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July 2014



Go, Bitcoin, Go

July 11, 2014 – Comments (1)

I hope that bitcoin (or some form of cybercurrency) succeeds, but not for the reason you may think. Now that the fever over same seems to have died down, I shall now explain.   [more]



Let's Get Ready to Rumble: ETF vs. Mutual Fund

July 09, 2014 – Comments (0)

I used to think of these 2 as interchangeable. Which one I bought depended on which account the money was in. I just recently discovered that this was a big mistake, especially in regards to the admin fee. So, here are my thoughts.  [more]



Things I Learned at TMF

July 08, 2014 – Comments (1)

It is my rule that when I gain valuable information from a website, I give back to the best of my ability. That is why I am constantly blogging at TMF. This is a collection of some of the gems I have gathered.   [more]

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