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January 2008



2007 and what it means for 2008

January 30, 2008 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: XOM , SBUX , MSFT

Fellow Americans, we are in bad times, they say we are not in "recession" but 2007 GDP growth was 2.2%, while core inflation, thats with out food or energy grew at 2.7%. Thats a negative wage growth and a contraction in a real dollar value of the Us economy. Not only that but consumer prices grew at 4.1%. What is that, that means we are not growing, but actual contracting according to the real value of GDP. Please, cheap imports are unsustainable and will rise in order to keep profit margins, oil and energy are going to continue to rise to counter inflation, retail is going to slow because Us wages are not growing relative to the actual value of the dollar, State governments are raising taxes left and right to make up for budget shortages, personal debt is to large to sustain as paying off debt with a shrinking paycheck occurs, Dems want to tax more, and the governments debt is going out of control due to inflation and overspending, Illegals who are now out of work as unemployment rises and there is less need for them will suck more and more of the federal money and state money on welfare, and most importantly we will have to face the coming hardship. Together, we must work to repair this system and set the American dream free from the shackles of government.  [more]



Strong Market Ride, Exit Soon

January 28, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MUX , XOM , IOC

This portfolio is pretty amazing, since it started in the middle of the market temporary low last week wednesday. Looks like market recovered temporarily, watch out his week, it could take another dive and is still pretty volatile. Watch for the Fed move big company earnings and the Economic data coming out. There will be a big depression in stocks this week, and will rebound by next week or so possibly, but the market is definitely in a rough patch. Now the real question is should I hold the stocks I purchased at bargain basement prices for the long run or transfer some more money to gold/silver to hedge inflation and reduce exposure to the market, or sell all of them short and take the nice profit? Ask yourself the same thing and revaluate your position, because these next weeks could make or brake your holdings.  [more]



Market Madness

January 25, 2008 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: SWC , AEM

Yah, bough up mad cheap assets in the oil, mining, energy, tech, steel, and other stuff on wednesday at 1:45 EST, I was lucky because I had a half day of high school. Bought for long haul as a lot of the companies I purchased were undervalued due to the massive selloff, made an average of 6% per stock. Did the same for this game and wow, I made it big time. Looks like bad economy ahead, so i got cheap assets with good dividends and nice profits. This is good for me, since I have not seen an opportunity like this in all the 5 years I have traded in the stock market, since 8th grade. What do you guys think, sell short of hold.  [more]

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