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austinhippie (70.02)

January 2009



We are the Problem and the Solution

January 24, 2009 – Comments (4)

  The difficulty is that we are the problem and the solution.  This time no one laughs when you say "this one really is different".  Even W.B. acknowledges the thought as true.  Why will the banks not lend? And yet, this is the time when the greatest opportunities abound.  Volitility goes both up and down and the long term trend will be up from here despite some stumbles and bumps.  I do not understand the lack of optimism in the market when it pervades so many other facets of everyday life right now - with the palpable sense of hope abounding.  Perhaps we need something more meaningful to invest in - direct investments in the people we care about and in our communities.    [more]



Choose and Act - Invest in your Community and in your Financial Future

January 19, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: PFE , DEO

Energy radiates from Washington and from America and reverberates in every hood and in every village and corner of our globe. Even people who didn't vote for him look to the new American President with hope. Obama's hope may extend into the market tomorrow in a big way.  If people commit to making the difference then the upward swing may last and even continue upward.  If people start to think, oh, we have hired someone new, now we can get back to life as usual - with no additional effort required; then the market, whatever its direction on inauguration day, will continue on its present path.  Unfortunately, no world citizen can be inactive or assume that others will do what needs to be done.  We each see what needs doing and now we must do that and encourage those in our midst to do the same. In this moment, Soros is watching us, the American and world market participants, to see if we choose to make our American and world situation more responsible and abundant, or more distant and existential in our comforts.  Future generations will look back at the opportunities abounding at this moment and study our actions as they judge us.  Be part of it.  You know what needs done in your community - Make it happen.  And keep investing.  Show what you believe through your investments in your community and in your financial future.  [more]

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