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Varchild2008 (84.46)

November 2009



The Miracle on MTXX street

November 30, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MTXX.DL

Well Well.... Too bad I work for a living otherwise I would have pulled the trigger to buy a truck load more shares of MTXX.

Securities and Exchange Commission found in favor of MTXX that the warning letter issued by the FDA is not grounds for any negative action against MATRIXX and therefore SEC won't pursue any actions.

Is the FDA warning letter bunk?  Or are the cases against ZICAM Nasal Spray valid?

Is there any truth to ZINC being in ZICAM's product and that ZINC causes loss of smell?

Because if there is no scientific evidence supporting this claim then even the legal lawsuit against MATRIXX could be thrown out.  How on Earth can a legal case against MATRIXX be set up where there exists no evidence to back up the lawsuit? 

I can't speculate the results of the legal lawsuit proceedings but today's INACTION by the SEC is a silent, but resounding, show of support for my stock (MTXX) and that should hold some sway in Court.  [more]



Varchild's Accumulation Strategy Revealed....

November 25, 2009 – Comments (1)

Here's how I do my analysis...and I hope you DO NOT AGREE with me here... This is supposed to shock and awe!:

1) MON - OPEN versus FRIDAY - CLOSE)       The market has been trending UP since March.

In an uptrend market...uptrend week....I expect every stock in my portfolio no matter what to up trend THAT VERY WEEK along with the market.  Share price higher FRI close versus MON open.

That doesn't happen all the time..... I usually have a few stocks as short term dissapointers.
If there exists no fundamental reason for the stock/stocks to disappoint me on a good week for the overall market..and there exists nothing within their respective sectors that I LIKE BETTER than what I have in my portfolio....then I accumulate based on the following strategy:

Week 1:
Stock A) underperforming this week 5%, overall via CAPS under water 20%      *ACCUMULATE*
Stock B) underperforming this week 3%, overall via CAPS under water 10%        *TRACK*

Week 2:
Stock A) outperformed 5% this week....underperformance in CAPS now 15%  *TRACK*
Stock B) underperformed 8% this week, overall 18% underwater in CAPS..... *ACCUMULATE*

See?  FUN!  Investing can be FUN!  [more]



A Sinner in a Vacuum (SVA)

November 25, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: SVA

So... next week shall shed some intriguing light over SVA's just announced today Joint Venture.

They will be 55% owners in a joint venture for a facility that will increase their human vaccine production.

SVA is a rarity in Biotech where they have lots of positive cash flow and little to no debt.
At any time they can tap their recently registered shelf to generate up to $10 million dollars more of money for expansion purposes....of course as I understand it this would be share dillution for investors.... But the impact of SVA expanding their business easily offsets share dillution if they TAP the Shelf Registration because of their need to fund this Joint Venture.

So.... This is simple...This is going to make SVA move from small cap to mid cap when all is said and done.

Hmm.... and people thought H1N1 was the reason to be an SVA investor? .... Think again.

DISCLOSURE:  I own 350 shares of SVA.....Yes... I am a sinner in a vacuum... SIN-O-VAC  [more]



See? I TOLD YOU SO!!! (MTXX) Zicam's Possible Payout

November 24, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MTXX.DL

I own 1,000 shares of MTXX.   I've been over the past few weeks talking about the stock.. Heck... It's been over a month!!

Ultimately... When I read the following article from INVESTOPEDIA:

First thing in my mind was See?  I TOLD YOU SO!!!!   Cause I said this stuff weeks ago!

I've been chasing this falling knife from an upper 5 handle down to $4.10.

Talk about Johnny come lately?   Doubt I'll get the credit for making the points I made that the ORAL product will indeed increase in sales enough to keep the company afloat through their legal fights....after losing their nasal product....  The liquid.... the chewable....the swallowable....the disolveable....

They have products for COLD, ALLERGY, and the FLU... This isn't really a 1-hit wonder stuck in that sense... They are an OTC high growth stock that is in a vulnerable state right now where they are easy pickings for GREEDY GREEDY investors like Varchild2008.

Warren Buffet says Buy when Investors are FEARFUL..... Well???? I've been doing that with MTXX!

I'm not going to bring all that up again....   But... Looking at where MTXX is right now... Stock traded up 3 cents despite heavy pressure all day long today.... That's stabalization in share price ever since it bottomed out at $3.61 for now....  No way to tell if $3.61 is the stock's bottom price or if it will create a new bottom so a bit of warning out COULD go lower still. 

Bad news in terms of the FDA could send it the stock below $3.61.... I think....   Good News could send the stock to a DOUBLE..short term....maybe TRIPLE....long term...

But I like MTXX simply because ZICAM IS AN AMERICAN NAMEBRAND PRODUCT... And you just don't *short* stuff like that...   Anyone want to *short*  7UP?  how about Porsche???  Hey....Short my Structure T-Shirts!

But know that a beverage that FAILED in America many many many decades ago... Actually is still a living breathing beverage owned by a living breathing beverage company.  MOXIE COLA.... The First ever COLA produced period!  In America and perhaps the World....  MOXIE COLA <-----

If MOXIE COLA still exists.....  ZICAM under any financial pressures from the company that owns the rights to manufature, sell the drug will live on.

Because ZICAM is America's WONDER DRUG for the COMMON COLD.

My Elementary School Teacher said that a company that comes out with the cure for the Common Cold will make a fortune.... ZICAM isn't exactly a Cure.. but it is sure darn close to one....and Varchild2008 wants to make money alongside the company that has a biggest, baddest, weapon against the COMMON COLD.

Seriously though.... Now is the time to get serious and start researching MTXX.... 
I think the idea the company doesn't survive... that kind of palpable fear..that drove the stock to $3.61... I think that's subsiding... and real analysis from the LONGs are starting to win out over the "It doesn't have nasal spray!" short sellers....

But.. what do I know?  I'm just a moron....reporting to you about an investment in my portfolio that I like.

DISCLOSURE:  I was wrong about (HOTT), (AAI), (EAG), (NIHK), ad nauseum this year....  [more]



President Jimmy Carter II....10 months in...We all want out

November 23, 2009 – Comments (3)

So President Jimmy Carter II's (That would be Pres. Barack Obama for those who agree with whatever Markous Moulitsas of Daily Kos says), foreign policy advisors are scared about Pres. Jimmy Carter II being compared to Pres. Jimmy Cater I.

Well... Here's some advice.

1)  Focus on the Job Market and spurring some economic growth by making business CHEAPER and less Regulatory to run.....

2)  Actually accomplish something when you take an Extended Stay America trip to Asia....or anywhere overseas.

3)  Stop walking, talking, breathing, eating, sleeping, teleprompting (err wait did Jimmy Carter have a teleprompter?) exactly like Jimmy Carter....


Ya know when Americans stop getting killed on American Soil under YOUR WATCH because you and the upper established elites in power are more concerned about the feelings of Terrorists than the safety and security of our Soldiers on their own Army Base....

Yea... MAYBE you will not have to face JIMMY CARTER comparisons...

But.. Based on seeing GALLUP struggle mightilly to get your Approval Numbers any higher than 49% of late....  I don't think you can expect anything other than a comparison to JIMMY CARTER...

And the way it is starting to shape up???   I'd personally would prefer JIMMY CARTER as president than this current REPLICA.  [more]




November 20, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: MTXX.DL

Thank You Rush Limbaugh!!!

I put a truck load of cash in this stock at $4.10 / $4.15.   The thing is more than 10 cents above my price point and I am already experiencing an insane gain in investment.

The real truth is that High Risk Investing works more often than not if you put together a smart evaluation strategy together and truly go after the fundamental research of a company.

ZICAM may have problems with the FDA and with a pending civil lawsuit..... ZICAM may have competitor products on the market that do the same thing...perhaps for less....

Nontheless, most people aren't going to abandon the drug that was the FIRST product on the market and thus the BEST product on the market for taking care of your colds so they don't take care of you.

ZICAM is a tremendous product.... It is a NEED instead of a WANT product.

Today's skyrocketing price action in ZICAM comes on news that MATRIX has responded to the FDA and furthermore is demanding by way of FOIA request for what if any evidence the FDA has that ZICAM's nose products cause loss of smell.

I think investors are thinking there is now a good chance that the FDA doesn't have evidence and thus without evidence/facts.... the legal lawsuit case will be founded on nothing but heresay.

Regardless of the pending results of FDA scrutiny and the pending Lawsuit case against Matrix Initiatives, it is just a great thing to see Matrix fight back for the sake of their company and their shareholders and employees.... and for the sake of a great, wonderful, drug that helps you reduce the effects of allergies, flu, or common cold.  (ZICAM comes in 3 different flavors...FLU, Allergy, and Cold).

ZICAM is not your typical 1 hit wonder....  ZICAM is a breakthrough drug that has lots of potential to produce tremendous sales even inspite of the Nasal Brand being pulled off the shelves.

ZICAM works.....  ZICAM thus will survive... And given MTXX's ridiculously, critical RSI situation...oversold status... It is no surprise the stock price is jumping up big today.  [more]



Coca-cola's loss is PEPSI & DR. Pepper's gain

November 17, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: KDP , PEP

I am a shareholder of (DPS) 526 shares.   Not a shareholder of (PEP).

But, the way I see it....  With no Coca-cola on store shelves at COSTCO nationwide... That could translate into surprising increase in sales for all other company soft drinks.

So the semi-pessimistic outlook given by DPS for Q4 may be offset by a boost in sales nationwide at COSTCO.... less selection...less competition....More sales....  This also helps PEPSI and any other company's selling soft drinks at COSTCO.

If you want to invest in off-brands.... do a search or visit your local COSTCO to see if there's anything out there...maybe (COT) gets a boost? (HANS) ??? 



is NPD GROUP misleading investors about Video Game Sales??

November 16, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI , EA , TTWO

It has already been a beaten up topic about the fact that NPD GROUP's sales figures *never* cover DLC content..... And to not cover DLC means leaving out such things as:

A)  Smart Phone Video Game Market

B)  Unheard of Platforms like ZEEBO in Mexico...

C)  XBOX/PS3/Wii  downloads of video games and video game content.

D)  Used Video Games market through Amazon & E-bay & Gamestop.

Among other things.... All not covered in NPD GROUP sales figures....

But here's something on my nerves... That is much more troubling.

On October 27th, 2009.... Tekken 6 released for all platforms to HUGE sales fanfare.... In fact the C.E.O. that very weekend had to issue out a new batch of 2.5 million copies based on the immediate impact of sales on the title.

And just how many copies of Tekken 6 were sold in America?  In NPD GROUP's Sales Figures?


????????????????????????    I DO NOT KNOW!!!  And Apparently no one else does either!

Look at the WIKI for October NPD Group Sales Figures:  [more]



Ford.... Only Billionairres would ever bother buying FORD Shares

November 16, 2009 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: F

6 days ago John Rosevear made a case against (F) FORD.  This so moved George Soros.....John's eloquent and intelligent analysis of FORD's share price, fundamentals, and actual true value of the company penetrated the heart of a Billionairre....

Of course I jest...I kid....the reality is that I am probably BANNED from Motely Fool other than Blog Posts for how heated I get when I see Motley Fool article writers continuing to BASH  (F) Ford and other stocks that do not warrant such treatment.

It really irks me that these analysts don't take a FAIRNESS DOCTRINE approach to present both sides of the FORD story fairly..... so as not to motivate someone to dump their shares or buy shares on pure emotion after reading the article.... 

In other words.. Don't Motivate people to do something by over hyping or over bashing a stock like FORD.

In short... John Rosevear's arguments were not listened to..heeded by.... George Soros....

Soros has created a new stake in (F) Ford....

My original stake was as low as $5.07.    I sold that stake to buy back on a dip at $5.80.   I bought several times on a 5 handle before then adding to my stake at a 7 handle.

The stock trades above 8 and thus I have a huge...huge....profit riding on (F) right now.

So....  Welcome aboard George Soros... even though I don't like your politics.  [more]



Analyzing Charts through Gibberish to predict 2010 S&P 500

November 16, 2009 – Comments (3)

Will the S&P 500 trade UP or finally come crashing down on us in a big..but much needed...correction?  It is time to give a GIBBERISH  Analyses to predict S&P 500 perfromance for 2010.  Can pure GIBBERISH end up predicting the future????

1)   We shall start with a Pragnosticator Frag Line from March Lows to Present in order to shed light on an apple Farm....Perferrably an Apple Farm run by (MSO) with all of the Thread Counting Goodness.

As you can see from this chart:

So... We will use Bil McLaren as our  Pragnosticator Frag Line and so far Bill McLaren Pragnosticator Frag Line is essentially trending in a Downward Diagonal Plunge away from the S&P 500.  As S&P 500 marches higher...Frag Line falls ever lower.

2)  Now we introduce the Kupple Splat..  It's a gerbil like animal that has no bicuspids.

Should the Kupple Splat re-mediate around the Wall Street Floor...bounding from one trading floor to the next....knocking investors over and causing all sorts of havok as computer plugs get chewed up by a Bicsupid-less Kupple Splat....

The S&P 500 would end up doing the Jitter Bug....all the way from Janaury 2010 to June 2010.

Of course... The chance of a Kupple Splat ever making its way inside Wall Street is the ratio of Sun Drops to Raisins  minus how many frogs exist in a Pond.... Or about 1*5.432 / 765.19 - *U 

The problem here is the dastardly *U (Asterisk U) which I don't believe will surface as quickly as sometime in January... The darn *U!!!!!     Should it surface .. oh man.... Fire department time!!!  Flatten the Hatches!!!  Bar the Spores!!!   The Stock market shall GORE itself ALIVE!

3)  *U  <------ Watch out!!  It's coming!!!  11/10/2009!!!!!  oops..

4)   So... That crazy Pragnosticator Line can't possibly rally and head up making the S&P 500 plunge at all from January 2010 to beginning of June 2010.

What happens after June 2010?   Stay Tuned for More Gibberish from Varchild 2008 to find out!

P.S.  I hate CHART TECH speak cause it makes just as much sense as I just did above.



Senator Barack Obama Supporting H.R. 666 (Khaleid's Freedom)

November 15, 2009 – Comments (7)

Ok.. Not quite 666.... but it is H.R. 6166.... Come on?  3 6s... and a 1... The ONE supporting an H.R. 666..

The very bill appearing after Democrats took over Congress in 2006 that would eventually lead up to today... in which President Barack Obama would call for a CIVILIAN SHOW TRIAL in New York City instead of what Senator Barack Obama said would happen which is a Military Tribunal.

Us Conservatives want a Military Tribunal.....  Barack knows that....  This is the same Clintonesque B.S. we get from Liberal Lefties all the time.... They love TALKING like a Conservative to get "votes" and then govern as a "lefty" when they get political power.

So..  Khaleid, 911 Mastermind, gets his Show Trial in New York City... Ground Zero?  how nice... (rolls eyes)...

What next for President Obama?  Let's hold hands and sing songs of love and happiness with Supreme Commander of Iran?  [more]



Varchild issues opinion on (MTXX)

November 12, 2009 – Comments (3)

I am loaded with 1,000 shares of MTXX due to my emotional feeling and ignorance that this company is severely oversold.  Am I wrong?  Should I dump my stake and succomb to the sell off spree that has been going on at least since September?

Well... you be the judge....

First.... The Laundry List of Negatives:

1)  It will be MONTHS before the legal, lawsuit, FDA, assault is over against Matrixx Initiative's Nasal ZICAM versions which contained ZINC, which made some people lose sense of smell.

2)  The company is pumping out cashola to invest in marketing and advertisement.  None of this expense ends until MARCH 2010.   This plus #1 = projected net loss for the 2nd half of their fiscal year.

3)  Even with an RSI of 22% before the opening bell.... this stock found away to plunge another 8.5% or more.  Now it is RSI 17% and I laugh at this cause I don't know how low the RSI must be for anyone to think the stock is oversold.

4)  Walgreens, some weird Air Bender or whatever company, plus who knows who else have their own version of some if not all of what Matrixx Initatives sells.   Walgreen's product works the same as ZICAM for a cheaper price.... nice....yay.....yippe..... MTXX is getting NETFLIXED.

In this ridiculous recession people are flocking to off-brand everything...well...except for video games....  So of course people will flock to the off-brand drug versions of ZICAM when it means a savings of $1.00 or more per box.

5)  With MATRIXX Initatives carrying a steep debt burdon + Lawsuit battle + only a meager $23.5+- million on the balance sheet.... They don't have the DOLLAR POWER to beat back the off-brand momentum....

6)  Yes.. Rush Limbaugh keeps pumping ZICAM on his radioshow.  But that could easily just translate to people buying the WALGREEN version of ZICAM and not necessarilly specifically MTXX's ZICAM.

Ok.....Before I decide to dump my entire stake in MTXX first thing on MONDAY for a hefty loss here are the positives:

1)  Rush Limbaugh (IS) talking about ZICAM and not mentioning off-brands.  Many customers may not realize and it may take months before they realize there are cheaper off-brand products that do the same thing...... Of course I am not helping the situation at all by giving VOICE to these off-brands...*sigh*

2)  AgFEED Industries (FEED) was a 2008 investment I gave up on based on exact same scenario in share price action.  The Stock dipped to $1.01 or so.... before finally in early 2009 jumping back up eventually going to about $5.00 a share.  Whose to say MTXX doesn't have similar experience in 2010?  Whose to say?

3)  IAW with a PR Newswire presser issued by MTXX, pharmacists ARE recommending ZICAM to customers.... Before you suggest that a Walgreen's Pharmacist will point to a Walgreen's version and not to ZICAM.....  I know that CVS in early September was issuing a pricing discount and a huge banner advertisement for ZICAM drugs at their store... 

So pharmicies least I have personal witness experience...trying to sell ZICAM...

4)  ZICAM gets prominent display in many stores...  Walgreen's has it at their cash register counter AND at TOP SHELF in their Cold/Allergy aisle.   I personally witnessed several empty gaps where a box would be.... So the stuff is getting sold.... inspite of the Off-Brand products.

5)  There are only 9.5 million shares of MTXX outstanding.  That is a riduclously small amount of outstanding shares....  Therefore.... As dillutive as it would be... MTXX can and probably will / should issue more shares of stock to help pay off their pending Court Case expenses and especially if they lose in Court and have to fork over a pretty penny to the Lawsuit's Demands.

I witnessed a stock (EXXI) that is a Oil/Nat Gas play skyrocket after they performed a manuever to help their finances.   MTXX can do similar things to help their finances simply for being a public traded stock.

Ok.....   6 powerful negatives....    5 powerful positives.....

hmm.... To sell....or suffer?  which will it be....?  [more]



Varchild issues his opinion on GME

November 12, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Based on sales of Uncharted 2, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Tekken 6, and many other HOT HOT HOT titles this Holiday Season....

GME is a gigantic....SUPER..... OMG!   BUY...

DISCLOSURE:  Varchild doesn't own any shares of GME or ever plans to own them due to owning shares of 3 Video Game stocks (ATVI), (GAME), (CYOU).

P.S.  I would absolutely buy GME right here right now..... Yes... I know Goldman Sachs lowered their opinion of GME.   This is not what it seems.   GME is still a BUY... It's just not a conviction list BUY.

I am here to say that the Goldman Sachs analyst is absolutely correct to lower their opinion because they did not do it in such a way to suggest GME is a HOLD or SELL or Strong Sell...
But in a way to caution investors over getting to bullish on Holiday Sales.  Besides... Goldman Sachs does this type of thing all the time... They downgraded (DPS) off the Conviction Buy List before Q2 earnings came out entirely based on stopping the GREEDY buying spree on the stock....AND NOT downgrading (DPS) because it is a bad stock.

Same goes with GME.... No one is bashing GME here as a bad investment except for JIM CRAMER who isn't a video gamer.

Well?  With Call of Duty's performance being super super super hot......beyond expectations of ATVI and the most optimist analyst...

The end result is GME is what must be bought if you wish to get into the video game sector.

In short.... JIM CRAMER = WRONG!

NERDS have united and just as you don't fight the FED..... You don't fight the NERDS.
Us NERDS will kick your behind.

P.P.S.  I personally bought Tekken 6 $150 limited version with fight stick + Metroid Prime (Wii) at Gamestop this quarter.  [more]



Varchild's 2012 Obama Impeachment Scenario Revealed

November 11, 2009 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI

Was just a few months ago that I confidently declared that President Obama will be impeached before the end of his 1st term in office.   Now, I am going to reveal how this will play out and we shall see if I am even remotely correct in my predictions.

Here's what I am going to throw out as a case against Obama in terms of Impeachment:

1)  Ft. Hood

I don't think this fiasco is going to get Pres. Obama considered for Impeachment.  But, then again... Investigations are still on going?  So.. I could be wrong...

I am zeroing in on something known at the time of my original prediction... Ft. Hood did not happen when I said months ago that Obama will be impeached.

This is what happened:

2)  Inspector General George Walpin fired after investigating why President Obama didn't bar Kevin Johnson from handling CNCS money after the fraud charge was proven true and Kevin Johnson had to pay back $400,000.

That alone is going to be the spark to generate a move towards Obama's impeachment.

Of course... None of this impeachment talk can possibly happen with the Inspector General situation alone and with both houses of congress firmly in control by the Democrats.... And with the atmosphere still being hugely negative towards impeachment after the CLINTON fiasco.

But.... I think those obstacles will go away and impeachment highly likely because frankly Pres. Obama has an EGO MANIA problem.

Instead of settling the case in court against him.... Gerald Walpin vs. Pres. Obama

I strongly believe Pres. Obama's ego will get the best of him and the court case will be heard.
And Given that the other Inspector Generals have already come in to the defense and support of Gerald Walpin by dropping all charges against him made by Pres. Obama as his excuse for firing Gerald Walpin..... I think the court case could get really ugly....really quick...

This whole mess with Ft. Hood... which is an inanity....a tragedy....and a clear Home Grown Islamist Extremist Jihadist Threat that could have been stopped before it happened.... 

Well.. The Ft. Hood diaster is just clear evidence of Pres. Obama's uncontrollable EGO MANIA problem where everything he does and says is absolutely calculated towards getting his OBAMACARE to pass into law and essentially spurring 100% unstoppable Democrat Liberal Socialist Rule......

OBAMACARE is why Pres.Obama has yet to say what his Afghanistan policy will be.... He wanted to get that past the HOUSE and into the SENATE before making up his mind on Afghanistan because it's obvious the only correct answer is to go with the Generals on the Ground....Who strongly believe General McChrystal's plan which was similar to Pres. Bush's plan is the correct path to victory.

If you have misgivings on the plan... then BENCHMARK it.....  set up MILESTONES....  Do whatever it takes to gain confidence in the plan.... Don't just sit and Dawdle around while our soldiers over seas are dying..  Not on Veteran's Day... Not on THIS Veteran's Day...

Pres. Obama's EGO is why he will continue to get himself into 1 disaster after another carelessly only thinking about himself and his 2012 re-election chances and not about doing his job as Commander in Chief and President of the Free World.... United States of America.


P.S.  While investors were dumping their shares of ATVI and shorting ATVI and *quitting* and getting all scared about ATVI......  www, has an article showing that 1.23 million copies of Call of Duty or almost TWICE THAT of GTA4 were sold in the U.K.  [more]



Frightening Truth: Why Buffet *really* bought Burlington Northern

November 09, 2009 – Comments (8)

Let's say you are 100% Bearish on the U.S. Economy...

You expect:

A)  No Job Creation Improvement at all.. in fact it gets worse all through 2010.

B)  Durable Goods + Manufacturing could collapse under the lack of consumer spending.

Now let's say you are a Multi-Billion...perhaps Trillion $  Corporation.....  Why Buy a Railroad company?  Why?

What good will it be if America's Businesses are falling off a cliff and you know it for a fact that at least 2010 is an absolute disaster.  You could not be more pessimistic....

. . . . . .  Answer?

Well.... Let's analyze something....

What Goods would the railroad company ship around country if America's Businesses in America are falling off a cliff?  

The answer is simple....

PRECIOUS METALS................GOLD...............  Plenty of it to ship around and the price keeps going higher.

But that's not all to look forward to....

CHINA is BUYING  America!   Not just China.... All Sorts of Foreign companys are eyeballing America as a level playing field as so many of America's company's are stuck having to kill thousands of jobs...

(ERTS)  1,500 more jobs going to be cut
(S)   2,500 mroe jobs to be cut...

America is floundering around....   This means that it is the BEST opportunity for Foreign Corporations to come to America and scoop up the mess left behind by the American Company's filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

Foreign Company's aren't burdened with the American Tax System and Healthcare Costs and so on as the bulk of their business will always be within their own country's much friendlier atmosphere....  So they can deal with America's Atrocious High Cost of Doing Business much better than well..... America can!

So You're Railroad will need to be around to ship Goods Made by Foreign Competitor Nation's Company's.... 

Need Railroads to ship (CYOU) Video Games... and soon (GAME) Shanda Game's is going to come to America....

need Railroads to ship Chrysler Vehicles.... that in which are owned by FIAT....

China's GEELY is going to own VOLVO and you can bet they have plans to sell VOLVO here in the U.S. at some point....

It all makes sense....  Buy a Railroad now while they are cheap and earn BIG $$$$$ when Foreign Competition starts flooding the American Markets.

Warren Buffet betting on America?    Huh!   Not Hardly.  [more]



Varchild pulls (BAC) underperform rating

November 09, 2009 – Comments (3)

I pulled my winning BAC underperform rating after realizing that there are quite a healthy number of intelligent people in the CNBC world that are bullish on this stock.

Also.... can't underperform BAC behind the selection of a C.E.O.  The day a C.E.O. is selected could propel the stock higher if the investor community feels like pricing a stock higher based on C.E.O. selection like they sometimes do based on a Board of Director's pick.

So.... I'd consider taking out your underperform on BAC yourself... do your research and leave me alone if I am wrong.... just kidding..... I'm always wrong!  Just check comments below:-)  [more]



(ATVI) Qs and As from a Video Game Addict

November 09, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI , TTWO

Question:  Given Buy on the rumor "Call of Duty set to break entertainment industry sales records"
should I Profit Take ATVI tomorrow on the news?

Answer:  Probably YES....  But, I don't personally have the GUTS to do it.  Plus, even if we get a massive Volatility Spike in ATVI based on "Buy on rumor...Sell on News" scenario and you miss out on this action by holding.... You are essentially setting yourself up for Starcraft II where the madness will happen all over again.

Question:  Is BLIZZARD permanently blocked from accepting FEEs and New Memberships in CHINA for World of Warcraft?

Answer: recently reported over the Weekend that the Chinese Regulatory Agency on Culture just told the Press and Publication Agency that they over stepped their authority.  If the Chinese Culture agency wins this FEUD over who has the authority to regulate Online Video Gaming in China, then BLIZZARD's and NETEASE's WOW Profits in CHINA will commence.  Since I don't expect anymore volatility from CHINA after that for 2010.... ATVI could be set to *automatically* perform as good if not considerably better next year versus 2009 just from getting WOW accepted in CHINA.

P.S.  WOW is still online in CHINA.... This issue is about accepting FEEs and New Memberships. 
Question: Out of all Video Gaming Stocks Varchild is currently not invested in, which one is a MUST BUY?

Answer:  Square/Enix    :    Catalyst   Final Fantasy 13  for the XBOX 360?  For More Platforms than ever before and at a time when Console Systems couldn't be any cheaper to buy? *sold*

         2nd choice:   BANDAI/NAMCO          Believe the TEKKEN 6 Hype.  [more]



Awaiting Apology from CODY & Street.Com

November 09, 2009 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: F

I will be here silently awaiting an Apology from www.TheStreet.Com telling investors before (F) rallied 10.7% last week and perhaps another 4% today that everyone invested in (F) should go against the grain and SELL their stake.

I will be here silently awaiting an Apology from CODY of FOX BUSINESS telling investors before (F) rallied 10.7% last week and perhaps another 4% today that everyone invested in (F) should dump out of the (F) completely and find another stock because the debt burdon is too big and (F) added a Dept. of Energy loan for their electric battery powered Car technology plant.

No.... Not an apology directed to ME..... Rather an apology should be directed towards any investor that sold/dumped their stake in (F) solely based on the advice of or CODY of Fox Business.

It would be the right thing to do considering the likelihood (F) could exceed $8.86 before the year is out and produce a new 52-week high.

It traded as high as $8.07 today..perhaps higher.... These gains + possible future gains are not going to be ones enjoyed by those who SOLD (F) last week off their advice. 

Neither CODY  nor  are stock analysts or financial advisors and most people know not to take their opinions beyond that of an opinion.

But inexperienced investors jumping on (F) after Q2 earnings report may not realize that.

Oh and JIM CRAMER (mad money) does apologize and admit to being wrong when he is wrong.

So CODY.... MAN UP!  [more]



Whining Doesn't Make Anyone Money (F) and (ATVI)

November 06, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: KDP , ATVI , F

Perhaps two of the biggest stocks that have the most WHINING from Analysts, CNBC or Fox Business Reporters, and etc. is currently (F) and (ATVI).

Just a short time ago (F) reported sensational earnings for Q3.  Shortly after that they report sensational numbers in October considering the Cash for Clunkers program was gone and the economy has gotten WORSE  (let me repeat that for Motley Fool Article Writers)....Economy has gotten WORSE..... (let me repeat that for JIM CRAMER and TheStreet.Com Journalists)..... America's Economy has gotten WORSE.... Unemployment much higher than last year at this time.

And.....Sales in October....were UP 3% year over year in October for (F)....

As for ATVI???  Revenue was a triple digit LOSS last year as compared to a $15 million profit in the last quarter....    Despite the economy being WORSE.

Instead of CODY from Fox Business writing about how great an accomplishment this was for FORD....  Instead of RICK acknowledging how the environment for video games is down significantly and yet ATVI pulls a revenue profit?  RICK should be drooling at these numbers and not WHINING and MOANING about them.

I mean my god....  and CODY from Fox Business at the same day..pretty much the same time.... Just Tag Teamed up to produce a DOOM and GLOOM article on (F) Ford telling investors to SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL... Dump your stake in (F) Ford..

So what happens?????  After hitting $7.58 on earnings report day the stock performs miserably under the weight of the "Holloween Special" that is "Your Typical Journalist that works at TheStreet.Com or Reporter who walks around with a fancy Coat on Fox Business" telling everyone to dump out of FORD....

Of course the stock price dove!!!    Why wouldn't it????   These entities have thousands if not millions of readers/viewers daily hearing/seeing what they have to say..... 

*OH MY GOD*  *THEY ARE RIGHT*     I must....*kill*  *Frank Drevin*   (err wait that's from the Naked Gun Movies)   I mean I stake in FORD.

Had Varchild 2008 sold off his stake entirely after reading CODY's words.....a few days ago....And the eyeball the fantastic 4+% rally in the stock price today.... Yea... I'd be incredibly angry...upset...and well furious with everyone that lives on the planet.

Thankfully.... I don't listen to these RICK ARISTOTLEs  of the world.  or "Where's Waldo" type Fickle Festivals you get from Standard and Poors changing their minds from 1 quarter to the next about what the price target should be for (DPS).

Enough already!   These Analysts are the same types who thought the unemployment numbers would improve in the 2nd half of 2009.  [more]



Lowering Opinion of WHR from $55 to $50

November 06, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: WHR

I own 56 shares of WHR and the motivating reason for not increasing my stake beyond that for months is my inclination that Whirlpool was way overbought given the state of the economy.

It is also why I put a share price target of $55.00 a share despite seeing the share price touch $80.00.

With not just double digit unemployment... but +.2% beyond that....  There's no way anyone can sit here thinking they expected it to go +.4% in 1 month.  That is an acceleration and not the SPIN MACHINE on CNBC trying to point out to some deceleration that does not exist.

If anything exists... There is a deceleration in the decline of job losses... By that I mean we can expect non-farm payrolls to produce bigger numbers in early 2010 versus the V shaped chart we see now....  I see August - October showing a major deceleration in how many less job losses occured in last month versus pervious to last month.

Or at least that's my cautionary SPIN on the numbers....  Cause numbers don't improve *just cause*  Numbers can't improve for employment *simply because they always have before*

They improve only when there exists TODAY or in the near future some sort of catalyst which will motivate businesses to expand / hire / and grow their sales figures.   Where's the catalyst?

In the face of OBAMACARE....... CAP AND TRADE........  President Obama's promise to NOT give anyone a Tax Cut (because we all know the stimulus package only sent out Welfare Checks in the form of Tax Credits)...... And certainly we know those tax credit thingies were just a Political Stunt Ploy never meant to actually generate job growth, because the "RICH" Business Owners.... The Businesses of America didn't get a tax reduction!!

Obamacare was designed to ensure that our Health Care Costs will keep going UP.....  The premise to cut healthcare costs for Businesses only exists in the Republican Alternative Bill released yesterday.

So in short.... In face of economic malaise... I fully expect the Share Price 12 months from now will touch $50.00.

I find it amusing even though this means I will lose a bit of money watching it fall....Because Standard and Poor's recently raised their price target from $55 to $80.  

(Predicition) Standard and Poor's having to lower their 12 month price target on WHR in 3.....2.......1..  [more]



Investors are dumping out of Beverage Stocks

November 05, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: MNST , KDP

That's my explanation... Not only did I see (DPS) take a plunge despite some tremendous set of news regarding their earnings beat...their profit beat....   Inexplicable plunge to a 26 handle.... But after hours market (HANS) is also taking a major beating....  And this inspite of THEIR tremendous earnings report showing growth all over the place.



But it's not a "Sales" growth..... *psssh*

Oh  [more]



IPO WARS: Varchild vs. Motley Fool vs. Jim Cramer

November 03, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: SEM

Stock Investors seek Stocks that outperform the S&P 500.  But, how can you find such a stock when it is brand new?  On IPO day, September 25th, 2009 there were 3 entities analyzing 3 different IPOs.

JIM CRAMER on Mad Money told investors on September 24th, 2009 to buy Select Med (SEM).

MOTLEY FOOL protested in a sense by saying that everyone is overlooking Vitacost (VITC) in favor of other more popular choices.

VARCHILD2008 said those 2 bums couldn't find a good IPO even if Warren Buffet sent it to them by way of postcard.  (well actually....all he said was to buy GAME and stay away from VITC and SEM).

So?  In terms of peformance against the S&P 500  to date let's take a look at the 3 stocks!

(VITC)               -11.25 against the S&P 500
(SEM)               -4.01  against the S&P 500
(GAME)            -1.59  against the S&P 500

Neither of these 3 stocks is outperforming the S&P 500 and by that standard alone neither of these three stocks are technically...geek speakily....Lingo-esque-ily  "Good Investments."

However....  GAME has the wind at their backs with now multiple days trading up ever since the C.E.O's announcement that they expect video games in China to produce 18% average growth annually for the next 5 years and for Shanda Games to do even better than that.  They also mentioned how little of their business is overseas and their interest for expanding into the United State's Online Gaming Market.

This announcement comes on the heels of (CYOU) ChangYou's announcement of DRAGON OATH online video game in open beta test in the United States.  (Varchild2008 gives this a score of 7.5 out of 10 which for a first attempt is pretty good.  The game needs a Spell Checker.).

Anyhow.... All of this craziness was already factored into my head when deciding to throw my own cash to buy 155 shares of GAME and 30 shares of CYOU.   It is obvious these game company's are being relatively shielded in CHINA with their CHINA markets..... and That they will be coming to the United States to try and rip away World of Warcraft Gamers to their side....

I think they will find some success in the United States.... But I also think it will be very, very, challenging... I would give (GAME) the better shrugs chance of being successful in America more than (CYOU) at this time.... But then again GAME has yet to release a product of any kind, BETA or otherwise in the U.S.

Let's just say I am not entirely impressed with Dragon Oath.... but I still continue to play it and give it a chance to grow on me.

BOTTOM LINE:    GAME is outperforming the other 2 IPO stocks right now..... They have the wind at their backs....  I say this one starts outperforming the S&P 500 in 2010 and beyond.  [more]



Against the Grain: Buy FORD (F)

November 03, 2009 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: F

HOLD or BUY your stake in (F) is going against the grain...

TheStreet.Com  /  "Wrong about DPS when they were bearish" .com

Has just told shareholders to sell their stake in FORD.... Effectively opening up a mass sell-off at some point which would lead to being able to buy (F) on the cheap.

How is going against the grain on (F) translate to SELL?  and not BUY?

As far as I can tell (F) did not close at or above a 52-week high.  In fact it closed last night a full $1.28 below 52-week high of $8.86.

If this was pushing to new highs and someone said SELL!!!!  Then I'd believe that would certainly be going against the grain.

But telling people to CONVICTION BUY (F) and providing an $11.00 price target?  NOW THAT in today's world is Going Against the Grain.

There are still plenty of All Stars squeamish over Ford's debt and share dillution and other balance sheet problems.

There is still a chorus of anxst over the UAW rejection of the contract deal.

There is still a host of BEARS out there on (F).

Goldman Sachs's $11.00 .... Not the "'s  Anal Retentiveness" is what it means when you say to Go Against the Grain.

Goldman Sachs consistently goes against the grain on a lot of stocks saying Haliburton was a buy long before anyone else would.  Jim Cramer beat up Goldman Sachs after they declared HAL as a buy ... this was much earlier in the year.  Yet HAL's share price went higher and higher and Jim Cramer's reputation went lower and lower with it.

Face the facts..... (F) FORD is a *Load em Up* stock long term....   [more]



Varchild increases ATVI Stake to 688

November 02, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI , MTXX.DL

Just increased my ATVI stake to 688 from 640....@ 10.46.

Have to believe that the FEAR MONGERING by analysts and the panic stricken sell off prior to earnings report is massively over-done.... what with the ATVI now underperforming S&P 500 dramatically and the RSI value incredibly critically low.

Of course my previous purchase of MTXX for the same reasons has only resulted in the share price finding new ways to dip further.

But.... My MTXX and ATVI thesis is that the SWOON will reverse itself in 2010 if not sooner.  [more]



Daily Kos Readers think there IS an Individual Opt Out

November 01, 2009 – Comments (1)

Daily Kos readers (without actually presenting or sighting or referencing anything in the 1990 paged bill to back up their argument) claims indviduals have the right to opt-out of the Public Option.

Well... Take a look at page 94 of the 1990 paged document:


   (1)  In General...  Individual Health Insurance Coverage that is not GRANDFATHERED in (to the Public Option -- Varchild2008 comment)  under subsection (a) may only be offered on or after the first day of Y1 as an Exchange-Participating Health Benefits Plan."

The DAILY KOS argument is essentially that because it is an option, therefore you as an individual can chose not to sign up.    Huh?  They why is there Grandfathering language written in?

Grandfathering language in HR3200  AND THIS BILL are as far as I can tell the same deal where you're individual plan will eventually be changed into a Government Public Option Plan or at least be forced with strict changes and mandates set up by the Secretary of Health and Human services.

Don't believe me? 

"Page 93.... Read Line 13
(Paraphrased as the stupid bill collapsed on me)
In no case shall an employment based health insurance plan be deemed acceptable if it covers only one or more of the clauses in (i) through (iii)."

This Bill is set up to where it is inconceivable to imagine that the Government Run Health Care Bill is anything but a massive take over of the Health Insurance Industry.   Number clauses spell out how the Secretary gets to set up his/her own set of rules on Exchange Traded Health Insurance Coverage and what insurance is acceptable versus what is not....   All Health Care Coverage is set up to have to cover everything the Government Run Option is supposed to cover without any ability to set limits based on domestic violence, age, health status, etc.

The impact to your Health Insurance Company when this bill passes is going to be that your premiums will sky rocket and you as an indvidual will not be able to afford your "Choice" unless your choice is the Government Run Public Option.

D-KOS readers labeling Sean Hannity as dumb while not bothering to actually read the bill when forming their arguments:

If this is the typical intelligence level of a liberal voter then no wonder they vote liberal.

I can go and vote liberal too!!!!!!    I'll just hit myself in the head with a sledgehammer so that I am inacpable of reading much less doing research on a Pelosi Health Insurance Coverage Bill and then just sit and drool in front of my T.V. with MSNBC Blaring.

Seriously....  If these DAILY KOS Readers did even the slightest bit of reading of this bill then I don't see how they can possibly stake this claim that individuals can opt out of this monstrosity which essentially gets to be interpreted by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT in any way they see fit to issue rules and mandates against the Health Insurance you currently have...  [more]

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