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Varchild2008 (84.00)

December 2009



ATVI trades up today after CHINESE welcomes foreign competition

December 30, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI

No one knows YET what the message on the Chinese Gov's website means other than a welcome sign to foreign investors to come to China and set up shop....I.E. compete against Chinese Company's on their soil.

ATVI trades up cause many are speculating this means no more "ANTI  World of Warcraft" shananigans.

Which brings me to the main point of this article and why you should continue reading.....  is Blizzard's Online Platform for hosting online video games globally....Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo.

Here's a what if....

Shanda Games (GAME) just announces a team-up with Kingsoft to help improve Kingsoft video games.....and host them.....and promote them....and so on....joint venture...

Why not an ATVI + CYOU joint venture?

CYOU has some interesting Martial Arts video games...themselves....the franchise seems popular..

Why not CYOU paying a small fee to ATVI for the privelidge of BLIZZARD hosting CYOU games on  + promotions + etc.

CYOU would want to pay a fee for the priveledge of access to the largest population of Chinese Video Gamers that WOW has......  WOW is #1 in China.... any way to reach out to the fan base with your titles on the very same online platform would be huge...

ATVI could use  as a Joint Venture Money Machine.  In much the same fashion as the recently announced Shanda games + Kingsoft deal.

$11.40 a share for ATVI Today????   How much do you think the share price will be if BLIZZARD does enter into Joint Ventures with Chinese Online Game Competitors after they finish releasing their latest version of

Think about this way.... WHY WOULD China choose to stop being protectionist in the Video Game sector IF NOT to see some long-term benefit for Chinese companys?   And why would ATVI not at least consider joint venture methods with Chinese Game Companys to improve greatly some company's martial arts video game so that Battle.Net video gamers can enjoy it by the Millions and Millions of Subscribers?

The 2 company's could share royalties....or some other method to work out the joint venture....

The online video gamers in China are playing World of Warcraft..... I don't see what Chinese Game Company would pass up any kind of opportunity by turn a Chinese Made video game franchise into a money making enterprise?   [more]



President Obama's Healthcare Job Loss Count Begins!

December 30, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: AET

Aetna plans to slash around 600 jobs in large part due to OBAMACARE.

And so it begins....  Unemployment to continue to be high in large part due to OBAMACARE's impact to 1/6th of the U.S. Economy.

Last night on Fox Business they discussed the impact to Cardiologists with Obamacare's gutting of medicare.  Cardiologists will have to lose their jobs, cut their pay significantly, or hike up health care costs to make up for the loss in medicare funding.

Health care facilities that Cardiologists are usually working in have already been pushed into Hospitals earnings less than in a specialty care facility.

Liberals may be high fiving and fist bumping all across the U.S. when Obamacare is signed into law..... but I don't think those who will lose their jobs, have their pay cut, or risk losing their entire health facility to Obamacare are going to join in the celebrations over Health Care Reform passing into Law.

2010:  The Year of the Political Backlash?  [more]



Definition of a Stock Analyst

December 29, 2009 – Comments (1)

The following is the TRUEST definition of a Stock Market Analyst whether it be Standard and Poors, Russel, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Deutche Bank, or other analysts..

1) Stock Analyst)  One who is never satisfied with the direction the Stock Market is headed.  If the market is headed up, the analyst will complain that the market is on a sugar high.  If the market is headed down, the analyst will trumpet slogans like "Big Returns coming if you're long now!"

Stock Analysts operate through 12 month target prices they have to change every 12 days.
Calling a stock analyst for their opinion on any given stock you think is a buy will result in learning about how it is a sell and if you want to sell short a stock the analyst will persuade you to buy it instead.

Stock Analysts should not be defined as Contrarians but rather as those who seem to always end up being wrong in the long term and at least half the time wrong in the short term.  Which means you have a 150% chance of being correct by doing the opposite of what any given Stock Analyst says you should do.

Stock Analysts are also those individuals who analyze obsoleted fundamentals from obsolete balance sheets because they consistently disregard any recent press releases that totally change the balance sheet fundamentals.

Stock Analysts are those who think P/E Multiples of a stock are overbought or oversold based on what P/E Multiple they personally find interesting without so much as considering the historic P/E Multiple of a stock in normalized earnings circumstances.

Finally, whenever someone says on Monday that Inflation/Deflation is bad thing and then on Tuesday they say it is a wonderfully good thing....On Wednesday they say it won't have any impact... then you have witnessed a Stock Analyst in action.  [more]



Obamacare Solution: Hideout in ANWAAR ALASKA

December 22, 2009 – Comments (10)

Obamacare Solution:  Hideout in ANWAAR ALASKA..... set up a petition for Alaska to Seceed from the Union....Solicit help from Alaska National Guard + Russia + China to fend off any FED attempt to get back Alaska.

And furthermore....  Why would the FED care if Alaska seceeded from the union?  Afterall, the liberal dictators won't want to carpet bomb or nuke precious, prestine, ANWAAR Alaska.... Environmentalists would be up in arms....

Oh wait... and then they too would flock to ANWAAR ALASKA.... and we'd have a swarm of liberals in ALASKA...  [more]



Calculating 12 FORD (F) Target Price in Realty-based Terms

December 22, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: F

To calculate 12 month target price on a stock you have to first judge the EPS for 2010.
Standard and Poor's says EPS for 2010 for ford is 30 cents a share.

Well... Analysts are predicting 10 cents for Q1.... If you extrapolate no better than that for all 4 quarters that is 40 cent EPS.... Therefore, Standard and Poors numbers are they predict a decline from Q1 expected EPS over the course of 2010.

If we are to predict a FLAT to slightly up approach to 2010 I come up with this....

Q1  10 cents
Q2  12 cents
Q3  16 cents     (take out Cash for Clunkers and I predict a 10 cent EPS adjustment)
Q4  20 cents   (because Q1 of 2008 was 20 cents.)

TOTAL:  58 cent EPS....

Now.... What should the multiple be?  At $9.67 (F) has a forward 16.1 P/E.    Since this is a growing stock and not a declining stock.... I will raise the P/E up slightly to 18 times earnings.

So...18 times .58eps = $10.44

Not a very thrilling 12 month projection??  Of course not.... My prediction here is as conservative as possible... 

Let's increase projections on the multiple to 20 and EPS will be as bullish as I can get while still being realistic:

P/E 20

Q1:  20 cents  (to match Q1 2008)
Q2:  18 cents 
Q3:  22 cents
Q4:  26 cents

This will factor in all the cost cutting in 2009 that FORD has done.... Which should push EPS into the 20s almost every quarter or better... I think we could see a 30 EPS quarter in 2010 but that's being super optimistic given unemployment.

Nonetheless... These overly optimistic numbers are not entirely out of synch with analysts.
The high expectation for Q1 2010 eps is 33 cents.... I am just projecting 20....

And yet... I get an EPS of 86 cents.
20 P/E  times .86  =  $17.20

So....what's my final 12 target price on FORD?   Simple... Take the Optimistic number add it to the pessimistic number and divide by 2.

12 months from now (F) will be trading at:  $13.82.

So roughly $14.00 is very possible.. and guess what?  Analysts came out today on CNBC projecting a 50% increase to (F) share price.   9.00 times 50% = +$4.50 = $13.50....  Pretty darn close to what I calculated and I DID NOT PRE-PLAN this math.

The math I did was just top of my head.... pure coincidence it came out to exactly what analysts are projecting right?   no not really... the historic facts support the projections.  [more]



2009 Video Game Sales... Can't Blame Varchild!

December 22, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: EA , ATVI , TTWO

What do you get when you cross:

Street Fighter IV
Star Ocean
Dragon Age Origins + 2 DLCs
5 Mystery Case Files games, Wheel of Fortune, Syberia - Big Fish Games software
John Madden 2010 NFL
Batman Arkham Asylum
APPLE iphone APP Store:  Ravensword + Space Ace + Monopoly + Dragon's Lair
Marvel Ultimate Alliance II + DLC
Call of Duty Modern Warefare II Prestige Edition w/Nightvision Goggles
Tekken 6 Limited Edition w/Fight Stick
Punch Out
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Call of Duty Modern Warfare I + DLC
Magic the Gathering + DLC   (XBOX 360 Live)
Origins of Wolverine
World of Warcraft 6 month subscription + Lich King + Burning Crusade

with NPD 2009 video game sales showing a steep decline year over year?

One really....confused Video Game addict whose just going to have to work harder next year I guess *shrug*....  I'll get those 2010 numbers up!  Afterall....Starcraft II + Bioshock 2 is coming!

P.S. Anyone that makes the claim that 2009 was a POOR year for quality video games does not know what he/she is talking about.  There is an equally large a list of 2009 video game releases for the handhelds that were incredible....ZELDA for the DS was out this year for example.  I didn't buy HALO ODST but can't forget that title.... I didn't buy Cryostasis but that was a quality PC game according to the reviews. 

2009 was simply the best year for Video Games in Console Video Game history. 
But 10+% Unemployment is why sales slipped year over year.

And unfortunately as long as we stay in double digit unemployment we can not expect miracles in 2010.   But, we also can not neglect the fact that 2010 has an incredible list of quality titles much like 2009.  Here's my shopping list of titles I am interested in 2010:

AAAA) Final Fantasy 13 <----------------------------------------------------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A) Starcraft II
B) Bioshock II
C) Blur
D) John Madden 2011 NFL
E) 2K Sports Baseball
F) Singularity
G) True Crime   HK  
H) Nintendo DS  <----- I am interested in an upcoming new version of the DS w larger screen
I)  Playstation 3 <------ I may buy a PS 3 next year
J) Super Street Fighter IV  <--- depends on what's NEW about it versus the current version
K) Cataclysm
L) DLCs to include Call of Duty and aforementioned game titles in this list + Serious Sam XBOX live.

And perhaps we get Microsoft's NATAL in 2010?  Who knows... but 2010 clearly looks superior in game quality to 2009.  [more]



Varchild (DROOLS) at WMT

December 21, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: WMT

I have not done my research..... but know this.....

I BOUGHT some video games at Walmart.....simply because of the $10 price cut....

And my Walmart is insanely packed to the brim this week.....

None of which means WMT is oversold..... but.... I drool at the 15 P/E  and the share price that is about 4-6 pts below 52-week high.  This is a stock that can poke its head above $60... Unless I am mistaken... I think it did this last year ??

Anyhow... I like WMT.... I think Q4 is an insane killing for WMT sales...  

But do your homework...  Afterall....  This is a MORON talking folks.  [more]



Those Who Worship Technicals READ THIS!

December 21, 2009 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS , SVA

I am calling out SMARTREND for continuing to be a Technical Subscriber Based Stock Picker Website that is always patting itself on the back for being correct 100% of the time.  Because afterall.. Everyone should worship SMARTREND that worships Technicals... 
And Everyone should worship Technicals!!!

  They never lie!!! 

Bearish Engulfing Patterns always lead to share prices plummeting......
Bullish Harami Patterns always indicate a Bullish pattern... 

And Smartrend is the Master at finding these patterns and netting you OODLES of cash!!!
Get *rich* in a day with Comtrex Smartrend..... Man's Best Friend for Investors!!!!

Let's look at some examples of just how wonderful Comtrex Smartrend is:

1)  DPS)  Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

December 17th:  Before Market Open, Comtrex Smartrend reports a "Bearish Engulfing Pattern" on shares of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.

Hmm... They reported this at share price $27.85.

Since then, shares have traded UP not DOWN *Whoooooooooooooops*  to $28.33.

Ahem....uhm......minor worries... I'm sure the next...set of Comtrex Smartrends will net you OODLES of CASH... You'll be swimming in $$$$$$ if you simply follow along with Comtrex Smartrend on this next stock pick:

2)  (SVA)  On December 14th, Comtrex Smartrend told investors to SELL their shares based on a share price of $6.51. 

On December 15th,  Shares close UP to $6.52.
On December 16th,  Shares close UP to $6.57.        *WOooOOooOOooooOOOops!!!!*

Smartrend goofed!!!   Oh..... But Don't worry.... Comtrex Smartrend is never wrong!!!

On December 16th,  Comtrex Smartrend reports a "Bullish Harami Pattern" on Shares of SVA.
They say this pattern indicates that sellers are exhausted and buyers are now set to push the share price up.

December 17th,  share price falls to $6.28
December 18th,  share price trades up to $6.41
December 21st, share price falls to $6.10           *Wooooooooooopsy!!!!!   Daisy!!!!*

Oh..... But COMTREX SMARTREND.... No.... They don't issue press release saying how wrong they are for misleading you to buy the shares on December 16th...declaring a Bullish Harami Pattern....  They don't claim they were wrong at all.... In fact they slap themselves on the back....Give themselves a High Five.... A MONSTER MASH.... A Fist Bump...

Cause on December 21st..... Comtrex Smartrend is quick to proudly report they told you to sell your shares of SVA at $6.51 on December 14th.   

See????  When you just ignore the fact that you told people to buy the stock 2 days later... It's easy to claim you are correct for saying it is a sell!

So in the end.. I kid... I'm being sarcastic......  TECHNICALS = STINK!!!



Lucy in the (C) with Stock Options

December 17, 2009 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: C

C..C...C...C...C...Buy some shares of C....Oh what fun is C....C....C....C...C...Greatest stock that can be is....buying stock options of C.....C....C...Stock up on wondrous C........Lucy's got the C.....C...C..Fever...Buy some shares of C.....Jim Cramer told me they are practically Free.....So buy some shares of C...C..C....C

Jim Cramer says they'll triple by 2012 you see!????  [more]



6 TOP STOCKS that Deserve a Better CAPS SCORE.

December 15, 2009 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: AMZN , GOOGL , SKX

TOP STOCKS that Deserve a Better CAPS SCORE:

6)  WHR)  2 Stars       They have outperformed earnings estimates all year long this year and get only 2 stars out of 5 to show for it?  Are caps players forgetting about Cash for Appliances to appear sometime in Spring 2010?  Or the Obama outcry for Cash Incentives to those who have more fuel efficient homes?

5)   F)  FORD        2 stars...... Even after crushing earnings estimates in back to back quarters + dramatically lowering their debt and thus their interest payments while pushing out their debt repayment obstacle to 2013.... Introduction of FORD Fiesta, ECOBOOST engine, FORD SYNCH, and FORD QUICK LANE generate not a single star improvement in this stock to date?

4)  COT)  1 Star    How in the heck is it that the TOP PERFORMING  Non-Alcoholic Beverage Stock of 2009......gets.........just........1.......*&^  Not a single star improvement despite smashing earnings estimates this year as it went from a loss making business to a profit making growh engine?  The Bottling Companys as a whole have been crushing earnings estimates and this Stock is one of the biggest bottlers in the World.....  [more]



The Spending Binge Not Even Democrats can Support!!

December 14, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: BAC


They had no trouble at all last weekend in passing a $1.1 trillion dollar super spending binge budget buster of an omnibus bill....  No problems... No sweats.... No sleepless nights over...

Then on Monday.... WAMMO.... Some Democrats about 3 or 4 (Liberman, Ben Nelson, and one other) are balking at the Health Care bill.    Too big a PRICE to swallow????   

Waahhhh????!!!!  There's actually a limit????   Maybe the U.S. Dept. of Treasury is running out of Ink Cartridges??  Or Pres. Obama is getting yelled at by Environmentalists who are opposed to all of the Paper Printing that is killing the Trees in the Amazon Rain Forest?

Hey wait.... Printing Money = Killing Trees = Trees Breathe in CO2, Give off Oxygen = Pres. Obama and Timothy Geithner the World's Biggest Polluter (well...if you are a CO2 = Pollutant Scare Monger Cultist... which I am not)?

President Don Corleon had to call his Democrat Buddies in for a butt whooping to try and TORTURE the Senators to death to pass the Health Care Bill...

"I don't believe in Torture of Terrorists.... I put an end to that.... However, I did not end torture for U.S. Senate Democrats who want sign on to my Health Care Takeover!"  says Obama's Teleprompter.  [more]



November Video Game Sales slide....*yawn* (ATVI)

December 10, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI

ATVI sold 6.1 million copies of Call of Duty... Even if that was the ONLY title they sold any copies of all last month... Based on what I am seeing in November 2008 sales of Guitar Hero World Tour and Call of Duty World At War and etc.....

That single game trumped the combined entire sales figures for last year for ATVI.....  That includes adding in World of Warcraft Wrath of Lich King....

Unless I am wrong....or mistaken.... I am using the non paid version of the report off NPD Game Sales WIKI....  So accuracy is suspect...

But come on folks???  Selling off ATVI because of a 3.1% decline in *other* video games not sold by ATVI???? That's how I look at it...

In the APP STORE.... If you have an iPhone 3Gs like me..... Go to Top 25.... Then Click on "Top Grossing."

With a POST date of November 20th, 2009.....  Call of Duty Zombie  game is #1 Top Grossing Application in the App Store..... 

How much of that is in NPD Group's numbers for 2009????           *NOTHING!!!*
Better question..... Was there a similar App last year in 2008????   *NOTHING!!!* 

So.....  The reality is that those dumping ATVI.....  Are completely... mind blowingly stupid...
Maybe Varchild2008 needs to purchase an iPHONE 3Gs and show the popularity of ATVI's Call of Duty on the App Store????  Seriously.....  Wake up people!

This is a *horrible for them*  *not so much* for ATVI  problem. 

Of course not everything is rosy... what with "Tony Hawk's" video game bombing big time in reviews due to a badly non responsive Skateboard joystick....  So ATVI isn't all roses....  But the Air is cleaner over here.  [more]



If Pres. Obama was a STOCK on Wall Street

December 10, 2009 – Comments (5)

Maureen Dowd, "Good Morning and welcome to the OBAMA corporation Q4 earnings report and full 2009 annual report.  If you would like to ask a question during our Q/A portion please press STAR 2 and you will be placed in the Queue in the order it was received.  Now, here's our C.E.O. Pres. Obama to report on our Earnings and later CFO Howard Dean will report on expectations for 2010."

Pres. Obama, "Uhhh... Good Morning everyone...First...Let me just say that there will be no Safe Harbor Clauses necessary.... I mean.. What risk?  There's no risk here...It's full speed ahead on my Hope and Change mobile that my tenure as C.E.O. has brought to the company....  As you know...uhhh... My predecessor has given our company a great big debt that I had to fix....and uhhhh...sales were down last year as well because of my predecessor...uhh....So if sales are waaaaaay down this's uhhhh...also because of him...."

"With that said....I am glad to report that my debt has only Quadrupled from all of the Loans I took during this year.... This uhhhh clearly beats Analyst expectations for a quintupling of my Company's Debt.....'s less than that.....

However, there is more work my company needs to do to eventually generate a profit.  Or at least bring my company's balance sheet to dead even.... Uhhhhhh  And to bring myself out of debt, that too is important.. So, here is what I propose... My company will borrow another $300 billion loan from Bank of America and spend it in much the same fashion as we did with our earlier $700 billion loan from Citigroup....Spas, Jacuzzis, Lap Dances in Vegas...important stuff you know...   

Now I know this has not yet generated 1 single job..or saved anyone's job at the Obama Corp.....Afterall, I layed off 2/3rds of our workforce just last week... You make ends meet.....somewhere....Well, actually...Bank of America and Citigroup have ordered that I do something about my DEBT and punishing my employees seemed the wisest move to make! get my company's sales numbers up we must spend spend spend....Takes spending money to eventually make money.   I am sure we can return to growth after I REMODEL my HOME and buy a company HELICOPTER...  These things are of course very important to my company's future....uhhhhh..... And uhhhhhh  All paid for through the aforementioned LOANS....

Oh and uhhhhh  I am slashing everyone's salary...except my at my company.... My salary will still be HIGH as it always is..... but everyone is going to have to make a sacrifice.... So I am initiating a Salary Limit Cap at $10,000 a year....Also stripping out $500 million dollars out of our Health Benefits/Retirement packages.

Now..uhhhhh  EARNINGS PER SHARE this quarter..were....uhm.....negative 2100% year over year at -$12 trillion  per share.    But this spending was necessary to stimulate my company.

My Revenues were for this quarter....Negative $30.7 billion... an improvement although slight from last quarter due to a better than expected Trade Deficit....  Maybe that's why NORWAY sent me that #1 Large Cap C.E.O of the year Award before I was officially the C.E.O. back in
January 19th.

Now... Howard Dean our CFO will go over my 2010 expectations."

Howard Dean, "Well, before you all dump your shares by the opening bell I'll have you know that 2010 is going to be a great year... Investors should keep holding their shares straight through the inevitable Chapter 11 occur sometime whenever Bank of Ameria and Citigroup stop bailing us out with more Loans.   Now back to you Maureen Dowd for the Q/A portion!!"

Maureen Dowd, "Well..actually..there will be no Q/A.. This earnings report is a CLOSED to SHAREHOLDERS earnings report..... This was decided in order to generate the most Transparent Company ever!  Transparency is key to a prosperous and accountable future for our business!
Thank you and good bye!"  [more]



Strong Buy rating ahead of Dec. 15th meeting (HANS) Corp.

December 10, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: MNST

Strong Buy rating ahead of Dec. 15th meeting (HANS) Corp.

Of course I won't be buying HANS as my drink of choice of is DPS 526 shares.

But, if you don't have a beverage in your portfolio.... HANS at today's price level only a mere 4.4% increase year to date... Is an absolute STEAL.....

Especially if HANS introduces any interesting new products in their business conference Dec. 15th.

Now is the time to buy HANS and enjoy a much better 2010 performance than 2009.

Plus.... While the stock price hasn't gone up much....year over year HANS has been crushing their earnings reports.... Not necessarilly outperforming analyst expectations.... but outperforming their previous year's performance by a LARGE degree..... They will do the same in 2010.

So the forward P/E of HANS sits at 14.7 times earnings.  <------ Your eyes should be popping out of their sockets.  [more]



Mini Shareholder Revolt against Bobby Kotick (ATVI)

December 08, 2009 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI

Yes.... I am officially calling for a grievance of some kind....

My issue is that ATVI trading in a range between disasterous to $13.00.... and when was the last time we saw $13.00 anyhow????  Not even Call of Duty brought the price to $13.00....

Am I just whining??? Maybe...but here me out.. Why not DITCH the stupid... does nothing for investors... Share Buyback program and instead introduce a small Dividend?

Give investors something to look forward to during these periods of SIDEWAYS trading...

Granted... Bobby Kotick's management of ATVI is not why we should revolt... It has been excellent.

I am just not interested in a Stock Buyback Program that hasn't moved the price up  1 cent it seems.... $10.74 today???  I mean come on.... That's basically the average share price of the share buyback program.  That means the buyback program was buying shares at a price that is the SAME price WE ARE SITTING AT....

What is the point here of these lame buy backs???   They accomplish nothing...

One thing great about dividends is "Dividend Reinvestment" and the 1 day short term pricing boosts that happen each quarter from investors buying more shares of stock off their dividend payments.

What better way to price up a stock than to let VARCHILD2008  and all the other investors of ATVI doing the bidding?????  ok?????  BOBBY KOTICK..... In an era where you are DUMPING millions of Shares of Options you bought ......    Why not allow us to scoop them up? 

Give us some dividend cashola while we sit and wait or DIABLO 2 and Starcraft 2 to release cause the way the unemployment rate is headed.... we may end up being your only customers anyhow and we might need the cash in order to buy your video games.  [more]



Varchild's Retirement Stock is $900 Million Richer

December 08, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS , PEP , MNST

Hmm.....Yes.....I am jumping up and down and doing my "Stock is Trading up Happy Dance" over the exciting DPS ---> PEP linkup deal....  Pepsi receives some lincenses to DPS branded soft drinks.... while DPS gets $900 million and Pepsi Distribution of some of their drinks to Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.

Year to Date.... (DPS) remains the far better stock performer than (KO) or (PEP) or (HANS).

*neener* *neener* *neener*

Where's the dude that always argued against me favoring DPS over HANS????

DPS up 65%+    without today's news sending shares up 5.5%

Hans up ....5%

*neener*   *neener*  *gloat*  *gloat*  *gloat*

Of course.... I have a laundry list of being wrong in this market.... but I said DPS was my retirement stock..... My "Nothing can make me sell this" stock.....  Everything else I got into was and will always be up for re-evaluation...

But I have and will "Warren Buffet"  my (DPS) stock....  It's a Beverage Stock... You don't ever dump your beverage stock...  It also pays a 15 cents a share dividend now with a $200 million share buyback program....

What... What ... Money doesn't grow on trees?  of course not!!!.....  It grows on bottles of Snapple and Dr. Pepper.  [more]



Whining about Varchild's Ideology won't make you any Money

December 07, 2009 – Comments (1)

Just so you know Whining about my Ideology won't make you any money...

Whining that I didn't write about Climate Change in my article even though I hinted at it in my headline also won't make you portfolio trade UP.

In fact.. I am not sure but giving my articles a -1 rec won't make you RICH either.... but you can try all that if you want.. I can't stop you even if I had as much TYRANNICAL control over
your life as the E.P.A. and PRES OBAMA soon will  (Cap and Tax, Obamacare, EPA Regulations Oh My).

Michigan is about to be hit with its first big snow fall this week.... We already experienced snow flurries today.... hmm....that's funky...  I remember the 1980s and early to mid 1990s when most years if there ever was any snow in December it didn't happen until the last week of December... The Week of Christmas.... Sometimes our first real snow fall wasn't until Christmas.

29 degrees all the way down to a reported 26 degrees farenheit in parts of Michigan as well today.

Most of December used to be mid to upper 30s.....   hmm.....  Could it beeeeeeee.....

GLOBAL COOLING CRISIS!!!!!!    SAVE THE EARTH!!!!!    Give Varchild all of your shares of (F) Ford now!!!!  For your sake and mine..... We must save the planet for absolute cooling disaster...

Want the scientific raw data to prove the Earth is cooling????  Sorry I just shredded it.  [more]



Invest like a skeptic not a Copenhagen Climate Change-ologist!

December 07, 2009 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: F

Invest like a skeptic not a Copenhagen Climate Change-ologist!

Ever get into a high risk, low priced, penny stock and wonder if you just opened a position on a pump and dump scheme stock?  [more]




December 04, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: TTWO

I AM NOT GOING TO BUY TTWO....   I don't have any money.... 

With that said....2010 video game lineup for TTWO is far superior..  [more]



Varchild's Jobs Recovery Plan

December 03, 2009 – Comments (6)

I already wrote about my plan before at the beginning of year / end of last year.... numerous times...

But, I will do so again... because now Pres. Jimmy Carter II is getting set to introduce "PORKULOUS BILL PART DEU"  which is exactly like PORKULOUS BILL PART UNO.... just with a $300 billion price tag instead of $787 billion.

I can't wait for Senator Carl Levin to jump out and say, "We have to raise taxes in order to support this new Porkulous Bill" like he did concerning providing our Afghanistan Forces with the soldiers and resources asked for by General McChrystal to achieve victory over there.... *cricket*  *cricket*

Anyhow... Here we goooo...  [more]

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