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March 2010



DOW over 11K in a month...

March 30, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: ^DJI

It looks like the economy is recovering as the DOW will be over 11k in a few weeks or so.  Though, it does have a long way to go towards consumer sentiment being as high as the Industrial Average, but sill the average American is starting to spend once again and finding a job is getting easier even for me in the small town USA that I am in. I think the DOW will trade between n 11k and 12k for the rest of this year and bears will get left behind if they are bearish long term. As to the Motley Fool moot of holding stock long term of a couple years, it is ok for those well to do companies, it is no longer the trend that we the people,will stay on the buy and hold bandwagon as we once did, at least not for this generation.  [more]



Why are republicans complaning?

March 23, 2010 – Comments (50)

About 98% of people in the US do not make as much as the ones who represent them in the senate, yet when asked about health care, they complain about government takeover, surprising when considering most people end up bankrupt because of medical bills. Fox news is racist to minorities of all types as reflected by their coverage, and now instead of me leaning republican I am averse to it to the point of nausea.  When speaking with a local "Hick", in my town she could not come up with a reason for why she believes health care coverage for the poor is bad, her reason which is pointless to argue is "they will raise our taxes." She is a local barber competing in a small town of 20K in south ark with about 20 other barbers here. Go figure, please don't post if you don't have valid points and just more Fox "senseless words," to throw back here. Why is it so bad to have the new health bill? When was the last checkup you had, did you have insurance; ever didn't?  [more]



Sandridge Energy Inc NYSE: SD

March 18, 2010 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: SD.DL

Is it on way up or way down, a recent report by Fool said they have 15mil. in cash and 2Billion in debt, should this not worry me?  [more]



No longer a Sear's Customer.....

March 06, 2010 – Comments (9) | RELATED TICKERS: SHLD

I bought my last item at SEARS a washer at 650, and when I tried to buy a TV, I asked  them to match price with any other retailer such as AMAZON. THEY SAID THEY CAN NOT. I asked my wife to find out what she thinks; she says bankrupt in couple of years. Why....DUH! My advice as a consumer to SEARS turn all retail stores nation wide into a pick up drop off site only for thirr fully integreted web business and now beat all prices accross the spectrum to thrive in the new age. Their model is being beaten by BEST BUY and HOME DEPOT go figure. No longer a Sear's Customer, I used to be one for the last 15 years.  [more]

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