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June 2009



The RIGGED game

June 28, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: GS , FAS , FAZ

Well, I have a different perspective on the market, on the prospects of inflation and risk.

It looks like Goldman Sacks (GS) individuals are pervasive throughout the financial sector and the gov't. I, and others, conclude the global metldown came about due to a lack of Honor, a lack of Integrity, a lack of Morals, Ethics, and Scrupples (HIMES) in the leaders of our USA gov't, business leaders, ... and that "state of mind" rubbed off on the rest of the planet.

GS was recently "ordered" by USA gov't individuals (speculate), even though the lease rates for gold are NEGATIVE since the beginning of June, to "knock" the price of gold down on or about June 18th. GS followed orders and knocked gold down ... and took the rest of the commodities and the market with it. Of, course, the USA gov't needed to sell their 100+ billion in "funding" the week of June 22 - 26 soooo, the manipulation is okay ... if it's the gov't?  ... AND ... what financial entity leases gold, diliberately, AT A LOSS (that's what WILL happen when the lease rates are negative) unless it IS manipulation?     I'd LOVE to lease gold and payback LESS. Sign me up!

One of the laughable ironies, is all the articles, writers and posters,  that argued Mark to Market needed to impose the WORST case scenario for "transparancy" in the financials ... are whisper quiet when it comes to the "opacqueness" of the gold market. There is NO transparency in the gold market ... you're always playing "catch up" to gov'ts and the market movers who are calling their game plan. Look at the damage across ALL sectors and to the market from June 18th to date ...

So ... how does one invest in a market, even a global market, ... he/she can't/doesn't trust?

Basically, you are reduced to day or short term trading. Investing rules, guidelines, etc are USELESS until everyone is assured the lack of Honor, a lack of integrity, a lack of morals, ethics, and scrupples is done, finished, baked, .... zip, nada, zeroed out.

We NEED financials and a gov't we can TRUST. It's YOUR money, YOUR tax dollars, ... your blood, sweat, and tears. Don't you think it's time to tell your elected officials that EVERY gov't employee ans business leader needs to conduct himself/herself within the US Constitution, within the LAW, and with Honor, Integrity, Morals, Ethics, and Scrupples ... or QUIT! Write and e-mail your elected officials .... ask your families, friends, co-workers and associates to write and e-mail. Otherwise .. we're all "gambling" -- and not one of us is/are "investing."

MFool ... there's your headline and multi- article stories on fixing that NEEDS to be done ...   [more]



The EU attacking Microsoft (AGAIN)

June 12, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: MSFT , GOOGL

To ALL USA citizens, stock holders, and consumers. We are repeatedly, unethically being "MUGGED" by an EU Competition Commission that ignores COMMON SENSE, and that lacks HONOR, lacks INTEGRITY, lacks MORALS, ETHICS, and SCRUPPLES.

AGAIN, the EU is attacking MIcrosoft ... this time for bundling Internet Explorer (IE) with its Operating System. By definition, a system, should, even MUST, include the components, NECESSARY to operate the "system". Raise your hand if you'd buy a car without brakes. NO one! Whew, had me worried there.

My thanks to Ted, Mary, and everyone who sent me this quote:

" Thomas Vinje, a lawyer representing anti-Microsoft lobby European Committee for Interoperable Systems, said that the U.S. software company's announcement "is essentially an acknowledgment by Microsoft that it has been breaking the law."
He said that Microsoft's move "seems almost purposely designed to make fun of the commission and to make it unnecessarily look bad", hurting consumer interests by forcing the sale of computers without web browsers ready to surf the Internet.
Instead of offering no web browsers, Opera wants computers to display a window when they are first booted up that would give consumers a choice of browsers.
"It remains absolutely essential that the commission proceeds with the case as it intended to proceed and that it impose a remedy including a ballot screen," Vinje said. "

It's quotes like this, the rhetoric, the flawed logic, the lack of common sense that are driving MORE USA citizens to the realization that BOYCOTTING all EU products is a necessity to STOP the unethical EU attacks on USA companies.

Let's analyse the FLAWED LOGIC ....

(1) " ... is essentially an acknowledgment by Microsoft that it has been breaking the law."

(a) I tried stripping out the browser ... the system becomes unstable and CRASHES!

(b) I tried altering the "Priorities" ... you get a nice little warning box advising you your changes "may make your computer system "unstable". Can you still change it? YES ... AND ... the system becomes unstable and CRASHES! .

(2) " ...hurting consumer interests by forcing the sale of computers without web browsers ready to surf the Internet."

(a) Is Microsoft selling computers? NO! Microsoft is building and selling "operating system" and other software. It is the EU's flawed logic on "bundling" , and the EU's continuing attacks on Microsoft, that have Microsoft looking at building a EU version of Windows 7 without IE ... and, no doubt, without a Media Player too.
The computer manufacturers building and selling COMPUTERS, and the RETAILORS, that choose and determine the operating system and software THEY are offering as a "PACKAGE", as a "BUNDLE" to prospective customers ... not Microsoft. Therefore, the COMPUTER MANUFACTURERS, and RETAILORS, will need to determine what, IF ANY, internet browser they will offer purchasers. If the computer manufacturers are smart .. they shouldn't offer any browser, NONE, .. instead they should allow the retailor , at the point of purchase, to offer, or SELL, browsers ... oh yeah, media players .., too ... Ha, ha!

(3) " ... Opera wants computers to display a window when .... "

(a) Throw the US Constitution out the window. "Opera" wants to force every computer sold in the EU to include Opera's browser ... and every other piece of C*** browser in a "menu/list" so the user can "choose". A fine example of DEMOCRACY at work. Why should OPERA do marketing ... like EVERY other company? or packaging? or advertising? ... sorry, a fine example of EU democracy.

(b) Common sense, and business sense, says the "browser" companies, like Opera, should be required to make their case to the manufacturers and retailors, like every other company .. and if the "browser" is functional, the economics are sound, then the computer manufacturer, and/or the retaiilor will choose choose to include it, or not, based on value added.

If customers want "it" and will use "it" ... "it" has value. In this case, let the FACTS speak:
Approximately 40 million mobile phones have shipped with Opera pre-installed. YOU knows who PAYS for that? WE as consumers ALL wind up paying, whether we want it or not. Whether we'll use it or not. Opera is the ONLY commercial web browser available for the Nintendo DS and Wii gaming systems. WHY? Is that EU competition?  Some television set-top boxes use Opera as well, and Adobe licensed Opera technology for use in the Adobe Creative Suite. Plug-ins? Opera limits what plug-ins can do and does NOT support full-fledged third-party extensions to the browser.
Search? With Opera version 8.5 (released in 2005) the advertisements were removed entirely and primary financial support for the browser came through revenue from GOOGLE (which is by contract Opera's default search engine).

SOOOOO, this is really an attack by GOOGLE, through Opera, to get 100% of the EU search market. GREAT for Google. Embarrassing for the id**ts at the EU Competition Commission when the details become public knowledge. GOOGLE will get 100% of the EU search, and we KNOW Google cares sq**t for OUR privacy ... GOOGLE wants to know every search we make to exchange knowledge about us for MONEY. It's all about the MONEY. Money, money, money ...

Congratulations USA ... WE have been EU MUGGED AGAIN!

The attacks on USA companies like Microsoft MUST STOP.

JOIN me. Boycott ALL EU products and services.  [more]



The EU attacking USA Companies

June 04, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: INTC , MSFT , HPQ

 I have been educating the EU on their attacks on American companies ( MSFT, INTC, HPQ, AAPL ) as those attacks, and the manner the EU carries them out,  directly impacts every USA citizen.   Apparently, The EU finally, got the message that the "fines" are detrimental to stockholders ... and stockholders are consumers ...    We are under NO obligation to purchase EU products ...  this is one of their recent replies to me.   [more]

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