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reddingrunner (92.03)

April 2007




April 23, 2007 – Comments (0)

I do very little technical analysis of individual stocks. I look at long-term demographic and economic trends and try to position myself to benefit.  If a stock stands out in its sector, I'll buy that stock, otherwise I'll just take the sector via an etf.   Big trends coming: 
1. Increasing demand for health care:  US aging and third world emerging.
2. Increasing demand for energy:  China and India's billions entering the modern era.
3. Increasing demand for investment opportunities:  Same reason as #1- therefore big investment companies will benefit.
4. Asia and the US will dominate the 21st century economically- in the rest of the world stick to large safe value stocks.  
5. Growing urbanization will mean high demand for commercial real estate, infrastructure and potable water in emerging markets.
6. I'm also experimenting with a little bit of short-term trading of etf's based strictly on short-term momentum.  Stay tuned.
7. Apple will dominate both computers and home entertainment in 5-10 years.   [more]

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