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January 2009



Experience is my teacher

January 31, 2009 – Comments (8)

We all have different experiences to which our outlook comes from and my economic outlook comes from living in Vancouver which, in my view, was a mini example of what happens when you have housing bubbles.  [more]



Cost of Living Way Down....

January 31, 2009 – Comments (3)

.... here in the north.  [more]



Mish on Schiff

January 26, 2009 – Comments (7)

Mish has a post outlining all the reasons why investors who believed in him did not have such a great 2008.  [more]



Goodwill - The Ultimate Scam in Something for Nothing

January 23, 2009 – Comments (5)

Most financial reports that I read that have goodwill give me serious problems in accepting them.  Goodwill should be renamed Fudge Factor Gone Crazy.  In too many reports I see earnings based on this goodwill nonsense, and then losses as it returns to the nothing that it came from.  [more]



Thoughts on Bailouts...

January 21, 2009 – Comments (3)

I was just reading Mish on the British Pound.  I predicted long time ago was probably one of the worst currencies to be in. That was an easy call just based on my observations from living there on out of control social spending.  [more]



Morons in Charge...

January 21, 2009 – Comments (8)

Sigh, they are everywhere...  [more]



Investing in Human Capital

January 17, 2009 – Comments (11)

As an educator I do go on about the importance of education.  I have worked on temporary assignments that were so difficult it kept me working from morning to night 7 days per week and when I calculated what I was actually making per hour, well, my students were getting about the same at the their part time after school jobs.  And then parents that do not discipline their kids dump all over you.  Their undisciplined kids are part of the reason the work load has grown so much.  [more]



What Goes Around Comes Around...

January 11, 2009 – Comments (9)

Financial Armageddon has a post describing what was done with the 1929 crash and it truly looks like deja vu in terms of trying the same things....




Pension costs to hurt income

January 11, 2009 – Comments (0)

Here's a link that talks about the level of underfunding for pensions, and it appears to be double the amount the last down turn.  [more]



Housing numbers and perspective

January 10, 2009 – Comments (4)

Common Sense Forecaster has picked up a housing post like that I quite like for the numbers it gives.  That is not to say that I like the numbers in themselves, but rather I like the perspective on the numbers and that it gives number conditions.  [more]



Commercial Real Estate

January 09, 2009 – Comments (3)

When I was in the top spot my warning was about the commerical real estate.  Well, the dire numbers are coming in...



Dividends and Buybacks

January 09, 2009 – Comments (4)

Dividends aren't safe and buybacks were a disaster. 

I posted my feeling and what I thought would happen and it seems it is becoming more mainstream...

Naked capitalism on a New York Times article.



Compensation Boards

January 01, 2009 – Comments (3)

Worker Compensation Boards have huge funds to manage as they put aside the money for long term claims that must be paid.  I saw this article about Ontario increasing its benefits.    [more]

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