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Z200 (58.28)

February 2012



Could Computing

February 14, 2012 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: RAX , AMZN , CTXS

I keep hearing "The Cloud" on the news and how it is still the buzz word that everyone is trying to get into on the stock market. Now as for stocks, this is not something I have delved into hardly at all, however in my professional work I have had a lot of exposure to what the cloud is over the years. What I want to do is to show how the cloud is really handled and what it really means to investors. So I will use three companies as an example to show how they are very different and should not be lumped together as cloud playing stocks. Not picking on these companies in particular, but using them as a model of how the cloud works in the business space.  [more]



Breaking Out

February 01, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AAPL , OKE , WINA

At least for the moment the program is starting to work once again, and it has been a fair winter bull run. I am happy with the results, but wish out of the 200 I had picked better with the real money. Ok, it is not always exactly 200. Either a sell stop kills one on the list that week, a stock is picked that caps does not recognize, or a stock gets picked that has such low volume that caps wont let me trade it. Such happens. Now on the flip side of this upturn, I m also using this as a market indicator. So I will not be trying to keep the score high during the bear runs by not making picks when the market is falling. I need that data to know when to call a bottom and reinvest, more than I need a high caps rating.So the next month or two when we see the next tax season dip, and it dips hardest on election years, I do expect the rating to go sharply lower. On final note, the program is also set to show when a stock is worth being screened to buy. Once a stock takes off and is moving up it will eventually drop off the list. So a few winners I sill have in my portfolio that is no longer on the list. So far they still keep up with expectations and have not yet sold off.  [more]

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