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Harvesting Gains

February 21, 2011 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: SEL

I am for the most part a buy and hold type of investor in other words I don't buy something with the idea that I am in it for a quick buck. I'm a believer however that it is time to start harvesting some gains while the market is up nicely. It must be done in this bubble market. I'm talking real life gains here. The thing is I have always had problems figuring out exactly what and how to prune. As you know it's harder to sell something in the green when it just keeps getting greener everyday.  I did sell some OKS and KMP earlier this year because the MLP's were making such a run. I've had a little bit of sellers remorse over that since they continue to run but I know someday they will drop back down to reasonable and I did book some nice gains. So I'm looking for some tips from "seasoned" investors here. What are the steps you follow when you want to trim your holdings in real life? I'm not versed on this and I hope that we will all get a little more educated here. Thank you and Fool On..........  [more]

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