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November 2010



Ford is Doomed!!

November 30, 2010 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: F

Given the share price slippage so far this week in front of what says is going to be really good November Car Sales, one has to wonder what is going on?  Why are investors shorting/slamming/putting  the Ford Stock below $16.00 now?

Here's my theory:

A)  Sales of the VOLT are so darn good that this vehicle is apparently the only vehicle shoppers want to buy anymore.  Therefore,  FORD is going to report a sales figure of NOTHING in December.

Or.... Perhaps this is what's in store:

B)  Alan Mullaly resigns as C.E.O. declaring that all earnings reports, financial documents, and sales figures were completely made up SATYAM style  (SAY)!!!!

Or...... Perhaps the explanation for the share price slippage is this....

C)  Standard and Poor's is correcting their last Share Price target for FORD because it was a TYPO.  They did not mean to say (F) Ford should have a $18.00 price target.  They actually meant $1.80.  The darn decimal point was misplaced.

Of course... I think we all know the actual reason is this:

D)  The Amount of money the General Motors UAW earned off the IPO was enough to short (F) Ford Stock down to ZERO thus finally eliminating one of their competitors once and for all!!!!!  Muahahahahahahahah.

Of course..... It could just mean the lingering excitement over General Motors IPO is still present and some Ford investors are still switching over to become GM investors.  [more]



A Cash heavy stock no one notices (MKSI)...

November 22, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MKSI

There is a cash heavy stock, Mid-Cap no one notices out there....

Cash is super important....  But.. I decided to do a special screener search for cash heavy stocks with 4 or 5 CAPS star ratings and extremely low P/E and low Volume, Mid-Cap, Technology...

I was specifically using Motley Fool Screener to find a *hidden gem.*

The following  is NOT a recommendation......The only thing I recommend is for you to do the following screening:

1)  Look for Stocks between $1.00 - $3.00  range of Cash on balance sheet.

2)  Look for Mid Cap or Small Cap stocks as they tend to be ignored by the market...

3)  Look for 4+ Caps Star Stocks

4)  Use the Pull Down Menu in Motley Fool Screener to search for the sector of the economy you believe you have the most knowledge on....   For me it was Computer Technology.

Then see what comes up for you.... 

What I found for MID-CAP might interest you if you can find time during the Thanksgiving Holiday to sit down and do some research:


This one seems extremely undervalued.... low volume....... 5 Star Caps Pick.........Lots and Lots of CASH... LOW P/E..... etc. etc.  This one looks very interesting to me.

I haven't done a thorough enough research on their business.. But, they are a semiconductor stock that deals with Flat Panel Displays,  LEDs  (AKA  LED TELEVISIONS which should sell *BIG* this Christmas)...

MKSI looks to me to be a play on a breathtakingly good Christmas Season....It's a Gamble on Consumer Spending.....   [more]



Varchild's $1,000 Pledge to Sarah Palin

November 17, 2010 – Comments (4)

What is a pledge?  It is like buying a troubled stock because you strongly believe in a catalyst or two that's further down the road.  You want to believe that the catalysts will push the share price to the Jupiter...To Planet Pluto!    When it doesn't pan out you are forced to bail out of the stock for a nasty loss and hope you can find someone else.

And that's what my Pledge is about here...

I will provide Sarah Palin $1,000 of my own money IF she officially declares to run for President of the United States.

Should Sarah Palin run and not win in the Primary.... I fear it will mean because the Ultra-Leftists in America were successful in performing an "Operation Chaos" against her to push another Ultra-Leftist Republican candidate to victory in the Primaries.

You see... The Biggest problem with Sarah Palin is NOT whether she can win against President Barack Obama in the General Election.   I think that part is the easy part.

The tough part in my view is whether she can win the Primary..... What with a bazillion Republicans possibly throwing their hats in the ring and thus splitting the Conservative Vote (again) all over creation.... While the LEFTY, LIBERAL, MARKOUS MOULITAS voters will simply NOT have anyone to vote for in 2012 other than Barack Obama....

President Obama will not receive a 2012 primary challenge.. No Democratic Politician is THAT stupid to do it.

So.... Where will all of the Liberal Votes go????  Simple.... They'll switch temporarilly to Register as Republican and then start voting for whomever they think is the MOST LEFTIST politician in the Republican Primary..and thus the Weakest Link.....

Sarah Palin has no answer for LIBERAL  OPERATION CHAOS.....  And who in the heck expects all 50 states to somehow create a way to BLOCK this?????  To prevent this????

The reality.... is that none of the States in America will do anything to stop it.....They are all busy with stopping Obamacare....

So....  Who will win the Republican Primary???   I fear that answer will up to MARKOUS MOULITSAS to decide and not up to the Republican Party's Base of Voters..... Us TEA PARTY Crew.

*SIGH*   None the less.....   $1,000 is Pledged from me for Sarah Palin if she makes it absolutely official that she is running for President of the United States.

Maybe.....  Just Maybe.... A Solution to this horrid scenario will be figured out long before we cast our first ballots in Iowa.  [more]



Jeremy Grantham's No Confidence Vote in Bernanke

November 11, 2010 – Comments (4)

Hmm..... Now we have Jeremy Grantham warning about potential growing currency war and out of control inflation in not just metals or oil (which have traded the same over the years) but in everything across the board.

This is in Maria Bartriromo's  interview with Jeremy Grantham.

So while some far leftists of the AP, REUTERS, Wall Street Journal  are desperate to attack Sarah Palin for speaking out against QE2 and any other types of pump priming,  the reality is that Sarah Palin has far more Smart Friends backing her up than she has mindless journalists on the opposite end.

Who are you with?  Tax Cheat Timothy Geithner and Biased Journalists?

Or are you on the side of Jeremy Grantham, Ben Bernanke's own teammates coming out in protest over QE2, and so on?

Sarah Palin's warning about across the board inflation especially on necessities is not something to treat lightly.

Typical mentality of a Sarah Palin Obsessed Hater:

"Waaaaaaah  Waaaaaah  I don't like Conservatism.... I hate Conservatives.... Sarah = Conservative so smear attack!!  smear attack!!!!  I oppose anything she says!!! If she says the sky is blue then it is Green!!!  If she says the Earth is Round... Then it is TRIANGULAR instead!!!!"

In my opinion Sarah Palin would be a far better Fed Chairman than Ben Bernanke.
At least she wouldn't have the entire G20 upset at her for Pump Priming...sending OIL just below $90 a barrel in a matter of a few weeks.

So STOP with the thoughtless Sarah Palin hate.... and face the facts.....Before you finally are faced with a 1970s style Oil Crisis.

Not to say we will have one anytime soon as we have tons of Barrels of Oil on reserve.
But, at the same time no one wants to pay $5.00+ a gallon of gas.  Here in Michigan it is as high in some places as $3.11/3.12 a gallon.  [more]



Bernanke Gets No Confidence Vote!

November 08, 2010 – Comments (7)

And you'll never guess where the VOTE of NO Confidence is coming from for Ben Bernanke....

Apparently his own teammates that work for him are starting to come out and issue their No Confidence Vote for Ben Bernanke and his QE2 program.

"A Federal Reserve official with a close working relationship with Chairman Ben Bernanke  expressing skepticism over the Fed's new $600 billion program to bolster the economy."


And this is DAY 3  of the "FIRE BERNANKE NOW!!!!!!"  Campaign.

This is essentially Ben's big idea after hemming and hawing and hemming and hawing for months about whether not to act and he's getting nothing but Defectors on his own idea and thus on his own ability to be Fed Chairman.

Ben Bernanke Must GO.....  He symbolizes this very Recessionary Economy and is not the man/woman to command an economic Recovery.

You know who I believe should be Fed Chairman over Ben Bernanke???

MEG WHITMAN.  [more]



FIRE Bernanke Now! Day 2

November 07, 2010 – Comments (4)

Sarah Palin Hops onto Varchild / Glenn Beck's Bandwagon

Sarah Palin is offering her voice as an additional voice in opposition to Ben Bernanke's QE2...And for the same reasons and concerns that I have already espoused on this blog (Rising Grocery Prices, Rising OIL and Commodity Prices, artifical stock market prices, and etc).

While investors are all excited over P/E Multiples shooting up due to an influx of printed money going into the Stock Market out of the Treasury's Printing Presses,  Varchild2008  doesn't want any of that.

Here's the thing....  While I won't complain about seeing my stock prices go UP instead of precariously down, I want to see those prices go UP for legitamit reasons....having to do with...*ahem*....  GROWTH!!!!  

Not Growth of Government buying up stock.....  But Growth in Earnings and Sales and Asset Expansion and so on.....Growth in a stock's valuation is much more meaningful than the FED jumping into to artificially inflate the markets.

Sarah Palin is absolutely dead on in her analysis and I encourage you to check out the link.

Bottom line here...  Ben Bernanke should have been fired YEARS ago...and yet he continues to stick around playing *Slot Machine* with our country's financial future.

P.S.  Stock Tip Of the Week:  (FBC) is looking somewhat interesting.....especially at its ridiculously cheap share price and the gigantic amount of insider buying.....hmm....Watch list it at least?  [more]



Oil Panic Alert: Stop Bernanke Day 1

November 04, 2010 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: OIL

Oil Panic Alert:  Stop Bernanke Day 1

Should  Oil prices spike above $90.00 a barrel and it looks like they will next year.......

Then that is time for Panic.....AIIEEEEEEE!!!!

What we don't want is to revisit the $4.00 - $5.00 per gallon of Gas again.

Warning Signs for OIL:  [more]




November 03, 2010 – Comments (5)

FIRE! BERNANKE! NOW! Campaign starts......TODAY!

To deflect the fact that I am freaking out over today's Glenn Beck show......uhm.. who wouldn't when Ben Bernanke is not bothering to show us the facts of the matter and lay out the details and let us discuss things before launching into a ridiculous GAMBLING spree with our Country's Future.

CAN YOU HEAR ME BEN BERNANKE???????  CAN YOU????????????????

YOU and anyone the least bit supportive of your QE2  crap needs to start packing their things....  [more]

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