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November 2007



CAPS and Exponential Growth

November 24, 2007 – Comments (18)

It is nice that you can be an all star in CAPS and actually play the game like you do in real life.  Interestingly, I think you'll see, in about 5 years time (if this thing is still going - I think it will) people who wait and hold some killer companies will start dominating CAPS.    [more]



Value Investing is Lame

November 22, 2007 – Comments (2)

That's the thought process from many investors.  "Nobody has hit the jackpot with value investing".  "If your old, then value investing might be for you".  "Get with the times, gramps".  I've seen so many posts recently about how people are getting absolutely slaughtered by the recent market.  High flyers get pounded and its tough to stay unemotional when its doom and gloom.  [more]



Health Care Plans - Its getting interesting

November 08, 2007 – Comments (4)

Here's a nice short article from Reuters about the CEO of Wellpoint endorsing "Insurance for Everyone".  When is the last time a CEO came out in favor of a government program that didn't have the ability to profit from it?   If every person in the U.S. got insured, compaines like WLP could see massive revenue gains in just a year.  Combine that with the fact that many of the stocks in this sector are  undervalued.  To me, it just adds up to a great buying opportunity.  [more]

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