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July 2008



Alternative Energy Tech for Transportation “Skunk Works” / Could the USPS lead the charge?

July 23, 2008 – Comments (9)

I was listening to NPR on the way home today from work and there was an interesting segment, talking about how the good old United States Postal Service has a division dedicated to finding ways to be more fuel efficient. This makes sense once you think about it. The USPS operates the largest fleet of vehicles and with rising gas prices, they have by far the biggest incentive to find alternatives to gasoline. They have several labs looking into propane, natural gas, biodiesel, electric, etc. for their automotive fleet. This is very cool and made me very excited to hear it. I was very pleased to hear this about this proactive development.  [more]



Food, Water, Energy Shortages / Where Does Our Food Come From? – The End of Food

July 13, 2008 – Comments (26) | RELATED TICKERS: PHO , FIW , RJA

Food, Water, Energy Shortages is a topic that has been blogged about very often here at Caps. It is a very important topic and as with homebuilders, the collapse of financials, inflation, rising oil prices, etc. I believe it is a topic that really cannot be talked about enough. Many bloggers have discussed many of these topics in more detail (bellard, FourthAxis, TMFDeej, AnomaLee, camistocks, abitarecatania, etc.). What prompted this blog on my part was a radio interview I heard last weekend I heard on Bob Edwards Weekend. It was with Paul Roberts, author of The End of Food. I know, I know that is a very sensational book title. But the topic and how he articulated it was fascinating and not all doom-and-gloom.   [more]



Inflation vs. Deflation: Which Is Right? Does it Matter? What it Means for Investments

July 10, 2008 – Comments (28)

There have been a lot of blogs recently regarding inflation and deflation. These have all been very interesting and as a guy who is interested in the macroeconomic picture I eagerly read all of them. There is such a diversity of investors and opinion at Caps, and it looks like there is almost an even split between Inflationists and Deflationists. Some of the bloggers who have the best things to say are: TMFSinchiruna, dwot, DemonDoug, FourthAxis, alstry, TMFDeej, and so many more. Additionally there are many economists and analysts on the web who talk about these issues: Mish, James Kunstler, Peter Schiff, Steve Saville, Joe Brusuelas, etc.. But among all these opinions not everybody can be right! So what is the deal?  [more]

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