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Just a Thursday Night

May 04, 2017 – Comments (11) | RELATED TICKERS: BLK , PIN , E

It’s been roughly 2 years since I last posted a blog on CAPS.  I used to love CAPS.  At first I was a watcher, trying to learn as much as possible.  I had no background in stocks.  I was a pedestrian (which I still am), an environmental engineer who read an article on the importance of investing early, because of the nature of long-term compounding.  That got me into stocks.  I think I was perhaps 25 years old.  I was already behind.  I wish I started when I was 15.  Or 12.    [more]



Hewlett Packard $HPQ – leaner (and cheaper) than it looks, with a catalyst coming later this year

June 18, 2015 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: HPQ

HPQ has been a pretty interesting story over the past 5 years.  From the stock’s peak at nearly $50/share in 2011, it fell 75%, bottoming out at under $13 per share in late 2012.  The PC business was perceived to be in serious jeopardy by the booming tablet industry; HP’s recent $11.7B purchase of Autonomy was a complete disaster, with HP writing off nearly $9B of Autonomy goodwill only 1 year later.  [more]



IBM's non-finance business is a lean, mean profit machine

June 05, 2015 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: IBM

I think a lot of people view IBM as a big, stodgy old tech hardware company.  They have declining revenues, a mountain of debt ($40B) and their stock price hasn’t moved in several years.  [more]



DXP Enterprises is too cheap

June 05, 2015 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DXPE

DXP is an MRO distribution company that buys thousands of products from OEMs and sells to  thousands of customers.  Despite its heavy presence in Houston, the company is well diversified, serving a handful of industries.  [more]



Tupperware circa 1999 – Broken Company or Golden Opportunity?

April 15, 2015 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: TUP

In his book The Education of a Value Investor, Guy Spier walks the reader through a handful of his less successful trades.  One of these trades – his late 1990s purchase (and subsequent capitulation) of Tupperware $TUP shares – struck a chord with me; I’m a current $TUP shareholder.  Naturally, I went back into the details of Tupperware to see if I was barking up the wrong tree.  [more]

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