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January 2013



CAPS Geniuses

January 26, 2013 – Comments (144)

I don't blog much - I don't have a lot to say and don't ascribe much investing prowess to myself just because I happen to play this wonderful CAPS game fairly well.  I ran across a post from roofman6 over on the CAPS feedback board, and was struck that he looked at the score of the current top "Fool" (that would be me - yay) and that he was concluding that there must be something seriously wrong in his investing when compared to those scores and percentages - and that was keeping him up at night.  I thought it important to respond with another perspective - and some reassurance that he shouldn't be drawing the conclusions he apparently is.  I hope roofman6 doesn't mind me using his post to launch this blog entry.  Here is what roofman6 wrote:    [more]

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