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November 2012



Who is Getting Rewarded in Today's America?

November 13, 2012 – Comments (9)

Just got done reviewing open enrollment info on my latest health insurance premiums at work for 2013. 20% increase expected for the HMO option I have used the last several years. I went back and figured in the 5 years with my employer, I have earned an average of 6% salary increases while my average yearly increase in health insurance costs over this 5 year period is 138.17%. 2008 and 2009 were particularly bad and skews the average up with a 416.67% increase and 225.81% increase respectively, but hey when that paycheck is cut, every dollar still counts! The most current two years of increases (2012) 25.51% and (2013) 20.33% seem tame in comparison. However, it still burns me that my health insurance cost is growing over 3 times the rate of my wages. If that trend continues in 10 years my health insurance will grow from 5.69% of my salary to 17.38% of my salary assuming I can still get 6% increases each year (which is no guarantee). This also assumes I will still have individual coverage which is very unlikely since I am 29 years old and that I don't get laid off which could happen too. I feel bad for married people with children have even less disposible income to provide and are facing the same reality. This is crazy!    [more]



Reduced Obama Enthusiasm = Romney Presidency?

November 06, 2012 – Comments (15)

Four years ago there was great excitement in the air and many Americans shared strong feelings that they were going to be part of history by casting a vote for Barack Obama, an eloquent speaker, political superstar, and first black president of the United States. People cried at campaign rallies upon hearing his message of hope and change. They recalled having goosebumps casting their vote and saw a brighter future on the horizon.  [more]

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