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Real Journalism

September 27, 2013 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: BPT , MJNA , AOL.DL

It is pathetic when the alphabet news agencies in our country have been reduced to cheesy propaganda outlets for this president. Take a few moments to read some real journalism from a news outlet of our biggest ally....  [more]



Schwab offering FB IPO is suspect

May 14, 2012 – Comments (6) | RELATED TICKERS: SODA , ZNGA , TIII.DL

I will keep this simple. I tried to go through my brokerage account at Schwab to purchase shares of the FB IPO. Schwab furnishes an IPO center that requires you to fill out a simple investment questionnaire before they will allow the purchase of the listed IPO. It just so happens that on this particular IPO I was informed that participation would not be allowed. Being infuriated, I called and e-mailed immediately and got the nonsense statements about SEC requirements and protecting my investments if the the IPO flopped. It was hard to stop my head from exploding. I asked the IPO representative why they didn't just use the questionnaire as a prerequisite for purchasing all investment instruments thru Schwab if they were so concerned about my potential losses. I have bought and sold many stocks thru my StreeSmart account with Schwab. Some profitable; some losers. What really pisses me off is Schwab's' unmitigated gaul to hide behind this stupid questionnaire under the guise of protecting me from a potential lose in one of my investments. I asked the IPO expert if they were holding their allotment of FB shares for their select clients and simply using the IPO questionnaire as a means for weeding out the peasant investors." No, No, No that is not our strategy here at Schwab" was the text book reply. I am not a novice to this game and understand the different brokerage houses will only be allotted X- amount of shares to offer their clients. It is my humble opinion that Schwab only has a limited number of shares in their allotment and are handing them out like Christmas presents to their select clients. Therefore, it is my belief that Schwab should not even list the IPO offering under the pretense of being a public offering. If any of you other Schwab users have experienced the same horror show, please pass on your thoughts. All others, stay away from Schwab the game players.    [more]



Abusive Stepfather Strikes Again

January 18, 2012 – Comments (12) | RELATED TICKERS: CEL , WHXT , SDT

He is at it again. He is going to show those who don't like him that he is in control and they better like it or move to Costa Rica. I have been sitting on the sidelines reading all these post that pontificate about investment strategies as though nothing is wrong and the government doesn't impact investment strategies. Well there is. For any individual to pull the plug on the Keystone pipeline and destroy the opportunity for 10's of thousands of jobs to be created is an act of economic terrorism. If the Iranians can halt the passage of oil through the use of blockades, there will bill spikes in the cost of gas at the pumps like we've never seen. I acknowledge the fact that it will take time to build the line, but the Canadians have been holding back on release of rights to the Chinese for a year. The US should have been making a strategic move to secure Keystone the second the rights became  available. obamas' actions are devious to say the very least. His masters at the unions must not have been reciprocal with Canada. Every day is another communist move by a muslim president. Wake up and smell the coffee while we still can but coffee.  [more]



Can the President be Baker Acted?

March 19, 2011 – Comments (23)

We just declared war on Libya and Obama is playing in Rio. This man has lost touch with reality. Can the Surgeon General of the US commit this man under the Baker Act? What is wrong with this picture???



Immelt/obama, say if aint so

January 21, 2011 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: GE , GM , AIG

Does this union scare anyone else as much as it dose me? Immelt is just the next charm on the charm bracelet Obama keeps locked in the vault. Any time Obama wants to get all dressed up and go play with the other big boy heads of state in foreign countries, he will be sure to strap on his charm bracelet with the newest dangling charm, Immelt.The fact that GE owns NBC/Comcast opens the possibility that you will see Obama's face on tv every 3 seconds, campaigning for re-election. I wonder if there will be any equal time allocated to republican candidates, much less any foolish democrat with the nerve to run.  [more]

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