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November 2011



Fake News: American Collapse in Slo-Mo

November 29, 2011 – Comments (2)

Fake News:  American Collapse in Slo-Mo

Hello! You are reading "Channel WXYB and an S" and this is the latest News!

1) (ERTS)  Electronic Arts has decided to make a final push for Digital Sales on its Origin Digital Dnloading Service with a new Ad Campaign and Slogan.  The New Slogan? 
"Our service (ERTS) so bad, its good!"

Shares of Electronic Arts are trading lower in After Hours Market.....strange...

2)  (AAPL)  Rumors floated around today that C.E.O. Tim Cook, desperate for new iPad ideas,
consulted with a Psychic to conduct a Pseance via Oujia Board, most likely to get in touch with Steve Jobs.    Results of the Pseance are still pending...albeit...Apple refused to comment on these rumors.

3)  (AMR)  In a private interview with the incoming new C.E.O. of American Airlines, an interesting tid bit was exposed.  The airline company will soon be building and marketing their own Tablet off of a shoestring budget.

no...really....a shoestring budget.....They are building the thing with a SHOE and some STRING.

4)  (GME)  Shares of Gamestop were seen higher by $1.24 in the last 2 trading days leaving hedge fund managers like JIM CHANOS puzzled.  The answer?  Rick Aristotle Munarriz accidentally complimented Gamestop's Tablet strategy.  He has since apologized for the oversight and will monitor his writing more carefully from now on.

5)  (FED)  Shares of the "FED" or Federal Government were seen higher again today for the 1000th time in a row.  The reason?  Ben Bernanke just printed another $7 trillion and stuffed it in the FED's balance sheet.  How's that for Cash Flow?

6)    In an interview with FITCH credit ratings agency's C.E.O. it has been revealed that short of CHINA dive bombing the United States with Nuclear Missiles while Yosemite goes Volcanic and Greenbay Packers fail to make it to the Super Bowl, there is absolutely no way FITCH will lower America's credit rating.

This has been a WXYB and an S news presentation.... Until next time....Keep your portfolios spade or neutered to help control the Stock Analyst population.  [more]



Rick Aristotle Munarriz should read this: (GME)

November 28, 2011 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: GME , AMZN

"Most consumers were happy with the deals they found this weekend. Of those who shopped, 69 percent rated the deals and sales as good or excellent. When it comes to electronics, 61 percent said the deals and sales were good or excellent. More consumers also said the deals they found in stores were better than online, with 60 percent rating in-store deals as good or excellent versus 35 percent for online."

The last sentence is key.  Rick Munarriz has always been negative on Gamestop and one of his reasons is that Gamestop can not compete with Amazon on pricing/deals.

Seems the electronics community disagrees vehemently.

Amazon sells electronics....not just video games...of course.... But to put things in perspective; the survey which reflects feelings about electronics in general (which includes cameras, tablets, phones, as well as video game hardware and software), shows that dramatically shoppers felt the Bricks Stores were providing better sale prices than online retail Amazon.

Well of course I join with them....  I discovered recently Gamestop selling "Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey" for the Nintendo DS, brand new copy, at $15.XX after sales taxes (an old 2009 video game title that is quite hard to find).

On Amazon the Pre-Owned (NOT NEW) cheapest version of that video game was $13.99 + $3.99 shipping  $17.98.

A more than a $2.50 difference.....

Time and Time and Time again....  I find the better sale price for electronics in general as well as Video Game software/hardware is with the Bricks stores..... not with spending monthly fees on Amazon Prime so that you can then some how *huh?* save money????


Every single item listed in Amazon's Advertisement had either a "?" for a sale price or otherwise left you guessing entirely what the heck they were selling the items for. How fun!!

Imagine walking to a Gamestop or Best Buy and you had to *GUESS* what the price was and you ultimately had to take it to the Cash Register, have it rung up, before you can finally know how much it is??? Sound like fun??? Well....Sounds like Amazon to me!

I'm saving money by spending money over and over and over indefinitely on some monthly subscription service? weeeeeeeee.  Sounds like a bargain and a half Amazon Prime!!!!

Too bad 60% do not agree that Amazon Prime is such a gigantic bargain or online retailing in general. It was PRIME that was being pushed afterall in Amazon's sales AD paper so it is fair game to poke holes in it.

Sure... They love the KINDLE FIRE SALES... Who doesn't??? (besides myself of course)?  

But when it comes to shopping for things in general.... Bricks Stores were the better buy.

HERE'S MY GREEN THUMB FOR (BBY) (BKS) and (GME)!!!!   GO BRICKS!!!!  [more]



Varchild does "UPS Song" the right way

November 21, 2011 – Comments (2)

Loosely based off of the UPS song (commercial):

"When the debt shoots sky high, that's Washington D.C.
When the kids start to cry....That's Washington D.C.
Giving up, throwing up, that's the Super Committee...

When the Stock Market Dives, that's Washington D.C.
When Soros laughs and thrives....That's Washington D.C.
Selling off, dumping stock, the only game left on Wall Street.

When Monday Cuts your Eyes, that's Washington D.C.
When your cash's up and fries, that's Washington D.C.
Euro Debts, Obama's Bets, Socialism's lost its credits.  [more]



GAMESTOP: You are a Cannibal

November 14, 2011 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Cannibalizing sales doesn't necessarily mean earnings are going SOUTH. It just means you are selling more digital copies of Battlefield 3, less copies of NEW SKU Physical.

Therefore.... NPD Reports come out looking much worse than they would/should have.

Impulse is FAR BETTER than what had before when selling Digital Copies of games. Therefore, DIGITAL sales (in my opinion guess making skills) have skyrocketed for them since IMPULSE.

So Gamestop is not necessarily losing earnings..profit...income....revenue.....etc. from selling digital (Although some can argue it hurts Re-Sale).  They are losing Bricks Business!

Their Same Store Sales are taking hits. Major hits in my opinion. That's not good.

What GAMESTOP could theoretically do to limit the damage is to tie more of the DIGITAL sales to the stores.

A) Impulse Currency Cards would greatly help. Especially now with hacker concerns over at STEAM. In this way the STOREs get a share of the digital sales.

Those that buy IMPULSE digital games as they are bought today, the money goes to IMPULSE to manage. Stores see nothing.

With Impulse Currency Cards...Those afraid of getting their Credit Card Number stolen by hackers...will buy currency cards with CASH at GAMESTOP stores and just use those like a gift card.

It's the HOLIDAYs Gamestop. Where's my IMPULSE Gift Card??????????  [more]



10 things your Smartphone can't do, that PS VITA can!

November 13, 2011 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: WMT , BBY , GME

Can your Smartphone do this?  PS VITA

1)  Multitouch screen:  
Not only can you touch the front screen like you can on a smartphone to activate applications, navigate the internet, and so on...  But, you can touch the back of the PS Vita as well to activate applications, navigate, and so on.

Can your Smartphone do that?

2)  6 Axis Multi-Sensor:  Can your smartphone provide you with 6 Axis Multi-Sensor?  This means you can litterally play around with a 3D image....pinching it...moving it...and so on.

Can your Smartphone do that?

3)  Built-in Social Networking:  Can you instantly Voice or Text chat with friends while playing any game you want like you can on the PS Vita?  Or while navigating the Internet?

Can your Smartphone do that?

4)  Pick up where you left-off:  Have a Playstation 3 and see no need to buy a PS Vita, but instead
you want an Apple iPhone or an HTC EVO, or a Samsung Galaxy SII, or a NEXUS Droid Phone?
Only the PS VITA can allow you to pick up the progress you made in a Playstation 3 game right on your portable gaming device.

Can your Smartphone do that?

5)  Dual Stick Controls:  Can your Apple 4GS allow you to switch from Touch Screen controls to Dual Stick Controls so certain games that work better with a joystick style control scheme you simply switch to the Dual Sticks?  The PS Vita can!

Can your Smartphone do that?

6)  5 inch OLED screen:  What screen size is your Smartphone?  Is it as big as the PS VITA's
5 inch OLED screen?

Can your Smartphone do that?

7)  Quad-Core Gaming:  PS VITA has QUAD CORE.

Can your Smartphone do that?

8)  Uses Front/Rear Cameras for Augmented Reality Gaming:    PS Vita, just like the Nintendo 3DS, will provide for Augmented Reality style gaming utilizing the Front and Rear Cameras.
You walk around with the device and can play games based on the game changing/manipulating what you see through your cameras.

Can your Smartphone do that?

9)  Curved Design provides best Gaming Feel:   Is your Smartphone structured best for playing Games or making Phone Calls?  The PS VITA couldn't care less about Phone Calls, because it doesn't do that.  It instead conforms best to your hands with a curved design so you can game without getting hand cramps.

Can your Smartphone do that?

10)  Left/Right Shoulder Buttons + 6 axis controlls:  Does your Smartphone have left and right Shoulder buttons plus along with the Dual Stick controlls, also a 6 axis flat button controlls?

Can your Smartphone do that?

And can it do all of that for just $250 base model,  $300 Wifi + 3G model  price tag?

Right... I didn't think so.  [more]



More Good News for Portable Gaming Systems

November 13, 2011 – Comments (18) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

For those that look at Flurry and see that



VS:               SONY PSP + NINTENDO DS(family) + NINTENDO 3DS

means Portable Gaming devices are dying...

I see that this as a silly comparison!

if it takes Dozens upon Dozens upon Dozens of Smartphones just to equal or surpass protable gaming system video game sales, then the future for portable gaming systems is quite strong.

And in case you think that GOOGLE ANDROID + APPLE IOS  means portable gaming systems no longer have any sales growth?

I mean haven't we read constant drum beat after drum beat of how the NINTENDO 3DS is a failed gaming system?

Now we see from this article that that is absolutely not true at all mainly because of the price cut and the upcoming Holiday Months:

Nintendo has sold 1.65 million Nintendo 3DS devices.

Last I checked here's the sales figure for SONY ERICCSON's smartphone Xperia from 20 January 2011:

So out of a total of 4 devices, Sony has sold 9 million.

Divide 9 million into 4 and you get:  2.25 million per device since launch (at least 1 year of sales).

Nintendo 3DS has so far sold 1.65 million and is set to surprass Nintendo DS's total sales
of 2.37 million.


About HALF of all sales for the Nintendo DS occured during the Holidays.  The Nintendo 3DS just needs to sell 180,000 devices per month over the next 4 months.

In October, the Nintendo 3DS sold 250,000 devices...already surpassing the pace needed to tie the Nintendo DS and essentially sell more devices than SONY ERICCSON smartphones.

That is when you actually do a DEVICE vs. DEVICE comparison.

I think that is impressive when you consider that you can not CALL anyone with your 3DS.

NOW HOW MANY 3DS devices will be sold?

If the Nintendo 3DS matches the Nintendo DS Holiday Sales....which were 50 percent of its 2.37 million total,

Then the Nintendo 3DS is set to sell 1.185  million 3DS devices.
Add that figure to the current 1.65 million and you get a total of 2.835 million in sales over 12 months.

As for Smartphones?    *OUCH*    *OOF!*

Of course the other side of the story is that you can point out sales of the APPLE iPhone or the
Samsung Galaxy SII and come up with devices sell far more units than Nintendo's 3DS.

But, like I said before and will continue to say...  How many APPLE iPHONEs would be sold if you could not TEXT or CALL or E-MAIL anyone with them?

Correct me if I am wrong but I do not believe you can CALL or TEXT or E-MAIL anyone with your Nintendo 3DS.

So, maybe future portable gaming systems will add some of these missing features?

The SONY Portable VITA will have AT&T service tied to the gaming machine:

VOICE and TEXT Chat are features of the upcoming SONY VITA.

It appears that while Motley Fool Authors are busy banging out negativity against the Portable Gaming Systems 3DS and VITA,  Sony is busy banging out reasons to stop paying $80+ a month to AT&T for a Smartphone that is only capable of providing FRUIT NINJA type games.

With VOICE and TEXT chat....which can be accomplished in-game or simply while browsing the internet, there will be less and less reasons to justify spending $300+ on some of the more expensive Smartphones like the APPLE iPHONE and SAMSUNG Galaxy SII.




Boom! Shake the Wall Street Room! (GME)

November 11, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Losely based off of: "Shake the Room" from rap group DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

"Yo, back up the truck give gme a buy
The fuse is lit an shares are about to fly
Mercy, Mercy, mercy me
Wall Street's a cage but Gamestop is free!

"Hyped up, psyched up, Monnes,Crespi,Hardt says Sell!!!!!!!
Standing in a puddle of short seller's swill
I see, I wanna buy, Gamestop, growin some more
I flip' them shorts around and I work the wall street floor

Ya really don't want to push the sell button button button
Tell ya wassup, BUY!!
Ya really don't want to push the sell button button button
Tell ya wassup, BUY!!
Ya really don't want to push the sell button button button
Tell ya wassup, BUY!!
I came tonight to see the Gamestop Shoppers go!

Boom, shake the Wall Street room!
Boom, shake the Wall Street room!
Boom, shake the Wall Street room!
Ka'Ching, Ka'Ching, Ka'Ching,  ZOOM!

Well, yo, COD hits a Sales Record Jet
Pump it up, Prince
Well, yo, Uncharted 3 hits a Sales Record Jet
Pump it up, Prince!
Well, yo, Elder Scrolls 5 hits a Sales Record Jet
Pump it up, Prince!
Well, here I go, here I go, here I, here I go!!!!

In response to the naysayers that were kickin' it
Calm those individuals, with truth always original
Like the Dr. Jekyll man an this is my Hyde side
I'm the long and your on the SHORT SQUEEZE RIDE!!

Boom, shake the Wall Street room!
Boom, shake the Wall Street room!
Boom, shake the Wall Street room!
Ka'Ching, Ka'Ching, Ka'Ching, ZOOOOOOM!!!! "

DISCLOSURE:    I own a truckload of GME shares..long side.... I am super bullish on Consumer Electronics Bricks and Mortor Retail companies like (BKS) and (BBY).  [more]



Gamestop Red Thumbs: Read This!

November 10, 2011 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

The following is from Gamespot Interview with Obsidian CEO:

: Your conference session was probably the first one this year where the words "mobile," "social," and "microtransactions" haven't come up. Is that just because Obsidian is as big as it is? So those options just aren't as viable?

FU: It's our focus. I'm not a believer in the death of the console. And that's because there is no way that 20 million people buy a Call of Duty: Black Ops, and that means the console is dead. I understand people's reasoning behind why they believe something is going to happen with the consoles, but I still think you can be very successful if you know what you are doing. I think you can see that with products like those from BioWare and Bethesda, and the kinds of products they are building with DLC follow-ups. So I think what we try to do is explicitly understand how the kind of products we want to make fit into the market we are targeting. That often means we need to figure out how to make games not just a rental. And how to prevent re-sells back to GameStop. Those are our things to solve. It's different from the mobile and social markets. Their problem is how to attain attachment rate; ours is how to retain our attachment rate. So there are two sides to the coin, but when it comes to us, at least for the big role-playing games, there is a parallel to Hollywood. People still go see Transformers. You can still make money with a $200 million movie. So I still think there is still a place for that kind of entertainment, and there will continue to be..."  [more]



Varchild Reviews Gamestop Tablet Strategy

November 03, 2011 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Here's the breakdown on Gamestop's 3 Gaming Tablets:

1) ACER 8GB 7 inch Tablet:  $369.98  [more]



Apple is going to go Bankrupt

November 01, 2011 – Comments (15) | RELATED TICKERS: AAPL , GME

What I discovered in 2011 is that the strategy for those who SHORT stocks is to declare that a company is going bankrupt simply because the competition is getting stronger or customers are buying products differently....and even though these same customers can still buy products from APPLE in the exact same way.....nonetheless...all you have to say is that it doesn't matter caues APPLE is going bankrupt.

I mean we have SAMSUNG selling more iPhones....


Customers are chosing to buy product in OTHER various app stores....Sure the Google App store is not much of a threat....But now we have the AMAZON App Store on Amazon's tablets...That's an additional App Store.... Sure..  APPLE has an App Store....And it may be doing ok.... But so what??


Another phase of the SHORTS strategy is get as many stock analysts, hedge fund managers, and journalists, and so on to repeat the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again.




You might be a fan of the late Steve Jobs and also a fan of Tim Cook and the management team underneath him to deal with the customer behavior changes of today and in the future.

But so what????



It's just another Blockbuster, Borders, Tower Records.... It's so obvious!!!


It has no chance!!!

I strongly urge everyone on Planet Earth and other various Planets to consider shorting
APPLE..  [more]

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