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February 2011



Is USA broke?

February 02, 2011 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: BAC , CIT , LYG

I really truly believe when states start looking for options to file BK when they are considered "soverign"
 then it's a moot point that the United States (Federal) & individiual States can afford to keep spending and not start paying off debt. It can not go on forever. Debts have to be paid or US ends up like a thirld world country. We are aleready falling behind. Where is that currency that has a trillion dollar bill (literelly). I am not happy with republicans for this and neither the democrats who cant do s*** even when they are in power. I do believe there is a bubble coming in about decade or 2, it will probably take only the wind out of China's growth bubble to blow it down and we will be in the worse recession since well ever.  Please advise as to how  can we invest so that catastrophie that is coming we can stand individually on our feet with our investments. Because I believe what is the value of a government bond when the government does not oblige by it because it can't not because we don't want to.  [more]

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