will walk you through the easiest path to victory to get the maximum 1,000 achievement points allowed in the Stock Market.

We list the easiest achievements first, hardest last.  Just read the achievement and the best solution underneath:

Achievement 1 (50 pts):  Obtain a triple bagger within 30 days or less in a new stock position during an economic crisis.

Solution:  Find a cheap penny stock in the financial sector with a small amount of outstanding shares, around 20 million or less, and buy a tiny position of the stock.  Record the share price.

Then spend $100,000 or whatever it takes to buy the stock up until you hit a triple bagger  (3 times the share price of your original investment)!

Achievement 2 (150 pts): Successfully short and double your money in whatever company Warren Buffet has a position in.

Solution:  Just keep shorting Berkshire Hathaway. . . . (see Motley Fool Article regarding the multi-billion dollar PUTS that Warren Buffet sold).

3)  Achievement 3 (200 pts):  Earn $1 million in a single year without buying or selling 1 share of any stock in the stock market.

Solution:  Start up your own Ultra Short ETF and give it a cool sounding name like:

"America's Blackhole Society ETF UltraShort Fund"

"Don't Blame me, I didn't vote for him Super Oh My God Ultra Short ETF"

"Bail Yourself Out Now!!  Ultra Short ETF"

In a matter of seconds millions of dollars of other investor's money will flood your ETF in the next Panic Selling spree.

4)  Achievement 4 (250):  Successfully predict the bottom in the DOW, or NASDAQ, or S&P 500, or any of the RUSSEL Indexes.

Solution:  Just predict ZERO.....In any of the indexes the bottom is always ZERO... can't go below ZERO or the stock market will Pay YOU to buy a company's shares.

5) Achievement 5 (350 pts):  Outperform the S&P 500 Index by 33% or more.

Solution:  Don't invest any of your money in equities.   Those who haven't are already up 46% this year.  [more]



Call upon the Nighthawk

November 14, 2008 – Comments (1)

I'm getting more and more bullish by the day with a penny stock that is already on the rise.
NIHK.OB      Nighthawk systems

Nighthawk Systems is the creator of remote controlled paging system devices for multiple uses to include security alarms, firefighting departments to send out remote, hard copy, messages straight to the service vehicle, automotive uses, internet service provider uses, and other uses.

Customers include:  TT, Boeing, General Motors, FAA, US Navy, US Air Force, IBM, Royal Canadian mounted Police, Denver office of Emergency Services, numerous state transportation departments, and over 30 electric utilities.

I guess you can cringe regarding GM as one of their customers.  But with the company gaining market share by gaining new customers worldwide, even the loss of GM won't stop the company's growth aspects.

This company is not profitable so perhaps it is too early to invest in.
Although at 5 cents a share or less, buying $100 of the company stock won't hurt your budget any more than...$100 (if the company goes insolvent).

What's the insentive to pluck down $100 at Nighthawk system's common stock?

1)  Previous earnings reports show an increase in revenue, sales.  Just not large enough yet to break even.

2)  Previous press releases suggest an international scale interest in Nighthawk's products.
If the company is starting to get noticed by more and more governments and businesses then that's got to bode well for their share price in the next 2-3 years. 

3) Decent amount of volume surrounding the stock between 60,000 - 120,000 a day.

4) There is absolutely NO OBAMA FEAR with this stock.  The company ain't pullin a profit for Obama to TAX and RE-DISTRIBUTE. 

5)  Nighthawk Systems seems to be moving towards military applications with their technology and this type of technology will be needed even if we were in Peace Time.  So if Obama surrenders to Al Queda, Hamas, Hezzbollah and hands over the state of Alaska, Texas, and all of the other states that didn't vote for Obama to the terrorists.... Nighthawk Systems will still do well.

6)  The recent announcement of a marketing/distribution/collaboration deal with ITRON opens a brand new use for the company's product as well as the ability to reach out to ITORN's utility customers.  Oh... How many customers?  About 130 countries across the world of them.

Motley Fool-ites have written several recent articles about throwing some cash at Small Caps that have a bright future.

I threw money at Southwall Technologies expecting them to survive and do real well in the next 2-3 years.  I have no qualms about adding Nighthawk to my portfolio.

Nighthawk Systems products have implications in primarily Utilites and Infrastructure/Industrial.
Both of which will benefit under an Obama Administration.  [more]



Wall Street Cheat Codes:

November 11, 2008 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: GE , PHM , C

Welcome to where you can search for all the walkthroughs, cheat codes, and explanations of how to earn all of the achievements.

So, without further delay here is your Wall Street FAQ from

1) Press (ESC) button to activate Console Mode.  Once in Console Mode type the following code:
"INVESTOR GOD."   This activates Investor God Mode which will allow you to execute all of the cheat codes listed below:     [more]



Circuit City (IS) Unionized

November 10, 2008 – Comments (2)

That article above is a must read for the commenter who said "Circuit City isn't unionized."

AFL-CIO had at least indirect influence with Circuit City and union style gatherings/picketing did take place in stores in 2007.

Here's another link:

Look below.. Links don't work but the provide a showing of AFL-CIO Unionized Protests at various Circuit City stores regarding Worker Pay.  [more]



Unions Successfully Destroy Circuit City

November 10, 2008 – Comments (6)

What's the difference between BEST BUY and CIRCUIT CITY?

Easy... 1 is a leader in the consumer electronics retail sector... And the other is a failure.

But, why is that?

Best Buy =  Not Unionized

Circuit City = Unionized.

You can do this pretty much with any sector of the economy.  You select the leader and one of the losers and go to your search engine and see which one is unionized and which one is not.

In perhaps all cases the LOSERS are the companys that have a union.  [more]



Aww. . . Bircuit Bitty goes Bust

November 10, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BBY , CC.DL2

I guess buying 50 shares of West Why for $21.16 a share was not a bad move afterall.  When the market is as low as it is virtually any move in this market on the buy or call side should make one feel like a genius.  [more]



October 10th, 7800 DOW Intraday = NOT THE BOTTOM

November 06, 2008 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: DNA , HAL , CEL

Folks... If the Stock Market doesn't go into extreme Panic Mode tomorrow or next week or sometime soon.. and Believe me... A drop of nearly 1,000 points is ridiculously small.

The writing on the wall is clear....  Even a bailout of the Auto Industry isn't going to rescue the tens of thousands of jobs in jeopardy at GM, Chrysler, and Ford.   We have a Democrat Control of everything and none of those guys have any intelligence at all to them.  They basically think like Jim Cramer.... "Throw money at the problem and it will get rid of the Great Depression!! Great Depression off the table!!"  [more]



American Communism

November 06, 2008 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: GM , F , FSLR

The following Sectors of America's economy are now Communist (which means taken over in part or whole by the Federal Government through stock purchases, guaranteed loans, or subsidizing):

1) Insurance Companies   (AIG)

2) Mortgage Companies  (FME, FRE)

3) Commerical and Investment Banks   (JPM)

4) Infrastructure 

5) Military Defense   (built on government contracting much more so than the 1980s)

6) Agriculture

The following Sectors of America's economy will soon become Communist under the Obama Administration:

5) Alternative Energy  (FSLR)

6) Automotive & Transportation   (GM, F)

7) Agriculture : Ethynol and other areas more so than now

8) Infrastructure :  Areas of this sector not subsidized heavily or at all will be when Obama rolls out his "Civilian Public Works" projects.

In short....  America which has already to a large degree morphed from a Free Market Capitalist Society to one more resembling CUBA every day is going to erode further into  Communism.

While supporters of Obama are expecting FREE LUNCHES  ("I don't have to buy my gas anymore! I don't have to purchase my Mortgage anymore!  I don't have to take care of myself and work hard anymore!  Obama will save me!  save me Lord Jesus Obama Saviour.")

Truth is that this whole theme of being angry about the gap between rich and poor widening as somehow a BAD THING will not end up where the poor people get richer while the rich get poorer.

What will happen is the poor we remain the same as they are now while the Rich get poorer.
The gap will shrink but it won't mean a thing for the Middle Class workers other than they get to keep their jobs, guaranteed by the Federal Government through Federal Aid programs.

When any not mentioned sector of the economy takes a severe plunge next year and beyond the Democrat elected will resort to Federal Aid programs and strengthening subsidizing money and bailout programs and forced mergers, de-mergers, you name it...  The government will simply RUN people's businesses for them rather than letting Free and Independant C.E.Os and Employees run them.

In a time in American culture where LIBERALISM is COOL....DUDES!!!  Yeah!  Narly!  Hang 10! Where's my Free Lunch?

The Republican party must seek to change YOUNG VOTER's honeymoon with Liberalism and Communism by simply making them believe in themselves and no longer afraid to fail.

Young People (fear) failure because public school systems teach them that there should not be failure and any culture that allows someone to fail without aiding them is a corrupt culture.

In order for the Republican Party to regenerate itself.... It needs to educate Young People, primarily those who go to College for a College Degree.

How is this accomplished?  Simple....  It is accomplished by encouraging the introduction of courses to Universities and Colleges that do not have those courses:

1)  Wall Street Investing  and Financial Responsibility:      Many large universities don't teach this.

2)  Ethics and Morals:    Universities don't teach this... They teach people to disregard ethics and morals and holding people accountable because Liberal Politicians must be elected at all cost.

3) Entrepreneurialism:   Many universities boast having successful, award winning, entrepreneurial programs and classes and degrees.  Yet, I have seen in my own alma mater how truly lacking these courses are.  They are 180 degrees backwards from actual entrepreneur programs.  Liberal Awards Magazines place awards on these failed, pathetic, programs to mislead everyone into believing in a Liberalized version of Entrepreneurism. 



Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Barack Obama Tomorrow. . .

November 03, 2008 – Comments (12) | RELATED TICKERS: ABX

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Barack Obama Tomorrow . . .

10)  Your Employer, whose rich and whose business earns more than $250,000 a year, will have their taxes hiked thus cancelling your chances of getting a promotion next year or perhaps even keeping your job.

9)  Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Hamas, Hezzbollah, Germany, France, Spain, Achmadinejad, and Omar Ghadaffi endorse him and will benefit the most under his presidency which in turn means that those who seek us destroyed will like us for allowing them to destroy us.

8)  America's Coal Industry will collapse under "Cap and Trade" policy that Barack Obama will enact which will bankrupt the industry, especially any companys seeking to build or expand the coal power.

7)  Doesn't have any military experience and so brings inexperience to the Commander in Chief position during a time of war which would be a far cry and change from President Bush who has at least been in the Air National Guard....

6)  Will continue the Food for Fuel programs of Ethynol that Wall Street investors tend to dislike because it contributes to the inflationary pressures on Corn and other Crops, since the land used to grow food for fuel could have been used to grow food for food.

Companies like BP that are big into ethynol have supported Barack Obama.

5)  If you invest in GOLD then you should make big returns as the Dollar falls under the weight of increased deficit spending through Barack Obama's Universal Socialist, Canadian Style Health Care system.

4)  If you invest in Defense Stocks then now your's excuse to sell them off because Barack Obama will end the War and stop all of this pointless Defense Spending which is completely unnecessary in a Global War on Terrorism, with IRAN seeking Nuclear Weapons and SYRIA threatening our troops.

3)  If you have dividend paying stocks then that too is a great reason to vote for Barack Obama because your dividend payments will shrink in the face of a 5+% increase in the Capital Gains tax. This gives you a good excuse to get out of the market!

2)  Expansive, Big Government Subsidizing of Wind Power and Solar Power, while it will contribute to the declining Dollar and the ballooning Federal Deficit, will be a boon to your alternative energy stocks so who cares right?

1)  And the #1 reason to vote for Barack Obama is:

Windfall Profits Tax on Oil and Natural Gas Stocks like Halliburton make investing in OIL companies even better now because of the insanely high gasoline prices Americans will have to fork over in order to get to their jobs and back.... Because any taxes on the Oil industry results in a transfer of those costs to the consumers....That being you!

Ticker symbols that closely spell out Barack Hussein Obama:

Barrick  Hussain           Amada   [more]

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