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March 2012



10 Things Your Dog Would Tell You If It Could Talk

March 29, 2012 – Comments (10)

[Once in a while I'll post something that is not stock-related that I think is worth while.  This is one of those things.  And I don't own a dog.]  [more]



40 Weird Facts About The United States That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

March 20, 2012 – Comments (5)

In case you hadn’t noticed, the United States is a really weird place.  Not that “weird” is always bad.  Sometimes “weird” can keep life interesting.  But without a doubt, the United States is one of the most unique nations in the history of the world.  Some of the weird facts about the United States listed below may be difficult for you to believe.  Others are likely to completely shock you.    [more]



Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs - Greg Smith

March 14, 2012 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: GS , NYT

[Op-Ed piece in today's New York Times that is generating a lot of buzz, and a good, interesting article, in my opinion.]  [more]



Loonie Support Grows in Iceland as 70% Back Adopting Canadian Currency

March 12, 2012 – Comments (3)

[I know both Peters that I follow prefer the Canadian dollar to the USD (especially Peter Grandich), I was really surprised at this article.]   [more]



35 Shocking Statistics You Need To See

March 07, 2012 – Comments (3)

Most Americans know that things used to be much better in the United States, but they don’t have the facts and the figures to back that belief up. Well, after reading the shocking statistics in this article nobody should be left with any doubt that things have gotten worse in America.  There are less jobs, incomes are down, home values have plummeted, poverty is up, consumer debt is way up, dependence of the government has skyrocketed and government debt is totally out of control.  Sadly, it hasn’t really mattered which political party has had control over the White House.  Things have gotten worse under Obama, they got worse under Bush, and they got worse under Clinton.  We are in the midst of a horrific long-term economic decline and the American people desperately need to wake up.  [more]



Buying “Loonies” Isn’t Crazy

March 02, 2012 – Comments (1)

America’s federal debt has exploded to more than 100% of GDP — an astonishingly large Greek-like debt load. Yet none of America’s political or financial leaders seem to have any plan for reducing the nation’s debt… except maybe to add a graveyard shift to the dollar-printing production line at the Philadelphia Mint.  [more]

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