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March 2010



Alternate "investments": things, objects, toys, cars, watches, art, etc.

March 31, 2010 – Comments (19)

The third in my series of probably 5 posts on non-capital-market investments concerns "things".  Objects such as collectibles (baseball cards, stamps, cars, art, watches, antiques, collectibles, books, anything that may hold value or potentially appreciate). The last 2 will probably be on farmland and entrepreneurship, two things that represent 80+% of my time on this planet.  Without any doubt the best potential investment you can make is starting a business.  It is also the riskiest and the most costly, and something very few people understand at all if they haven't tried it.  But enough on future posts, lets get to this one.     [more]



A house as an investment (in the real world, not in the bubble)

March 28, 2010 – Comments (36)

I have never owned a house.  For a variety of reasons ranging from not having had any money with which to purchase one over the vast majority of my life to always sort of thinking I'd leave where I was living sometime soon to fear and loathing at the prospect of having to do my own maintenance and stuff like that.  I love riding lawnmowers and would consider that a huge plus!  [more]



Commercial Real Estate: as an investment, not as it relates to the stock market

March 24, 2010 – Comments (26)

Hi all, I know this is a website/game/blog devoted to stocks and stock picking and stock markets and the like...  but...  There are other investments available, and one of the most common (at least in my area) is rental property.  Commercial Real Estate.  CRE.  I have met many more people here that invest in some kind of rental property than people who invest in equities, bonds, and other niceties that the capital markets and yahoo finance give us access too.  Now, my area of the country may be an exception, as its rather conservative and I maintain (and may test this later, and have tested it in the past) that if you went to the local pub and found a pretty girl around my age and mentioned, in a sentence, the S&P 500 you'd be overwhelmingly unlikely (near zero, running bet with some chums) to ever find one who knew what its value was, if even what it was at all.  The Dow is of course more common.  So far in said running bet:  zero, ever, have known what the Russel 2000 was.  Not one time.  A tiny handful had heard of the S&P, none new its closing level or even an approximation of its closing level.    [more]



A riskless trade with good return for your consideration

March 17, 2010 – Comments (13) | RELATED TICKERS: LB , T , MO

LTD declared a special dividend of $1 per share the other day.  [more]



My thesis for the next 12-24 months and

March 16, 2010 – Comments (12)

I recently opined that I thought asset allocation strategies needed to ditch bonds in favor of high dividend stocks.  My reasons for suggesting this was that A) the yield on many big mega-cap blue chips (lly, T, VZ, most of big pharma, big tobacco, other telecom) exceeds the yield on bonds of similar stability, B) dividends have tax advantages relative to bonds (except muni bonds), C) the prices of these stocks should go up over time while bonds, presumably, don't have anywhere to go but sideways or down over a long period of time, and D) the dividends can and in most cases will be raised over time while a bond's yield is set once its purchased.    [more]



Bandwagon jumping Hedge Monkeys: how a new species of simian explained the market to me

March 15, 2010 – Comments (12)

You guys know me as a guy who does ok at stock picking, writes an ok blog,  made a great call on financials a year ago, and a so-far bad (and very poorly timed in any case) call on a small cap airline late last year (RJET).  What you probably didn't know about me is that in my spare time i am a wildlife explorer.  Just this morning I hopped a plane to Africa and ran out into the bush and discovered a brand new species of monkey.    [more]



Dividends -vs- share buybacks: opinions and questions I have

March 14, 2010 – Comments (38)

All, I have a few comments and a few questions on divi's -vs- buybacks...  [more]



life should come with four warnings

March 08, 2010 – Comments (13)

This post doesn't contain a whole lot of investment information, just a thought that came to me as I sat down to ponder investments this evening...    [more]

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