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Interesting Employment Chart

June 08, 2014 – Comments (7)

This chart was prepared by Oregon Economic Analysis (  [more]



The Purpose of CAPS

March 09, 2014 – Comments (16)




ETF Reverse Splits Effective Jan 24

January 16, 2014 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: UVXY , SQQQ , SDD

A week from tomorrow (Jan 24), CAPS players who have picks on 17 ETFs will awake to some stunning and shocking CAPS scores.  It will take a few days for the CAPS team at TMF to get these into the system - and it always seems to cause our fellow players a great deal of anguish.  If you are prepared for it, you won't feel that surge of "panic" and can be confident that the score adjustments will come over the following week - but perhaps not as quickly as your sense of order in the world seems to demand. The CAPS team hasn't blown one of these yet to my knowledge - so have confidence it is a temporary phenomenon.  [more]



Bogus Fiscal Crisis

February 05, 2013 – Comments (51)

Over the last six months, I have gotten increasingly agitated at the consensus that has developed that we have a debt and fiscal crisis in the US.  I attributed much of the noise coming from those who were telling us to watch out for the falling sky to a political agenda with the election approaching.  Nevertheless, I have been unable to clearly articulate the opposite case - that we don't have a fiscal crisis - we have a an impending disaster from those who want to fix the debt challenge we have with austerity - and that would be the true crisis.  [more]

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