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June 2010



Stock Spammer Excuses

June 18, 2010 – Comments (0)

 Hey rubes! It's not  your fault when our garbage stocks lose you money! It's market manipulation! Nothing's your fault! Nothing's our fault! It's the bad guys out there who want to make you loose you're moneys!!!  The following is an actual philosophy piece from a stock spam service. -------------------------------------------------   SECRET #2  This is actually a little more than a secret! Look at it as a little piece of information, that if used properly and fully understood, can save you thousandswhen you trade stocks. It requires your full attention, so please pay FULL attention to what I'm going to tell you below. Also, in my opinion, this is part of the reason last Monday's Trading Idea tradedthe way it did, and literally ROBBED us all of some nice profits! It's called: MARKET MANIPULATION

I have been around the markets for more time that I do care to remember and I have seen some really "incredible games" played by market makers, brokers, traders and many other individuals and or various groups!  [more]

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