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Nailed it on declining birth rate

March 06, 2016 – Comments (1)

Here's my post where I explained why I thought birth rates had to decline.    [more]



May is ALS awareness month

May 02, 2015 – Comments (2)

Round 1 with my sister and we are having some success with reducing symptoms of her motor neuron disease.  She doesn't have an official diagnosis, but other diseases have been ruled out and ALS has not been ruled out.  She had an EMG that did not rule it out, but at that time they were still testing for other possibilities that have since been ruled out.  So, we just went with, what can you do to help ALS.    [more]



Last day for helping people with ALS

April 23, 2015 – Comments (2)

Ok, so this is way outside of the rules, but since I've been immersed in the ALS community, I've never seen more suffering.  The attached video was created by a family.  They wrote the song, sang and produced this video in an attempt to get signatures on a petition, of which today is the last day and it has seriously flopped, but support is still appreciated.  The link actually has 2 petitions, one which ends April 24th and the other which has quite a bit of time left.  Anyway, signing and sharing this in your network would be so very appreciated.  [more]



Blogging off site again

March 29, 2015 – Comments (2)

I have just posted my first post since 2009 on my other blog,  [more]

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