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December 2012



Scams,Scoundrels & Scandals:Motely Fool Subscriptions

December 29, 2012 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: BAC , F , FB

American Greed: scams scoundrels and scandals. I am watching this tv show and thought about me being on the fence as on joining the Spernova Motely Fool Subription or any of the other ones.  I realized it is a just as shameless as the marks that are featured in the series of American Greed.  In a conversation with my wife, she says why they fall for it. My reply is "Because at the time they don't realize it is a conn because we do want to believe in what is told to us by people who seem credible."   I realize now that MF keeps showing, stating, marketing that their picks constantly beat the S&P and most of them are up over hundreads of percentages since first, second, third,....ninetinth recomendation. And therefore leads you to believe that joining their subscription will generate these unbelieavale returns if you do what they say. Of course it is for a fee. I could join Supernova and pay about 150 a month? to see if my return on my $10,000 investment would realize a whopping 1000%! Oh, I have to loose 18% of it instantly with MF subsciption cost of 150 a month which is $1800 a year to be advised which company this might be from their 2 recs a month.    [more]

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