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July 2011



What are the best index ETF's?

July 18, 2011 – Comments (20)

I'm not a fan of index investing, but I talked my dad into taking his money out of the hands of "financial advisors" or whoever, and he's asking me how to invest with a minimum of effort. I told him to get broad index ETF's covering the gamut of asset classes and every stock in the market, you get the idea. Then he asked me to be more specific, and I'm passing the buck to you all.  [more]



Support your local sheriff... and your federal debt ceiling

July 17, 2011 – Comments (13)

It should go without saying, but if the debt ceiling holds fast and the government stops borrowing money, it will be a good thing for the economy. The resources that would have been appropriated for use in advancing the welfare/warfare state that produces nothing, or bureaucratic desk jobs that produce nothing, or the corporate muckety-mucks that produce nothing the market wants, and instead spend their time and money lobbying Congress, will all be spent trying to satisfy the wants and needs of paying customers instead.   [more]

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