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April 2009



Any one else see the trend? Star Trek!

April 29, 2009 – Comments (2)

I am downing a couple of beers...hearing kids play basketball in the villa complex court. I hear a knock a minute ago and go to the door. I pause the movie "Superman vs. Doomsday"...better one than tv or the movie version.....Anyways back to the opening the door, and no one is there; I do see the kids playing (15-4) and as I turn to go back into my apartment, I hear and than see a cute, and danm cute 5-6years old girl come back up the stairs, and she asks me if I have 5 Quaters.   [more]



Fools Leaverage your money 1:300, is it worth it?

April 27, 2009 – Comments (3)

How would you like to call make a call on a stock without outright buying the stock and than walk away with the money without having 97% of your capital tied up in said stock till it reaches your sale/cover point? A blog or so ago, I stated I wish I had money to own what I listed....and than asked where I can screen foreign stocks ...In researching that I found that in the rest of the world, mostly in the UK there is something called spread betting. Heard of it? Than tell us what the pros and cons are...In my reasearch I found that you can for exmple trade on margin just like here, but with a major twist:  [more]



Where can I screen for stocks on foreign exchanges UK, Ireland, etc?

April 26, 2009 – Comments (1)

I have tried google, yahoo finance uk and can't find a screener as we have on yahoo usa....can someone tell me where I can go to screen foreign stocks not listed on US exchanges. Meaning other countries from uk, india, china, brazil, ireland, etc.... Thanks



Wish I had the money!!!

April 25, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: RAD , AA

I created a database of all the stocks I wished to buy back in January (100 shares/per-stock in Excel:all nyse! + some you know what); when I started investing as I finally started saving. I joined this site with 10 stocks....which..grew me to 25K member out of 65K and than to 64K....3 months later I am in the 13K....than I select more stocks to invest more and up and down 10K to 17K from 66K members at this site. More important, I wish I had the money. And maybe for fun put more of those choices in to this site, instead of just putting in what I own.....Than I would have had an increase of 1000+% and an average pick of 70%+....Dam..............this site is what we wish we owned at least a 100 shares off....not what we really have. It is easier to say with not real money. Now I want to play(not real, I don't have it); wish, if, hope; game,..,,I will do my best. Hear's to hoping to be one of the best in real life and to show you how.  [more]



How do you get to be the top dog? and

April 22, 2009 – Comments (2)

Still have the worst stock picks? Cause I look at number 1 (percentile today of total stock gain); South Malu? and I can't figure out why that person is one of the top dogs!, out there? Look; what, someone was best at a year ago and forgot/ or did not care to change their TMF, why should I or U care? I want to find the real investor who states, what he does and sell; and get I want him/her hired in 6 figure range by this site, cause I would not want to give free information either.,...are u 99+ percentile really and  holding what u spout, or am I just wishfull; am I being wishfull? Please help, cause having 10K% in good times(2yrs ago, is not the same as today!)!! Dam it I am trying my best, and what I listed is what some; I hold and wish I could have hold (if I had the money).......More that I never list. What do u real people suggest.   [more]



When is a good time to close a position?

April 18, 2009 – Comments (11)

Fools says hold till you make it like Bufett, or Dell 200 times what you open. Leaving it open for years. I am an impatient person, I do not want to wait 2,3,10, 100 Death yrs to find out I finally made that 10% growth of year compounded to retire without begging from family/freinds. So what is good time to open and what is good time to close? 10% or wait till it reaches that imagined, next "Hidden Gem." Cause they are out there but what would you do?

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