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November 2012



Obama's America 2013

November 15, 2012 – Comments (10) | RELATED TICKERS: AAPL

1)  1.6 Million Acres of land locked up so Energy Companies can not create jobs, drill for oil, make profit, prosper.

2)  Medical Device companies like STRYKER are slashing jobs in anticipation of the Obamacare medical devices tax.

3)  Companies across the board slashing jobs or converting full time workers to part time in anticipation of having to pay $175,000 per STORE for Restaurant franchisees.....such as Denny's.

4)  Economic growth, GDP, slowing and slowing as regulations to the tune of 68 pages per day are thrown at companies like Terrorists hijacking airplanes and slamming them into buildings.

5)  Obama threatens to raise taxes by $1.6 Trillion.  Small businesses will be slammed, especially restaurants, construction companies, and others that tend to report earnings as income.

6)  4 Star Generals getting demoted, fired, over scandals galore.

7)  Israel goes to war with Hamas.....whose next?  And what will Obama do?  stand and watch?

8)  Putin awaits Obama visit to see what Obama's "Flexibility" means.

9)  Homeowners that wish to sell their homes will now suffer a massive OBAMACARE tax for every $100,000 of value they sell the home for.... That should do wonders to the housing market.

10) Healthcare Mandate goes into effect and those who can't afford to buy health insurance will now be hit with a TAX.   With thousands and thousands of newly hired IRS agents standing by.
The tax hike gets progressively worse every year.

11)  Cadillac Health Insurance tax will behave like the AMT and impact lesser health insurance policies more and more....soon just about every health insurance policy out there slammed with this tax.

12)  Keystone Pipeline WON'T HAPPEN.....  Thousands of jobs in jeopardy.

13)  Defense Sector companies like BOEING slashing jobs left and right as money for the military dries up.  Eventually federal government workers that work for the Military will lose their jobs.

14)  INFLATION set to spike on FOOD costs as prices have to be passed onto consumers in order to deal with OBAMACARE costs...

15)  CLOTHING costs have already skyrocketed.....  1 pair of pants.....$45......At Kohl's. What's next? $90 for a shirt?  [more]



Worst Christmas Season in U.S History

November 09, 2012 – Comments (0)

Glen Beck's The Blaze is tallying up the thousands upon thousands of layoffs or full time jobs being converted into Part Time jobs:

What is hillariously sad is the Main Stream Media has everyone revved up regarding the "FISCAL CLIFF" as if that is the only thing one should worry about and once it is solved...RALLY RALLY RALLY!!!!!

Right????  Good times!!!!  Fiscal Cliff solved....

That is what the media wants investors to believe.

But the real scary thing is Obamacare is just around the corner with its 21 tax hikes and solving the fiscal cliff isn't going to be dealing with that.

Many of the reasons you'll see employers laying people off or converting workers to part time is NOT BECAUSE of the FISCAL CLIFF.....  It is either because of Obama's energy policy (or hatred of) and Obamacare.

How in BLAZES do we have this notion of 84+ on Consumer Sentiment index when we know for a fact that consumers cut back on spending when their hours are slashed or they are layed off from their jobs.

No spending...... The *REAL WORLD* gets shoved under the carpet in favor of consumer sentiment index.  [more]



7,700 gallons of oil spilled at NJ Refinery

November 05, 2012 – Comments (2)

But go ahead.....Continue to believe that we don't need to release the Strategic Petroleum Reserves.

Everything is going FINE in New Jersey and New York.....

Nothing to see here...

Nothing to see here....

Turn around and go back to your homes....  [more]



FOX NEWS: No Decision Yet on Strategic Oil reserves

November 02, 2012 – Comments (3)

Sheppard Smith reports that so far no decision has been made on whether to release oil
from Strategic Oil Reserves.

So for all that proclaim that I am some IDIOT MORON for even mentioning the strategic oil reserves....

Well guess?  It may indeed happen.....

Getting OIL from the OIL RIGS was impossible for days as the Harbor was shut down.....And the JONES ACT had to be waived TODAY to allow international oil rigs to ship their oil in here...

Problem is we have Refineries shut down still...... Gas Stations with no electricity...

About 2/3rds of available Gas Stations inoperable....or without any gas to give to consumers.


RELEASE THE OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!  [more]



Strategic Petroleum Reserves need to be tapped NOW!

November 02, 2012 – Comments (8)

Tell me why President OBAMA isn't handing out the emergency fuel storage known as
the Strategic Petroleum Reserves to New York / New Jersey in desperate need of fuel????

Why is Obama doing PHOTO OPS at FEMA and RED CROSS and not once even brought this up as an idea????

It solves a major problem given that we are headed for ever more serve cold temperatures out there.

Just sayin.....  Why aren't we even THINKING about tapping these reserves??  [more]

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